How To Honor Your Desires Without Grasping, Denying or Bypassing

desireLissa Rankin – Desire. How easily it confuses us! To live a deeply fulfilling life, are we meant to follow the teachings of dominant culture, which encourage us to “Just do it,” grasping for our desires, using will and force to “make it happen?” Or are we supposed to visualize, affirm, meditate, and create vision boards about what we desire so we can leverage our spiritual power to “manifest” our wishes? Are we better off surrendering our desires to some Higher Power, leaving only the desire to align with Divine Will? Are we meant to lean into our desire as Rumi and the Sufis do—reveling in the deliciousness of unmet longing as a path to that which we ultimately desire—the Beloved?

In both worldly and spiritual traditions, desire can leave us in a wad of bewilderment, yet, perhaps if we can handle the discomfort of holding infinite paradoxes, we can feel the unbearably pleasurable experience of leaning all the way into our desires while simultaneously trusting a mysterious force of love that participates in the co-creation of our desires—and also dismantles them. Continue reading “How To Honor Your Desires Without Grasping, Denying or Bypassing”

Open Doors Through Perception

chaosMona – A recent quote from Marianne Williamson states, “When someone’s life is in chaos, they can’t stop the chaos just by addressing what’s wrong on the outside. They have to address what’s wrong on the inside. Until we awaken spiritually, we can feel out of control.”

She of course, is also talking about America, but the concept of chaos is similar for the individual. Each of us are going through a new time, and leaving an old paradigm behind. This coming  2019 new year adds up to a 12, which is a 3. These are master numbers, relating to achievement and completion.  Our astrological events are helping us learn new ways of seeing life through the chaos. Whether it be in our own life or watching it in the world, our opinions and perceptions are changing.

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Traps Sabotaging Your Spiritual Growth

“No matter what the practice or teaching, ego loves to wait in ambush to appropriate spirituality for its own survival and gain.” – Chögyam Trungpa,  Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism

EnergyMateo Sol – Spiritual growth is an experience we all go through once we have experienced the spiritual awakening process. As we begin to awaken to the truth of who we are, we develop a connection to our authentic essence, higher nature or Soul.

As we progressively advance on our paths, our spiritual essence begins to blossom like a luminous flower deep in our heart. And the more we clear away the dead, gnarled and overgrown beliefs, perspectives, and emotional baggage within us, the more clearly we feel our divine essence. When we maintain our inner garden, we feel more and more love, wisdom, peace, and wholeness as our True Nature is revealed slowly to us.

Yet, like any garden, our metaphorical inner landscapes can be consumed by weeds, plagues, and forms of pollution that strangle anything beautiful we have been nurturing. Sometimes, we even sabotage the growth occurring within us ourselves, without knowing it.

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Happy holiday thoughts

memoriesThe Angels – It is a human tendency to be nostalgic during your holiday season – to reminisce, and dream of times gone by. Remembering times with loved ones, simpler times, times with joyful memories is a wonderful pastime… if it makes you happy in the here and now.

If recalling the past makes you upset or dissatisfied with the present moment, it is far better to ask, “How can I make this day more special? How can I immerse myself in the here and now with my Presence and my Love? How can I bring the best of me into my present?”

Imagine you were going on a trip. Before you leave, you walk into a room with photos of your past. You can pick up any you choose to bring with you on your journey. The only catch is that the photos of the unpleasant times are much heavier than the photos of the good times.  Continue reading “Happy holiday thoughts”

Expressions of the Infinite & One Universal Consciousness

godsStephanie MacDonald – There is one Consciousness or Prime Creator and that infinite, eternal energy became Manyness. While we appear separate and individual, we all came from this one Source. And that Source is experiencing itself as Infinite Manyness. We are many facets of one diamond (universe) of endless innumerable others!

Through experience we evolve “our personal point of awareness” at different rates and each have our own unique vibration / frequency. This is very similar to how and why we each have unique fingerprints!

There is no such thing as “good versus evil” as ALL originated from Oneness itself. We contain both “the demon and the angel,” we are both “the light and the dark,” the yin and the yang, and it is ultimately a choice what we decide to manifest while we are here.

On Earth the only real difference between “a loving act” and “a hateful act” is a person’s level of awareness. Humans have very much over-complicated things and have utterly confused the traditions of men as being from “the divine.” Continue reading “Expressions of the Infinite & One Universal Consciousness”