Surveillance Target Sam Clovis Discusses His Contacts With FBI/CIA Intelligence Agent Stefan Halper…

Sundance – I’m working on a rather comprehensive outline to put all of the actions within the larger political operation together; things in sequence will make much more sense. However, in the interim, here’s former Trump campaign adviser Sam Clovis discussing his encounters with the CIA controlled intelligence agent Stefan Halper.

[*Note* For the sake of context, intellectual honesty and narrative transparency, it is important to note that Sam Clovis is legally represented by Victoria Toensing, wife of Joe diGenova. The reason for this understanding will become more obvious at a later date.]

Note how the thread/relationship connecting Stefan Halper and Carter Page is surfacing with growing clarity. Continue reading “Surveillance Target Sam Clovis Discusses His Contacts With FBI/CIA Intelligence Agent Stefan Halper…”

The FBI Finds Itself Caught In A Crossfire Hurricane

fbiJonathan Turley – Below is my column in the Hill Newspaper on newly released information on the use of an informant against Trump officials as well as other details stemming from Operation Crossfire Hurricane.  The disclosures appear to confirm in large part the allegations made by President Donald Trump at the beginning of his Administration.  While denied at the time, it does now appear that campaign officials were surveilled and investigated.  Deputy  Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has now referred the allegation to the Inspector General for further investigation.  That is a belated but correct decision in light of the troubling implications raised by this new evidence.

Here is the column:

It was called “Crossfire Hurricane,” the FBI counterintelligence operation that targeted Trump figures as part of the investigation into possible campaign ties to Russia. It was a poignant choice of a Rolling Stones song, “Jumpin’ Jack Flash, that describes a man “born in a crossfire hurricane” who “howled at the morning driving rain.” Continue reading “The FBI Finds Itself Caught In A Crossfire Hurricane”

The Latest Whopper – The FBI Was Actually Trying to ‘Protect Trump’

Oh, what a tangled web we weave… when first we practice to deceive.”

Brian C Joondeph, MD, MPS – This quote is attributed to Sir Walter Scott, a Scottish historian and novelist. Too bad he wasn’t available for a sermon at the royal wedding this past weekend, rather than social justice preacher Bishop Michael Curry. The House of Windsor certainly wove a tangled web over the decades.

The Deep State has been weaving its own tangled web of Russian collusion for the past two years beginning with Russia supposedly hacking the 2016 election, creating the electoral outcome they desired. It has since morphed into Trump colluding with the Russians, despite zero proof on the one-year anniversary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s free-for-all investigation by his merry band of partisan Democrats.

It’s now to the point that Mueller’s team is investigating anyone in Trump’s circle who ever ate a bowl of borscht or drank a sip of Russian vodka. At a time when this couldn’t get any more ridiculous, look no further than the Washington Post for a version of “can you top this?”

trump campaignA few days ago, the WaPo published an opinion piece entitled, “The FBI didn’t use an informant to go after Trump. They used one to protect him.”

Sure, they did. I can’t wait to read from the WaPo how Iran wants nukes to “protect” Israel or that that sanctuary cities are for the “protection” of legal, law-abiding residents of those cities.

The Trump piece was written by Asha Rangappa, a former FBI agent and Yale graduate. That’s two strikes against her already. The Clintons are Yale graduates and James Comey is a former FBI agent. I rest my case. Continue reading “The Latest Whopper – The FBI Was Actually Trying to ‘Protect Trump’”

Devin Nunes: If FBI Paid to Spy on Trump “It’s Absolute Red Line! [Video]

Jim Hoft –  Rep. Devin Nunes (D-CA) joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures to discuss the latest developments in the Deep State interference in the 2016 US elections.

It has been widely reported that the Obama administration had a spy working inside the Trump campaign.

As previously reported internet sleuths have determined who the FBI spy was inside the Trump campaign. Continue reading “Devin Nunes: If FBI Paid to Spy on Trump “It’s Absolute Red Line! [Video]”

Horowitz Submits Draft Report of Clinton Email Investigation For Principal Review…

investigationSundance – Inspector General Michael Horowitz has submitted the “Draft Report” of his OIG investigation to the principals involved. The IG investigation encompasses the FBI and DOJ conduct during the 2015/2016 Hillary Clinton investigation. The Draft Report encompasses the findings.

The Draft Report review is the last review phase prior to the Final report being released. The Draft Report review allows the principals to provide input on the facts identified and outlined within the draft.

Responses from the principals about the facts outlined in the draft report are then reviewed, cleared for addition if appropriate, and included in the Final Report. The Draft Report is the first time the DOJ and FBI Principals (only those officials who remain inside the DOJ and FBI) get to see the underlying documentary evidenced gathered in the 17-month-long investigation.

Wall Street Journal – Multiple subjects of a report on the Justice Department’s handling of a 2016 investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email use have been notified that they can privately review the report by week’s end, signaling t he long-awaited document is nearing release. Continue reading “Horowitz Submits Draft Report of Clinton Email Investigation For Principal Review…”

Hindsight Revelations – Devin Nunes April 22nd: “There Were No Official Intelligence Channels Used To Start Trump Investigation”…

Sundance – Knowing what we know now – how Stefan Halper (a foreign policy expert and Cambridge professor with connections to the CIA and its British counterpart, MI6), randomly reached out to contact Trump low-level campaign aide George Papadopoulos; and how that contact was likely part of a coordinated effort by political operatives within the U.S intelligence apparatus to start the counterintelligence operation against Trump;  this prior interview with Chairman Devin Nunes is well worth re-watching.

About a month ago, April 22nd, 2018, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes appeared on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the origin of the counterintelligence operation (July 2016) against the Trump campaign.

This interview follows a mid-April FBI release of “some information” about the original “electronic communication” (EC) documents that underpinned the origin of the FBI operation. The first half of the interview contains stunning information about how the raw intelligence product within the EC did not come through official intelligence channels. Continue reading “Hindsight Revelations – Devin Nunes April 22nd: “There Were No Official Intelligence Channels Used To Start Trump Investigation”…”