Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation: a Guide to Meditation and Breath

consciousnessEthan Indigo Smith – We have analytical minds with mediated wants which promote us to live highly complex lives. And yet, underneath it all we all crave simplicity, but are led to believe it can’t be obtained without further complexity. In fact, it is simple to be simple – and it’s completely up to you.

For many, simply being present in the moment can itself  be  difficult. Statistically the thing most people do to relax is watch television, which takes the emotions and thoughts away to distant dramas and sitcoms; far away from  the here and right now. As a culture we are used to becoming  distant and distracted as a  form of “relaxation”  –  and watching television is only one  of many things a busy mind will do so as not to have to face itself. Continue reading “Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation: a Guide to Meditation and Breath”

Negative self-judgment closes you off from the Love that is your true nature

godJohn Smallman – All the apparent ongoing chaos in the world most definitely does have a purpose and that is to encourage and nudge humanity to move forward enthusiastically along the path to awakening.  In this context moving forward means to recognize and become fully aware of all the “stuff” that no longer serves you, and then to very consciously intend to release it.  The recognition is easy, but the releasing can be very demanding, especially when people attempt to deny and disown what comes into their awareness in this fashion because it is seen as unacceptable, unreal, and shamingly painful.

No one enjoys becoming aware either of their inadequacies or of their unkindness in their relationships, and yet there is no one who is free of words or actions that have been driven by these attitudes or behaviors.

However, this “stuff” is, in truth, unreal!  Yes, you have memories and awareness of it, but it is part of the unreal game that you have been engaged in for eons, and you need only release it.  There is absolutely no need to go into self-recrimination, negative self-judgment, and blame for the words or actions you engaged in that were unloving.  Instead, forgive yourselves, and accept that in that moment, in the moment when you engaged in these words or actions, you were doing what you thought was best – even if almost immediately afterwards you realized that this was not so.

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Rescues in the Caverns of Your Soul.

lightThe Angels – Many of you were watching recently, as the world waited with baited breath and prayed for a group of boys trapped with their coach deep in the caverns of the earth. With those boys, you too went deep within. You faced your own feelings of helplessness even as they did, and yet many of you found as well, the feelings of power that come from connecting with the source and focusing on the outcome.

The boys were rescued because they turned to the source in quiet peace and faith, and because the entire world focused on their rescue. Can you imagine, if the entire world focused on peace?

There is great symbolism in the events that draw your attention in life. There is a piece of the cavern within each of you – deep tunnels inside of your psyche that you rarely explore. When you are brave enough to go within and ask yourself, “How do I really feel?” you too might be flooded with emotion. You too might feel “trapped.” You, like the boys, might realize that they only way out of your current situation in life is to wait, sit peacefully, and surrender the power that loves you.

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New Moon Update 7-12-18

The New Moon with a partial solar eclipse (the first of three) is Thursday, July 12 at 8:47PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

eclipseLena Stevens – This New Moon launches a month long period of intensity, change, breakthrough and opportunity to step up your game on many levels. During this time it is ultra important to focus on all the things that are working and that you appreciate in your life instead of letting yourself get bogged down in negativity. Face challenges with compassion and kindness and remember that not everyone has the tools that you do to see the bigger picture.

It is easy to get swept up into the negative and to react to the injustices and imbalances and reactions of others. Don’t take the bait. Bring love and gratitude into your interactions and actions whenever you can and give others the benefit of the doubt even if you don’t believe they deserve it. On a positive note, this is an incredible time to launch something new, pushing the edge of what you think you can accomplish.

Take a risk, make a bid for power, step up and show up with more confidence and maturity. The new moon is a time to set intentions and make commitments to how you will stay your ground and be an example for others. And it is OK to ask for help. Support is everywhere. You just have to accept and receive it.

Blessings, Lena

Astrological Notes

Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse 2018

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You Are A Star Of Cosmic Sacred Fire

lightAA Michael – In the very beginning each of you were one of the holy innocent Ones, a brilliant Spark of the Supreme Creator. When it came your turn to externalize and awaken, you suddenly were aware of your godliness as a fragment of the All That Is. Then came a startling awareness of your own conscious I AM Presence as an individualized facet of the Creator. This awakening of souls has continued at every level, in every dimension of creation, and continues today as great beings of light are brought forth to create new galaxies, solar systems, planets and worlds without end.

In these extraordinary times, to one degree or another, there is a major internal, transformational process occurring within every soul on Earth. Individually, you are experiencing a clearing and cleansing process as well as modification and expansion in various areas of your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies; changes which are necessary if you are to hold up under and integrate the ever-increasing vibrational frequencies which are bombarding your Earth at this time.

There is an ever-increasing number of energy fields of consciousness available to you, the awakening Starseed. Just as the Creator light pours forth from the cosmic treasury of light to be used by the Elohim and builders of form, this rarified light is available to those of you who are now attuned to at least the higher 4th- and lower Fifth-dimensional frequency patterns.

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