You Are Made For A Better World

A Message from El Morya, Mother Earth, Mother Mary, and the Arcturian High Council received January 9, 2018

lightMarie Mohler – We are the Arcturian high council. We come to you today with a message and a song of hope for the hearts of those weary in the journey and in need of a greater cosmic upliftment to see through the lens of the bigger picture. The macro lens if you will of the micro experience you all have been having on your world.

What is the true energy and essence of change? We would invite you into your heart centers a moment to look at what “change” means to you. Allow yourself to see colors, feelings, textures, insights, and understandings as you take this pause and consider what “change” means to you.

We would say that change is an alchemical internal process of experiencing a shift or transformation in your perception of reality. When you experience change on the inner planes, it manifests as an altered experience of reality in the physical, emotional, spiritual, and/or mental aspects of your being.

So let us look at your current planetary experience. On a global scale, no matter what level or degree of consciousness a person has, there is a clear shift and emerging sense of change in your daily lives. There is geological distress and there are eruptive events occurring as a result. There is political dissension and exposure of corruption on all continents and in all countries. Continue reading “You Are Made For A Better World”

Transcending Our Limitations From Within

full moonSimon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone – The energy of the New Year’s Full Moon in Cancer asked us to reflect on the new sense of self identity our ongoing process of reorientation has engendered. As we shed our old skins, it invited contemplation not only of how we identify ourselves but also how we embody the purest representation of our true unique self and shine our authentic light into the outside world.

Now, as the energy of yesterday’s New Moon begins to ebb, the alignments of the new lunar cycle present us with the impetus to truly understand an unavoidable fact of our reality; one which often challenges our sense of self identity — that all forms and structures, by their impermanent nature, will inevitably collapse upon themselves.

Let’s look at the energy patterns of the Full Moon and the energies that will shape our evolution during this current lunar cycle.

Uranus in Aries square Venus, the Sun and the Moon in Capricorn

Continuing the overall story of humanity’s rapid evolution, it comes as no surprise that the shifts we are busy processing right now relate to our concepts of limitation to liberation. Continue reading “Transcending Our Limitations From Within”

Ways to Heal Relationships When Your Family Is Still Asleep

powerNanice Ellis – We are all waking up! The problem is, we are each waking up at different rates. This is particularly challenging when it occurs within families.

If you are reading this, chances are you are more awake than others in your life, and maybe this presents some issues. After all, when you are awake, it can be super difficult to deal with family members, such as parents, siblings and in-laws, who are still sleeping, especially when our habitual reactions to family dynamics can cause us to go unconscious (showing us where we are still asleep ourselves.)

The key to maintaining positive relationships with our families is not in trying to wake them up, but rather in staying awake ourselves. So, if you are fortunate to be more awake than others in your family, what does it take to stay awake in the presence of those sleepy individuals?

Know Your Hook

We all have emotional hooks that when pulled enroll us back into old dynamics, causing us to fall back to sleep and forget who we really are. A hook can be an old issue or a current issue, and when this issue is activated in any way, you are hooked into reacting. If you can identify your personal hooks, you can also consciously choose to stay far away from these topics, and if someone else brings them up, you can consciously choose not to be hooked. Take a deep breath, go for a walk, or do whatever it takes to stay off the hook.  Continue reading “Ways to Heal Relationships When Your Family Is Still Asleep”

Tuning Into Your Own Vibration

vibrationFiona Reilly – There is such liberation and joy in finding one’s own vibration and unleashing it fully in the world. Can you think of a time when you were in touch with and living true to you? A time when you were in your strength and power. What does it feel like? Strong, free, vibrant, playful, joyful, liberating, empowering… these are some of the words that come to mind. Yet for many of us, remaining in touch with our own vibe is a challenge. The world is full of distraction and it’s easy to be pulled out into something other than our own truth and beingness.

In our current world there are so many influences that try to make us like everyone else. Ingrained social conditioning places much emphasis on doing and success is often based on things such as material gain and power. From an early age we are given roles that may not necessarily be in our best interest. We are encouraged to behave well, study hard, find a good job and make lots of money and so forth… Society doesn’t place much value on being, expressing or creativity just for the sake of it. Our own unique expression and vibration is not widely respected. Continue reading “Tuning Into Your Own Vibration”

The Healing of a Spacious View

lifeMary O’Malley – What if we could see this time on our planet as a break through time rather than a break down time?  It certainly looks like so many things are in chaos and there is a threat of it all blowing up.

But what would happen if you understood that everything human beings have done up to this point has prepared us for this time? We have explored the depth and breadth of this beautiful planet all the way from the freezing cold of the Antarctic to the blazing heat of the Gobi Desert.  We have gone from the heights of mountains to the depths of the oceans and we have explored every nook and cranny in the human body.  We have also gone into the world of the mind and the ever-changing ocean of the human psyche. Continue reading “The Healing of a Spacious View”

New Moon New Intentions [Video]

Joseph P. Anthony – This First New Moon of 2018 highlights the very clever and shrewd sign of Capricorn. This sign is known for its determination to achieve its goals and how it’s seen in the outer world.

This lunation is offering us an opportunity to ritualize our resolutions and recommit to our goals. Capricorn is a no nonsense sign where nothing is granted by cosmic luck and everything is earned through effort and discipline.

Continue reading “New Moon New Intentions [Video]”