A Glimpse Beyond Tomorrow

energyAA Michael – As the multidimensional expressions of change swirl around you, and time compresses and expands at an ever-accelerating rate, you must learn to Go With The Flow in order to exist in a state of ease and grace.

As all of you have experienced to one degree or another, life on Earth has changed drastically in the last fifty years. What was the norm in a Third- and Fourth-Dimensional environment no longer applies as you move through the more refined levels of Creator Light.

We will address some of the major issues of the times to give you a greater understanding as to how the newly emerging collective consciousness of humanity compares with the old mass consciousness beliefs that have prevailed for thousands of past years. Continue reading “A Glimpse Beyond Tomorrow”

Things to Know About The Trees of Life

tree of lifeLJ Vanier – The tree of life or world tree, is a creative symbol of manifestation in many cultures. Known as the ultimate gateway to the knowledge of oneself and the true nature of reality.

Upon the awakening of the serpent energy or naas, the “moist essence of the universe” in the Gnostic view, also known as a kundalini awakening. The serpent energy coiled at the base of spine makes its ascend upwards into the brain and ignites all of the pathways, as the synapses begin firing wildly. This activation serves as the initial link between the metaphysical and physical reality of existence. Allowing the seeker to acquire his first evolutionary step into heightened awareness. Continue reading “Things to Know About The Trees of Life”

Between worlds

EarthThe Angels – What world are you living in this very moment? Are you living in a world of pandemic with no seeming end, horrible divisions, and scathing political disagreements? Or, are you living in a world where you are eternally connected to the Source of well-being, experiencing unity within self, and experiencing a love for all perspectives, because you know that all help you find clarity about your own point of view?

Both worlds exist simultaneously upon your planet. The divisions between them are becoming increasingly apparent: Continue reading “Between worlds”

Spiritual Truths Scientists Are Finally Starting to Understand

loveLara Starr – For a long time, people have tried to explain why things are the way they are. In modern times, Scientists have been trying to surpass the knowledge passed on by Priests, Prophets, Yogis and many other spiritual teachers since before we even started recording our history. Many believe Science still has a lot of catching up to do.

There are certain spiritual subjects, such as the existence of the soul, that are finally starting to get some of the attention they deserve. Let’s talk about the 6 most common. Continue reading “Spiritual Truths Scientists Are Finally Starting to Understand”

Forgiveness – Release, Redemption and Revenge

forgivenessJennifer Hoffman – The final step to any healing work, the bridge to wholeness that leads to congruence and divine harmony, is forgiveness. But not the grudging, must-do forgiveness that we say with our fingers crossed behind our back because we’re secretly still angry, upset, and annoyed with that person.

This is a choice we have to make that will set us free from the energies that bind us to another in anger-churning karmic cycles. The real forgiveness choice is not about whether we’ll forgive, it’s about whether we will release ourselves from the energetic ties that bind us, or will we seek revenge or redemption. Continue reading “Forgiveness – Release, Redemption and Revenge”