Communist Elitism

Ocasio CortezJeffrey Folks  – In communist Yugoslavia, where I lived for a year, Marshall Tito claimed at least 34 villas as his “home,” though officially all were “owned” by the state. Many of these palatial homes were seized from the nation’s former royalty, the Karađorđević family. Just like communists everywhere, Tito appropriated both the properties and the lifestyle of his predecessors. As far as ordinary Yugoslavs were concerned, the only difference was that the communists were more brutal than the royals. of Yugoslavia

In reality, the “vanguard of the proletariat,” as Marx called them, live like members of a royal court headed by a monarch. Like Ceaușescu in Romania or the Kim family in North Korea, Marxists everywhere construct huge palaces while working people go hungry. Their goal is to perpetuate their rule and secure it through spending on internal security (the purpose of which is not national defense but the defense of the ruling family or leadership). Continue reading “Communist Elitism”

“The Progressive Movement is Based on Hypocrisy…The Left Has Learned Nothing” [Video]

US Elections 2020Joe Hoft – Victor Davis Hanson was interviewed on Steel on Steel with John Loeffler and he brilliantly discussed the reasons President Trump won the last election and why he may win again in 2020.  The Democrats are totally oblivious to what is going on and this is before the riots their supporters launched around the country.

The title of the interview between Victor Davis Hanson and John Loeffler was, “How the Left is Handing Trump his re-election”.  Hanson was brilliant again in this 20 minute interview but there were a couple sections that can be pointed out.

The first notable comments from Hanson, among many, were at the 11:00 minute mark in the audio below when he talks about Never-Trumpers: Continue reading ““The Progressive Movement is Based on Hypocrisy…The Left Has Learned Nothing” [Video]”

The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America [Audio]

Michael Hoffman is a former reporter for the Associated Press and the author of six books of radical history, journalism and literature. He describes himself as a “heretical writer.” Hoffman is also the managing editor of the newsletter Revisionist History. We discuss his book, They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America.

First, Michael shares his inspiration for writing this book and why it is important to highlight this dark corner of suppressed history. He’ll tell of a hidden epoch, the slave trade of Whites, hundreds of thousands of whom were kidnapped, chained, whipped and worked to death in the American colonies and during the Industrial Revolution.

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A Tangible Math Lesson – Four Types of Institutional Lies

” Elitists often censor, suppress and obscure the truth, while information is removed, falsely discredited, even replaced or entirely conjured. Meanwhile, euphemisms are inserted into the wider vocabulary to steer not only people’s perceptions and decision making, but the very subjects they will reasonably consider.” – E Smith

58Despite the constraints of our educational systems, there are some excellent teachers. And there are some not so excellent instructors. We learn a lot in school, but it is also important to learn outside of school as well. Some of the most valuable lessons are not found in the teacher’s answer book, and yet some teachers operate by the book, at right angles, making no adjustments for the humanity of their students.

Not surprising given that the school system itself is geared toward creating two things: employment and expectation.

Like most people who are interested in history I dreaded math and algebra, and may actually have found my interest in history out of my disdain and fear of division and multiplication.

I remember the first time I learned how to add. I thought I had tackled the math thing then and there. I also remember the first time I was frozen in front of the class, unable to do long division on the chalkboard. And yet the mathematical lesson I have used the most since its revelation to me, and the one I remember most distinctly, turned out to be more than just a mathematical lesson.

A Tangible Math Lesson

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