Emergence Of Shadow DNA – Fifth Dimensional ‘Goldprint’

Polaris AB – Many will have noted physical, emotional and mental body changes taking place in which you may feel all is ‘coming apart’ as the projected forms of your Third Dimension focus begin to disintegrate within the collective consciousness.

However, these changes are beginning to move us through the vibrational frequency bands towards higher dimensional existence – it is not your current energetic body that you will be taking with you on your Ascension progress towards Light Body integration.

The Light frequencies required to merge with your Higher Self in a physical environment will not support the third density body that you currently reside in. Increases in photon and electro-magnetic energies through increased levels of background cosmic and solar non-ionizing radiation are the causes of excited cellular vibration.

This primarily results in physical tiredness, aches and pains, increased mucous blockages and discharges, loss of concentration, upsetting natural biorhythms, time displacement – all the current ‘ascension symptoms’ being experienced. The natural life cycle of cellular structures are vastly accelerated as a result. The cells cannot evolve fast enough to meet the increasing stresses imposed on them within the time periods being experienced. Continue reading “Emergence Of Shadow DNA – Fifth Dimensional ‘Goldprint’”

When Evolutionary Light Illuminates the Dark

consciousnessLisa Renee – This period of time is extremely difficult for many people on the earth that are enduring stages of the Dark Night of the Soul, whether consciously on the spiritual path or not. Recently, the larger collective consciousness themes are around the power struggles and deep conflicts that exist in the structure of falsity and delusions, when electrified by the lightning flash that cracks through the darkness and confusion to illuminate the contents in front of us so that we can see or gain deeper truth.

When we are struck by lightning, this can be a terror based or painful event in our lives that activates intense energy pouring up and into the body, and this creates an inner conjunction with the energy blockages in the body which surfaces great discomfort, anxiety, pain or fear. Most of the time when we experience an event in our lives in which lightning strikes occur, it is uncovering not only false structures, but buried parts of the unconscious mind and cellular memories that are embedded in our bodies.

Meeting the negative energy or blockages when this inner conjunction is made acts as the spiritual catalyst for great changes and potential transformation, it forces the surface or hidden fears located in the pain body to be brought out into the thoughts, emotions, behaviors or in the impulses of the person.

When the person has no spiritual context, and if they are not strong enough to discipline their mind to gain control over outward impulses, they may find themselves acting out destructive archetypes and narratives of pain, fear and dramas with the people around them that trigger these inner memory buttons.

Some of these emotional triggers can be from other lifetimes and those experiences, as well as unhealed emotional conflicts in the current lifetime that have been carried over because the negative emotional theme was left unresolved in other lifetimes or identities.

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Signs You Are Evolving Into The Next Level Of Humanity

Life Coach Code – Evolution started the moment our Universe was born. The development of galaxies, the systems of stars, the planets were all a part of this evolution.

What we call life is just a step, a new form of expression The Universe achieved on this grand evolution. It’s the fruit of The Universe, the extension of the planet it sprouts on, the cutting edge ‘technology’ of evolution.

Humanity is now on the verge of a new evolutionary step. You can feel that we are standing in front of 2 paths.

The 2 Choices Of Humanity

evolutionLeft is Transhumanism (where humanity will be merged with machines);

Right is Superhumanism (where humanity will evolve its consciousness and unlock its DNA’s full potential);

There is no ‘right’ choice! No choice is good or bad by default. Both choices are equally ours, equally paths we’ve ourselves walked towards.

We are already part machines only we don’t see it clearly because the machines are outside of ourselves.

Our smartphones, cars, computers, internet, even the tools we first created to hunt animals for food were already extensions of ourselves. Since then we’ve been walking towards this path slowly building our augmented world.

But our hearts have always wanted The Right Path!

The Right Path

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Stages Of Development Lead To The Tipping Point

consciousnessOwen K Waters – The stages of the development of human consciousness range all the way from caveman to cosmic consciousness.

In the long journey through human evolution, there are six basic stages followed by six spiritual ones. Until modern times, reaching spiritual consciousness has always been a challenge for humanity. Today, however, humanity as a whole stands in the latter part of the fifth of the twelve stages. This is the mental or intellectual development stage.

Meanwhile, every day people are making the transition into stages six and seven. The Shift is gaining momentum as more and more people move into these stages, both of which are heart-centered in nature.

Stage six is the lower heart phase where community and world awareness awakens and stage seven is the upper heart phase of spiritual awakening. The doorway to spiritual consciousness is through the heart, when the person moves from stage six into stage seven.

Centuries ago, in Eastern cultures, spiritual aspirants had to dedicate themselves to long hours of daily meditation in order to reach that stage of spiritual awakening. Then, upon reaching it, they would become self-motivated to continue along the path of spiritual unfoldment.

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The Deep State is Dying [Video w/ Transcript]

Greg Hunter – Internet data mining expert Clif High says the world is witnessing the unmasking of the so-called “Deep State” and revealing it’s long held control over humanity. High explains, “The level of complexity of humans has increased, and that was the factor that the Deep State did not take into account.  They kept their rigid mindset, their rigid rules, their compartmentalization and kept everything so boxed in even they were unaware that humanity has evolved out and around their obstruction.  So, the Deep State is dying simply because the knowledge of it is so prevalent.  It can’t be stopped, and is growing exponentially, and, basically, the knowledge itself is going to crush the Deep State.”

High, who calls his data mining research “Predictive Linguistics,” says don’t expect the people who have had the power to go down without a fight. High says to expect “economic dirty tricks,” but High predicts “they backfire.”  High goes on to say, “The reason why they backfire is the same reason why the media tricks are backfiring is the population has evolved beyond the level of gaming the power elite are capable of. . . . So, the same kind of dirty tricks are not going to work anymore.  They are going to backfire as they each are tried.  We will see the trick to shovel debt into the population backfire on the power elite.”

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The Spiritual Age

spiritualOwen K Waters – The Spiritual Age is not just another age to be documented in the pages of history books. The Spiritual Age is a quantum leap in the evolution of humankind.

There are 12 distinct stages in the evolution of human consciousness. There is a lower tier of six material stages followed by a higher tier of six spiritual stages. Once a person shifts from the material tier into the spiritual tier of evolution, everything changes. The old rules no longer apply, and the ways of the new reality have to be understood and acted upon.

Imagine the radical change that a butterfly goes through in its transformation from an earthbound, limited chrysalis to the joyous freedom of a butterfly. Likewise, a radical transformation occurs when humans move into the spiritual stages of their evolution.

When you enter the realms of spiritual consciousness through the gateway of the heart, you begin to understand that love is more important than money, power, fame, or any of the other entrapments of material life.

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