Dolores Cannon Compilation Concerning “The Event”

The Evemt
Dolores Cannon

Jonathan Carty – It’s taken a few weeks but I’ve finally gotten through this entire book and I have been bookmarking various pages so that I can come back and write an article about the amazing information she is getting through her clients while they are in a deep trance state.

The clients are being given QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) sessions where the person finds out why they are having the problems they are experiencing in this lifetime.

After a while, Dolores began getting information about The Event and many other metaphysical concepts and knowledge that humanity is now supposed to learn (or re-learn in some cases) while the person was under. This information is given by a source which she calls the ‘subconscious/higher-self/oversoul’.

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Ascension Process Symptoms – Incoming Higher Energies

changeAdeana M. Slater – Many of you are feeling the affects of the increased energy on your physical body. Even though this higher energy is ‘cleansing’ all aspects of your being, you will most likely feel the physical more so as this Ascension dial is turned up a few more significant notches as of late. This can definitely feel uncomfortable and unsettling to most.

The symptoms of this Ascension Process is intensifying and again it is reiterated that you ride the tide and go with the flow in order to allow the energies to continue to move you forward as intended.

These higher energies do not only serve to elevate you. This energy is also healing and cleansing. So the physical body may feel this change especially more so, during this time. Just like Mother Gaia and your outer world is experiencing change, so is your physical vessel as it is being upgraded.

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