We Create Our Present Experience by Taking Responsibility

responsibilityArthur Telling – Taking responsibility can be very empowering. The outer world materializes from within us. At break of day, before we rise from bed, we mentally consider the things we will be doing for the day, and sometimes ahead, to the next week or year, or even our lifetime. We consciously guide and steer our ideas.

Unknowing or knowingly, we connect with others, in this mental environment, planning our destinies within the framework of possibilities and limitations of a group mind. If the group mindset does not suit our needs, we will seek out other mindsets that do, this happening under the surface, perhaps with little conscious knowledge. The nature of our present experience came to be in this way, and our current thoughts and actions drive our future. Continue reading “We Create Our Present Experience by Taking Responsibility”

The Most Common Synchronicities We Don’t Pay Attention To

synchronicityThe Spirit Science – Synchronicity is the phenomena of meaningful “coincidences” that occur in life that simply cannot be explained in ordinary terms. They defy a natural explanation due to their impeccable timing and how they coincide perfectly with other areas in our life. This is literally a sign from the Matrix that you are on the right track and that you are aligned with the flow of the universe.

Here are seven common synchronicities that people experience when they are highly aligned. Next time you experience one, pat yourself on the back, because you are in alignment with the spirit of the universe. Continue reading “The Most Common Synchronicities We Don’t Pay Attention To”

The Dream Factory

Lunar Eclipse at 8° GeminiLorna Bevan – This is set to be a week full of potential and you as a Path Paver need to be ready to capture it before it flies by. First, we’re in the seismic window of November 30th’s Lunar Eclipse at 8° Gemini/Sagittarius – the first in Gemini since 2002.

As always, with these cosmic wild cards, be ready for what seem like random events, outside your control, suddenly changing your trajectory – what I call sideways elevators. Lunar eclipses bring up emotions around endings along with nostalgia about times past. This Gemini eclipse downloads data – information bytes – for you to assimilate and turn into knowledge and wisdom at the Total Solar eclipse on December 14th at 23° Sagittarius. Continue reading “The Dream Factory”

A Mindful, Spiritual Approach To Managing Time

time managementNikki Harper – If there’s one thing most adults agree on, it’s that there never seems to be enough time in the day. Everyone is busy in their own way, and even though most of us are aware of basic time management techniques, living them is a very different matter.

From a spiritual perspective, however, time management really doesn’t need to be so hard. To understand where you might be going wrong, let’s look at five common time sucks which stand in the way of the fulfilled life you just know you were meant to lead:

Time Suck #1: Neglecting Your Own Needs

As a spiritual person, you are probably instinctively kind to others, and generous with both your heart and your time. When you’re known as someone who will do anything for anyone, however, it begs the question: who’s going to take care of you? Continue reading “A Mindful, Spiritual Approach To Managing Time”

Managing your inner world

inner worldThe Angels – Never before on your planet earth has the soil been so tilled by the differences and the diversity. Never before have human beings been so strongly bringing their opinions, ideas, beliefs, and desires to the surface.

You have always had wars and disagreements but here and now, with your increased ability to communicate and share via your technology, each and every one of you has the opportunity to let the world know who you are and to share your beliefs with one another.

Life is a buffet rich with experiences, ideologies, and frequencies. You get to choose what you will select from the vast array of offerings. In your grandparents’ generation most people had exposure to an extremely limited set of ideologies from family, community, church, and work.

Continue reading “Managing your inner world”