5D Language for Intention Support

languageJennifer Hoffman – As we move forward along the ascension path our manifestation and energy control abilities increase dramatically. You may be seeing this in your life now. Then our language becomes important because as master manifestors and energetically sovereign beings, we use our language to move, direct, and control energy.

Language, both internal and external, is what keeps the momentum in our intention.

Remember energy has no judgment, it just goes wherever it is told to go. We use a variety of tools to move energy including our intention, alignment and integration, as well as our beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions. Words are part of our language and words create – every word creates. Continue reading “5D Language for Intention Support”

Rediscover Your Authentic Self To Feel Alive!

passionsDr. Michelle Kmiec – When we were children our imaginations soared with countless ideas of what we wanted to be when we grew up. The sky was the limit! Some of us imagined traveling into space, putting out fires, or saving people’s lives.

Others were passionate about dancing, music, acting, painting, or other form of expressive art. And then there were those who loved to build things or figure out what made things work. Many of us were inspired to become teachers because one of our own made a lasting impression.

These were passions in the raw!   Continue reading “Rediscover Your Authentic Self To Feel Alive!”

Grounding Insights

saturnLorna Bevan – The battle between the old and the new catalyzed by the first of three Saturn /Uranus Squares is going to creates an engine of revolution right through the rest of 2021. As predicted in my “Survive and Thrive Guide to 2021“, we’ve just witnessed it playing out over access to the internet in the sudden withdrawal of Facebook from Australia.

This week opens with a G1 Geomagnetic storm recalibrating the Frequency Fields just as Mercury stations to turn direct at 11 Aquarius between Saturn and Jupiter. Weigh up your options but allow a few days for the Trickster storm to settle before committing to anything important. Continue reading “Grounding Insights”

The Awakening

“Awareness is only the beginning…”

The Woke and The Awakened

experienceIam Saums – The current fad of social consciousness is being “woke.”  Though its meaning may remain an enigma to many, I imagine “woke” represents those who happen upon insightful information peaking their attention and contemplation.  Whereas “awakened” is the state of being conscious.

These are two remarkably diverse experiences with one vital distinction.  It is good to discover and ponder awareness, yet best to embrace and become awakened.  Consciousness is a personal encounter with intuitive, spiritual and universal potentialities.  One often convoluted, devalued and misunderstood by reactive instinct and intellect.  If waking up is the seed, living consciously are its roots. Continue reading “The Awakening”

Patience, Appreciation, Answers

present momentThe Angels – You have a saying on earth that “Patience is a virtue.” You understand intuitively that no matter how difficult life might be, you will weather it more easily with a bit of patience, for patience is a willingness to surrender yourself into the moment, to embrace the gifts and opportunities therein, and to find the love right where you are, in the here and now.

We absolutely understand that many of you want much more and much better than the present moment seems to offer, and we are not asking you to stay stuck in it. If you are cold, you want warmth. If you are broke, you want abundance. If you are lonely you want companionship. Continue reading “Patience, Appreciation, Answers”