The Most Important Piece of Evidence MISSING from Nearly Every Mass Shooting in America

video footageS.D. Wells – Considering most American’s infinite inability to think, it’s not surprising that nobody is looking for the obvious evidence that tells the real “truth” about how the latest mass shootings really went down.

You see, since a picture is worth “a thousand words,” then a video is worth a thousand pictures, or a million words.

Ever bother to notice the Feds and the Deep State never let a single video be shown to the public from when these armed stooges approach and enter the premises of the store, school, or theater they shoot up?

After all, Walmart runs security video 24/7/365 from multiple angles, out front and inside, as do most schools. And we’re not asking for footage of innocent people being shot, just the video footage of the shooters entering, but we NEVER see it. Why?

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James White ~ Unelected Bureaucrats: Conduit For America’s Destruction

NorthWest Liberty News  January 13 2014

Something that always puzzled me is how we, as Americans, allow the Federal Government to “flip the script” when it comes to appropriate rules of conduct.  The idea is that the officials (public servants) who we elect are supposed to be working for us, their constituents.  Put another way, they are our employees.  We, the people, are the boss; or, at least we are supposed to be.  So do the people that we elect act like employees, or do they act like overlords?  I guess that depends on your perspective.  However, I submit that if you owned a business you wouldn’t let your employees get away with what the people’s employees do.  Just saying.

Although the culture of self-aggrandizement by many elected officials seems to be at its zenith, we always have the opportunity to “throw the bums out” come next election… if they get too far off the rails.  Conversely, for the enormous list of alphabet agencies under the purview of the Feds there are no elections.  Only tremendous power, and little accountability. 

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