Are You Getting the Call?

getting the callCatherine Cates – Are you wondering what your life purpose is? Or do you think you know but aren’t sure?

If either of those apply to you, you’re getting the call. It’s the call from the universe to “pick up the phone” and have the conversation about what your path is.

To live our life purpose is living the life of our dreams. When we’re living our life purpose, we’re on our path which means we’re in our passion or zone of genius. When this happens, life flows smoothly. To get to our life purpose, we generally go through three phases. Continue reading “Are You Getting the Call?”

The Main Theme For April Is “Creating The New”

AprilLena Stevens – There are many other themes at work this month: adaptability, adjustment, acceptance, surrender, transformation, change, assimilation, deeper meaning, and others. Although we are definitely working all of these themes on a daily basis, given where we are and what we are dealing with in these times, “Creating the New” supports us to be more proactive and affective with the process instead of being at the effect of our personal and global situations.

April is a very fertile month full of opportunities even if they are not yet apparent. There is an energy that wants to manifest outwardly even if it is just in new ideas and seeding a creative foundation for a future project. Continue reading “The Main Theme For April Is “Creating The New””

Every Problem Is an Opportunity

fearPaul Lenda – It’s no secret that the world has some problems. The collective consciousness is confronting its shadows and seeing the damage being done to humanity and the environment. While this is an important part of the evolutionary process, it is only one step. Another is to look for solutions for the physical, mental, and emotional issues we are facing.

There are no problems, only opportunities. You can have a problem or solution-oriented mindset. When you think like an evolutionary solutionary, you are looking at the opportunities which exist within what people perceive as being problems. Looking at things as problems makes it difficult to overcome them and resolve them. In fact, being overwhelmed with all of the issues facing us individually and collectively can lead to us feeling apathetic, losing the will to do anything. Continue reading “Every Problem Is an Opportunity”

Global Energy Reset

444 GatewayMeg Benedicte – It takes 2,000 years to pass through this band of photons streaming from the Great Central Sun. Every Great Cycle is remarkably similar with global climate changes, increasing temperatures, ice caps melting, sea levels rising, coastlines sinking, food and water shortages, the widening gap between poverty and wealth, disease and pandemics, and constant global wars.

All the historical signs of a collapsing civilization are evident, as those structures that are no longer sustainable fall away. We can learn from our ancestors’ mistakes and focus our visions and intentions toward the highest possible outcome for humanity and Gaia.

Continue reading “Global Energy Reset”

You are never alone

John Smallman – In these times of increasing chaos and confusion know that your support teams in the non-physical realms are awake and alert to your every call.   Do call on your own personal supporters who are in spirit for guidance and comfort in these troubling times, because they very much want to communicate with you so that you can feel the embrace of their loving energy fields bringing you peace and reducing your anxiety.

These times are perfect for you to strengthen your connection with us here in the spiritual realms because you have plenty of time to sit quietly and relax into your holy inner sanctuary where Love and Peace are always in residence.   Give yourself plenty of time to do this – you have plenty – and allow the peace of this holy inner space to envelop you.

Continue reading “You are never alone”