Turn Down the Volume of the External World

thoughtsVictoria Fann – There are constant distractions in our daily lives that pull our attention here and there. Some invite us to engage, others invite us to escape, while still others invite us to react. This is the reason that throughout history many on the spiritual path isolated themselves in monasteries or became hermits far away from other people: the worldly life is extremely loud. It is so loud, in fact, it takes conscious effort to hear the still, small voice within. This inner voice is the primary way we can hear the Divine, which can also be referred to as the Muse, intuition, Source, etc. It is our connection to ALL THAT IS, and when we cannot hear it, we can easily become lost, confused and overwhelmed.

But we can’t all run away to monasteries and caves high in the mountains. How then can we get quiet enough to really listen to the inner guidance that is always there?

At first glance, it seems as though the answer is to simply get quiet, or better yet, get quiet and meditate. However, what do you think happens when we do that? All the voices, chatter and noise that was out in the world follows us into that quiet space.

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This year, choose to evolve – choose conscious evolution!

frequencyTara Meyer-Robson – For most of us, our dearest wish is to make a real difference in the world. This year, instead of New Year’s resolutions filled with stress and deprivation, make a resolution that will create meaningful change in the world for yourself and others.

It’s that time of year again when the dreaded “New Year’s Resolutions” lists are created, and we cause ourselves untold stress trying to make radical changes as quickly as possible.

That’s fine and well, but for many of us, the pressure around this time of year doesn’t support the lasting change we’d like to create for ourselves and the world.

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2018 Predictions

energyJennifer Hoffman – Every year, since 2005, I have been writing annual predictions and every year I say the same thing, “I write predictions even though I don’t like writing them.”

I hesitate to make predictions, especially about world events, because I do not want to influence anyone’s thinking or skew the energy in any particular direction. Our manifestation powers are strong now and we create with our thoughts so what we think becomes the reality we live in.  And we can use the energy in any way we want to, so keeping the focus on high frequency expansion, and the world we want to live in, as opposed to being discouraged by what we see as ‘a world gone mad’ is important.

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Raising Your Frequency And Aligning With The Soul Star Chakra

worldTiffany Stiles – As we learn to reside in the higher dimensions of Love and Light, realizing our Infinite Divine Spark of Love within, we no longer allow what used to trigger us, to trigger us anymore. We see that is it not within the frequency of our dwelling to engage in such anymore. It is an expenditure of wasted energy. We see it as a mere projection of one’s shadow self, and we act as the mirror to reflect back that which needs to be seen through the vibrational frequency of unconditional love.

Here and now, it becomes natural to transmute lower energies into higher ones. And those who try to cause triggers are immediately bounced out of your field by the resonance of your heart frequency.

The vibrational frequency the heart emits is a large electromagnetic field that cannot be seen by most, but is felt by all with whom you come in contact with. When the vibrational frequency of unconditional love emits from the heart anything that is not within the same alignment backs up and goes away. Anything that is in this alignment is attracted to you like a light beckon flashing on a lighthouse in a vast sea of darkness. Continue reading “Raising Your Frequency And Aligning With The Soul Star Chakra”

Mysterious Hum From Deep Inside The Earth Revealed: Scientists Have NO IDEA What It Actually Is!

earthAlex Thomas – It has long been known that the Earth continually generates a low-frequency vibration signal, with attempts at recording the “hum” going back to at least 1959 while finally been conclusively proven in 1998 despite the fact that scientists have no idea what is actually causing it.

Now, for the first time ever, scientists have actually measured the hum using seismic instruments placed at the bottom of the ocean.

“The researchers first gathered data from 57 seismometer stations located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar, between 2012 and 2013,” the United Kingdom’s Mirror newspaper reported. Continue reading “Mysterious Hum From Deep Inside The Earth Revealed: Scientists Have NO IDEA What It Actually Is!”

432 Hertz and the Suppression of Pythagorean Mathematics

rodinAnthony Tyler – Many people today have heard about the scientific explanations that quantum theory provides – such as the vibratory densities of all physical objects, showing that in a very real sense, the physical reality that encapsulates the human experience is nothing more than one large vibratory collage – a song with infinite variety. Hence the common explanation given from the Book of John, “In the beginning, there was the Word…”

While there are a lot of individuals who simply think, “Wow, what a cool idea this is”, and leave it at that, there are more deeply probing, inquisitive minds that have begun pondering more fundamental questions that this proposes, such as: If life is a song, then what is its tuning? And if there is a tuning, then how does a human determine what it is – and can we tune ourselves to this key signature?  Continue reading “432 Hertz and the Suppression of Pythagorean Mathematics”