Imagine That….

virusSarah Varcas – It goes without saying that we’re living amidst intense times. Fear is rife, isolation everywhere and contradictory information and opinion abounds, clarifying one minute, confusing the next. Communities are in lock-down (how easily that word has become an everyday utterance) and no one knows quite what happens next.

A deepening unease is growing. Something in our world is very wrong which surpasses the apparent threat of physical disease. Rectification has long been needed on this planet and the current state of affairs is, in its own strange way, delivering it.

Rivers are running clearer. The air is cleaner. Bird song can be heard in cities, usually drowned out by the roar of engines and machinery. Mother Nature continues business as usual, while the human race locks itself away. From our mass withdrawal, nature benefits. This tells us something we cannot ignore for a second longer. Continue reading “Imagine That….”

Fear Is A Mind Hack

Paul Rosenberg – Humans are not naturally stupid. They are not naturally bad. Fear, however, distorts them, weakens them, and makes them far less effective than they’d naturally be. Fear, in its many guises, is the great enemy of mankind, and it’s time that we addressed it head on.

Fear is useful (even if unpleasant) when encountering an angry bear. But it is strongly degrading to both our bodies and our minds when we imagine a bear around every corner.

To state our problem simply, fear makes humans very easy to hack. When someone tries to make you afraid, they are abusing you; they are hacking you; they are grabbing your inner workings and turning them toward their own ends. Continue reading “Fear Is A Mind Hack”

The Virus of Fear

maryMary O’Malley – There is a virus that is spreading like wildfire across our planet and it isn’t the coronavirus. It is the virus of fear that the coronavirus is bringing up inside of so many people. And that virus is spreading a lot faster than the coronavirus.

What is happening inside of you around the coronavirus? If you watch the news or the stock market, it can generate a lot of fear. Some of the fears I have heard are – “What happens if I get it, I can’t afford to be off work or What will happen to my loved one who has a compromised immune system? How would I live if I lost all my retirement savings? I can’t find any hand sanitizer because the shelves are empty at my local stores.” Continue reading “The Virus of Fear”

How Fear Will Justify Anything

fearPaul Lenda – On the world stage, we see fears playing out constantly. The violence we see is motivated by fear. The oppression we see being done by individuals and institutions are motivated by fear. Fear will literally justify anything.

Given recent events around the world that you are probably well aware of, fear is being used as a tool to further goals and agendas that will hurt many (and already are). This, in turn, generates fear and anger in others, which adds more fuel to the fire. Even on a smaller-scale, people find things to be afraid of and become oppressors of others. It can happen on the level of a parent towards a child or a nation towards its inhabitants. Continue reading “How Fear Will Justify Anything”

How Often Do You Let Fear Run Your Life?

fearVeronica – This is a very personal question that should be asked of the self.  Often upon examination one may find his/her self to be buried within its grasp.  Since there should never be judgement the correct action would be to evict fear when it shows up.

So what do you do when the options run out and the only choice does not blend with who you perceive yourself to be?

Just what do you do?

We suggest there are those who compromise selling out to the highest bidder.  Yet there is also the group who will not wavier for one more penny than necessary. Continue reading “How Often Do You Let Fear Run Your Life?”