How to De-clutter Your Thoughts and Emotions

lifeHilde Larsen — Everything starts with a thought, so let’s start by making space for some new ones. The mind is the root of all clutter. It has helped you create everything you see and live, the good the bad and the ugly. Now let’s put it to work, to de-clutter your whole life, step-by-step, freeing you from unwanted and unneeded life-sucking energy and burdens.

First and foremost, you need to monitor your thoughts. What are you thinking? Look around. Your reality is a reflection of your inner terrain, both mentally and emotionally. Be mindful of your thoughts. Be observant of how you respond to situations and your own beliefs. You can only hold one thought at the time, so remember that a negative, or un-serving thought is occupying the space of a serving one. Continue reading “How to De-clutter Your Thoughts and Emotions”

Intentions, Assumptions and Expectations

energyJennifer Hoffman – Have you ever had your heart broken, been disappointed, or felt rejected by someone? The problem is not that you weren’t worthy of that situation or person, but that there was no alignment between them and the outcomes you wanted to create with your intention. And there was not enough energy in the relationship connection to maintain it.

It may have felt like it in the beginning (everything looks rosy and possible when we are in love) but energies between people and within relationships do change over time and we need to be aware of those changes and make appropriate course corrections.

While we assume every relationship is ‘supposed’ to last forever, many are learning opportunities that teach us lessons in choosing, alignment, empowerment, discernment, and letting go.

When we set expectations we pull the energy ahead of its potential and then attempt to hold everything together while we try to make everything fit and work. We are trying to create congruence and harmony by making the energy fit (what I call ‘false congruence’) instead of allowing trust and faith to guide the energy to fit. Continue reading “Intentions, Assumptions and Expectations”

Embrace a life that is love-filled

lifeJohn Smallman – Here in the spiritual realms we watch with joy as humanity’s awakening process moves forward swiftly toward the moment for which you have all been waiting since the moment that you chose to experience separation from your Source. Namely your return to awareness that there is no separation.

That awareness, once awakened, is permanent. It is also majestically intense, so much so that you will wonder how you could possibly have remained asleep and unaware for so long. And you will also realize that in fact you were only asleep, unaware, for just an instant. Returning to your natural aware state of permanent joy will thrill you, and, unlike during your experience in form as humans, the thrill will not fade or weaken, because that is what joy is, a permanent state of thrilling excitement as you continually create new wonders for the joy of all.

Continue reading “Embrace a life that is love-filled”

Full Moon at 01 Virgo – Special Oracle Report

Moon in Leo Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, process, analyze

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: 16 Aquarius – “a big businessman at his desk” (lead yourself, solve)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: 27 Aries – “through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained” (return to truth, return to true self)

full moon
Sunset Over Avon Lake, Ohio – Photo by Heather

Laura Walker – Wise owls, we have multiple astrological events happening as we move into the Full Moon today (February 19, 2019 at 10:54 am EDT/7:54 am PDT). Let’s get in the gno:

1 – Chiron Re-Enters Aries As Mars Conjuncts The Chiron Point – Holy Chiron, Batman! This is some massive Chiron energy that is going to teach us something IMPORTANT throughout the Full Moon phase, but primarily yesterday and today. So we want to be watchful and mindful even more than we normally would.

The heavenly energies teach us via the subtle curriculum and schedule of astrology. The timing of this lesson is quite special. This is because it is happening alongside several significant astrological aspects. Continue reading “Full Moon at 01 Virgo – Special Oracle Report”

Take time to bless that which you have and ask for what you want

blessAA Gabriel – You may be finding yourself in a time of questioning and dissatisfaction with your life. However, this is also a time of great opportunity. Every moment of your conscious awareness creates the qualities of your future moments. You can ask for those qualities you feel are missing from your life now, and they will come to you from your sincere prayer.

It is not about asking for material things. Instead, ask for those qualities of consciousness you believe you would have if you had the things you want. For example, if you want a new job, what qualities would this job give you? Abundant income? Harmonious atmosphere with co-workers? Fulfillment and joy doing that which you love? Perhaps ease in transportation?

When you know the qualities you want, this allows the Universe to provide these qualities in a work situation that may be even better than the type of work you were looking for. When you ask for a narrowly defined work environment, you may get exactly what you ask for but the qualities that would make you happy may not be present. Continue reading “Take time to bless that which you have and ask for what you want”