Experience Living In The Now

physicalOwen K. Waters – The Shift to a higher physical realm is likely to occur within the physical lifetimes of most of us.

Those who are in the afterlife at the time of The Shift will also be risen to a higher plane of existence. There are many realms and sub-realms within the fourth-density existence of the afterlife.

Today, the realms of fourth density (or the “fourth dimension” as many people call it) are home to spirits in the afterlife. Other than a few ascended masters, there are no physical inhabitants in fourth density (4D). The big difference that will occur with The Shift is that the physical realm here in third density will be risen up into a realm of fourth density. Spirits in the afterlife will be in a realm above us and therefore much closer to us than they are today. Continue reading “Experience Living In The Now”

Excursions into the 5th Dimension

experienceDr. Suzanne Lie – Your transition into the fifth dimension is getting very interesting now. You may feel that you need to “chill back” a bit, as you somehow know that what is meant to be, is in the process of becoming.

Once you let go of the time-bound and external sense of control, you will find that you can more easily allow yourself to be within the fifth dimensional now. Once within that now, you will be more able to experience living in the now.

Then you will be more able to release the many questions and comments that often have left you feeling confused, concerned, but also engaged. Once you fully realize that you are following an inner directive that is guiding you towards the Fifth Dimension, many new persons, places, things and experiences will begin to change within your life. Continue reading “Excursions into the 5th Dimension”

How to Clear Reptilian Attacks Yourself

attachmentsMeashenu – Sometimes, not all the time, you can clear Reptilian attacks, attachments, and implants yourself. I say sometimes because there are times, even for myself, that require someone else’s help. This generally depends on how fast I noticed something was off, but also there have been attacks that specifically target my ability to see the attachments on myself.

For most of us, seeing and dealing with things on ourselves is far more difficult than helping someone else so that is also part of it. That being said, there are situations where you just don’t have money or the means to get someone to help you. In that case you can try all the different things here and see if you feel better.

Another note is that generally most attacks from various beings tend to have a lot of common themes of using illusions. Realizing you are being thrown into an illusion can help break it right away. This can be a simple illusion to just make you feel fear to distract you and make you feel more vulnerable. If you can recognize that right away you can over power it easily. Continue reading “How to Clear Reptilian Attacks Yourself”

Angel apps

moneyThe Angels – You live in an unbounded universe, rich with potential and possibility. You are connected with the power that creates universes and runs them, in all their harmony and complexity, with simple loving intent.

When you think about it, the magnitude of human problems and challenges, no matter how great they feel in a single lifetime, are minuscule compared with the challenge of making sure the planets and galaxies don’t collide.

The same power that harmonizes entire ecosystems loves you in ways you cannot possibly comprehend. This Source wants to help create greater love and order in your lives too. However, you were given the gift of free will. You are not robots, lovingly controlled by the Source, compelled by your design to live in order and harmony, as with all of nature. Continue reading “Angel apps”

Friday, April 20 – Sunday, April 22, 2018

Crescent Moon Phase: persevere

Moon in Gemini/moves to Cancer at 10:27 am ET/2:27 pm UT

Big weekend, big report

black moonLaura Walker – The Sun has moved into Taurus, discharging the refreshing energy of “a clear mountain stream” on Friday.  The direction, answer, or information becomes clear if we are willing to follow where the “changes in the stream” are taking us.  Allowing room to change course is advised.

The Moon is moving into Cancer, squaring all of the planets in Aries, and opposing all of the planets in Capricorn: Saturn, Mars, Pluto, and, yes, the Black Moon.  We have Black Moon Days this weekend.

We prepare ourselves for intensity, knowing all the while that the events that happen and the things that come to light are all in service to rebirth and renaissance.  The Black Moon rebirths. Continue reading “Friday, April 20 – Sunday, April 22, 2018”

No such thing as chance

“Every Cause has its effect; every Effect has its Causes; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognised; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.”  –  The Kybalion.

Elva Thompson – Man for the most part stumbles through life like a sleepwalker. He is unaware that for every thought and action he takes in his life there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Our thoughts are energetic charges of energy which resonate on the unseen world of cause and bounce back into the manifest physical world of effect. This is called the Law of Return and it is just to beggar and king alike.

Our thoughts and actions are either aligned with life (harmonious) or misaligned (inharmonious) and, as a result of our thinking our lives are either fulfilled or unfulfilled. The thoughts we entertain and the actions we take have consequences which are inevitable and cannot be retracted, bargained with or bought off.

In the words of Omar Khayyam: “The moving finger writes; and, having writ moves on: nor all thy piety or wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.” Therefore, man alone is the master of his own thinking and the maker and shaker of his destiny. Continue reading “No such thing as chance”