O’Reilly Predicts Total Collapse of Mainstream Media

fake news mediaNiamh Harris – Fox News host Bill O’Reilly says mainstream media will totally “collapse” after President Trump leaves office.

In a viral tweet that has been liked 200k times, O’Reilly asks, “Are you ready for the collapse of the news media?”

He then adds: “It’s coming

“NBC News, CNN, and the other networks are going to collapse almost entirely,” O’Reilly revealed on “America This Week.” Continue reading “O’Reilly Predicts Total Collapse of Mainstream Media”

Joe Biden Was “The Big Guy”

Joe Biden Jonathan Turley – A  former business partner to Hunter Biden, Tony Bobulinski, has made a bombshell statement that not only are the emails on the Biden laptop authentic but the references to giving a cut to “the big guy” was indeed former Vice President Joe Biden. More emails are emerging that show Hunter Biden referring to his family as his asset in these dealings.

The emails that have attracted the most attention refer to an actual meeting of Joe  Biden with these foreign figures and one referring to a proposed equity split of “20” for “H” and “10 held by H for the big guy?” Bobulinski confirms that “H” was used for Hunter Biden and that his father was routinely called “the big guy” in these discussions. Continue reading “Joe Biden Was “The Big Guy””

Choices, Choices, Choices

choicesLorna Bevan – Switch your B.S. detector on to a high setting – you’re going to need it!

What a week of planetary spaghetti! All the personal inner planets-Mercury, Venus and Mars- aligning in a complex web with Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune will be messing with our heads and our emotions. With Mercury and Mars in retrograde Trickster mode, expect to be full of questions such as:

Do I take this path or that one? Is there any source I can trust? How do I find the truth in this situation? Haven’t I heard all this before?

But with both Venus and Mercury aligning with slippery Neptune in Pisces – a master of smoke and mirrors like the Wizard of Oz – neither truth nor reality will be easy to determine. The fake news, polarisation and propaganda will be in full swing as Mars square Jupiter exaggerates/bends the truth for effect. Continue reading “Choices, Choices, Choices”

The Unapologetic Bias of the American Left

liberal biasVictor Davis Hanson – Some yearn for the ancient monopolistic days of network news, the adolescent years of public radio and TV, and the still reputable New York Times—when once upon a time the Left at least tried to mask their progressivism in sober and judicious liberal façades.

An avuncular Walter Cronkite, John Chancellor, Jim Lehrer, or Abe Rosenthal at least went through the motions of reporting news that was awkward or even embarrassing to the Left. Their agenda was 1960s-vintage Great Society liberalism, seen as the natural evolution from the New Deal and post-war internationalism. Edward R. Murrow, the ACLU of old, and Free Speech Movement at Berkeley—these were their liberal referents. Those days are gone. Continue reading “The Unapologetic Bias of the American Left”

Great Deceptions Designed to Destroy the Republic

Democrat partyJudith Acosta – A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…I was a Madison Avenue copywriter. I was thrilled, until I realized I was a liar for hire.

I was assigned an ad for a diet aid. The account executive sent out the marketing strategy. When I read it, I felt something akin to an inner eye squint, the feeling you get when you suspect you’re being conned. I realized we were being asked to market this rather dubious product to young, anorexic women by capitalizing on their already-fragile sense of self and lying to them about what the product could be expected to do.  Continue reading “Great Deceptions Designed to Destroy the Republic”