Teacher’s Antics and Educational Ethics

studentsBonnie Kerrigan Snyder – For nearly a decade now, I’ve been keeping track of what I call “K-12 Whoppers” — examples of egregious and embarrassing educator antics — in order to understand and document the problem of growing teacher bias and general lack of professionalism in our schools. I do this because, like many Americans, I’m a captive observer of our declining cultural standards and also because I’ve personally experienced unacceptably substandard teaching, both as a student and parent.

I’m not talking about momentary, understandable lapses of judgement coupled with a sincere apology when warranted; we all understand that teaching is a difficult, ongoing, live, semi-impromptu performance with correspondingly high stress levels, and we can be very forgiving of teachers who earnestly do their best and strive to improve on their practice. Continue reading “Teacher’s Antics and Educational Ethics”