Expect Physical Changes With Incoming Energies

changeRosie Neal – There is so much that is happening to most everyone on a physical level. We are in a process of changing on a cellular, molecular and atomic and sub-atomic levels. It will influence the neutron electron and proton all the way down to the ratio of the spin cycle of the nucleus.

As you begin to change, each person will be affected differently. You may not feel as hungry as often as you once did and may will eat less, sleep patterns will change and some will require less sleep and for others having going though big changes with the mitochondria, RNA, DNA they will need more sleep.

There will be times the body will need rest for days to recoup and energize. Try to get into the sun as much as possible it will help. Drink water. Continue reading “Expect Physical Changes With Incoming Energies”

How To Understand & Utilize The Dream-Scape

dream-scapeCasey Francis – The dream-scape is a place where the higher part of our consciousness feeds the lower with representations of the events which take place in the astral and other realms. They are the individualized representation of the astral travel that we perform whilst our physical vessel is sleeping. It is conducted in this manner to avoid confrontation to the mind, due to the extreme differences in the experiences we are having in the higher realms of existence, thereby allowing our mind to understand these circumstances in a manner which is more suitable and thus easier to understand by the human part of our being.

Dreams are often arranged to avoid mental debilitation, and to avoid the confusion of the human mind in realizing it’s true nature as a divine being of light, which has the capabilities of travelling through many more dimensions, parallel or coexisting realities which would otherwise seem improbable and impractical to easily comprehend. Continue reading “How To Understand & Utilize The Dream-Scape”


focusSteve Rother – Greetings dear ones, I am eM.

I join you this day with the warmest of hearts to tell you a little bit about yourselves. You see, you have been wandering around bumping into things on planet Earth, bumping into each other quite often, trying to find your way Home. And it’s so beautiful for us to watch because we know you, we know your heart.

We were with you before you came to Earth more than once. So, you’ve asked us to give you some overviews from time to time, not necessarily to teach you anything but to remind you of the things that you clearly already know.

That’s what we’re here this day to speak about your vision. Well, we’re not going to talk specifically about your eyes or the optic nerve. However, let us tell you that as you evolve and are moving so incredibly rapid through these different stages of evolution, your physical body changes as well. Continue reading “Focus”

Rising As An Energy Master

loveKim Semetis – As we embody more light, hold more love, we release all lower vibrational realities/timelines. All will simply fall away as our frequency rises, as we tune ever higher.

This is a gradual occurrence as we release our density and emotions tied to the lower frequencies. Emotions such as fearangeranxiety, and sadness will begin to dissipate. Karmic ties and cords of attachment and cellular cleansings will occur all along the way and we will notice that opportunities will present for this release as it occurs for us, not to us.

As this occurs we must keep in mind that all is an illusion and our vibration dictates our reality here. We must feel these emotions fully, sit with them, sit in them and honor them, speak them aloud for release, reminding ourselves never to repress them again, knowing that all is held within each cell, nerve and very fiber of our being. As these words are spoken the energy dissipates, and we honor this. We have a peaceful knowing that all is well. Continue reading “Rising As An Energy Master”

Perfect manifestations of the Divine One

loveJohn Smallman – The most important subject with which humans have to deal is Love – which is their true and only state of being – or the apparent lack of Love they experience while they are in form as humans.  But, of course, there is no lack of Love, because there is only Love, which is the infinite field of divine energy in which all sentient life is lovingly and eternally held and embraced.

Love is found within!  There is nowhere else that it can be, because there is no without, there is no outside, outside is unreal, is nowhere, is the unreal dream-world of form which lasts only as long as the sentient collective that is experiencing form chooses to maintain it.

Continue reading “Perfect manifestations of the Divine One”