A Full Moon of Powerful Connection & Evolutionary Creativity

VenusLeslie Benson – The Aquarius Full Moon of August, taking place in the early morning of August 15th for the west coast, later for the east coast and Europe, sheds light on the full spectrum of our heart’s connections and longings.

The Sun and Venus in close conjunction in the bright and bold sign of Leo offers illumination on our core values and how we are living in or out of accordance with them. In fact, there is a full on “personal planet party” happening in Leo for this Full Moon, as the Sun, Venus, Mars, and now Mercury are all there.

All of the personal planets but the Moon stacked in the same sign heighten our awareness of this area of the Zodiac, so that all of this Leo activity reminds us of both our amazing capacity in being seen and shining our inner light brightly, as well as our fears around that, and encourages an influx of creativity to find our way into a more fully expressed version of ourselves.

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The Magic Is Us

15th August 2019: Full Moon in 23rd degree of Aquarius

mindSarah Varcas – This Full Moon in Aquarius is poised to blow some old beliefs out of the water. With its ruler, Uranus, having turned retrograde on 11th August and now squaring Mercury, it illuminates how our mind works and the power it holds.

This moon reminds us we don’t have to believe a single thought or subscribe to any belief unless we choose to. And we must choose with great care, for what occupies our mind also shapes our life. If we can simply sit in silent witness of all our mental meanderings at this moon, we can create the space around our thoughts which allows us to just be: watching them without believing them. Assessing their value before committing to them. Continue reading “The Magic Is Us”

High Stakes: Astrology Forecast 16th -23rd June 2019

full moonLorna Bevan – A heads up! This is a period of increasing tension, volatility and intensity activated by multiple important planetary alignments. First on Monday 17th there is a doozy of a Full Moon right on the Galactic Center whose seismic window is active until the end of the week. Secondly Mercury and Mars both exactly oppose Pluto on the 19th.

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Sagittarius full moon aligns with Galactic Center 6/17/19

full moonLena Stevens – Take this day and focus forward on what your larger more expansive dreams may be. Optimism and a higher vibration is key to working with the energies available at this moon time. Creative thinking about how to restructure, reinvent, re-appropriate, recycle and adapt should be part of your focus during this time. Don’t look back unless in gratitude. Look forward, up and beyond limitations and get inspired with what could be instead of fretting about what isn’t.

This is a community rich time to be with others on the same page and the same vibration. Pick and choose carefully as you don’t want to put energy into relationships that only bring you down. It may be time to clean house. Above all else be positive around the opportunities you can create for yourself in the future.


Gemini New Moon Cycle ~ June 3-July 1

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Full Moon was Saturday, May 18, 2019

full moonLena Stevens – Use the portal of this full moon to experience something more fully. Take time to become more aware, expand your senses, your intuition, and reach for more beauty joy and love. What attachment that keeps you small and limited will you have to give up to reach this new level?

It is a great time for community exchanges, sharing ideas, and getting inspired by possibilities and opportunities. Beware of extreme idealism or getting lost is dreamy theory. Expansion and thinking outside the box is great but reel it in to something more practical so it can take hold as the seed that needs to be firmly planted in the soil. It is still important to be grounded and work with the earth, being fed by the very real energy of nature. Gratitude!


Astrological Notes

Scorpio Full Moon

Sun in Taurus ~ Moon in Scorpio 27º

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