Daily Rituals to Dissolve Inflammation and Pain

painNick Polizzi – Every human on this planet has experienced some type of physical pain in their lifetime. One of the great equalizers, pain knows no race, gender or creed.

It is often billed as an unfortunate occurrence to be avoided at all costs, but pain is actually quite useful— in the right amounts. Pain is here to warn us when things are out of balance – from an acute injury like a cut or sprain, to a chronic underlying condition like rheumatoid arthritis or a digestive disorder.

No matter what type of pain it is, one thing is for certain – there’s no reason for you to be in constant pain. Its primary function is to help our healing process and it should go away on its own or be easy to soothe with the right lifestyle practices… this is the focus of today’s piece.

Below are 3 rituals that you can easily implement into your everyday life that alleviate inflammation and pain. Continue reading “Daily Rituals to Dissolve Inflammation and Pain”