Full Moon In Aries: Change & Renewal

full moonCarmen Di Luccio – We are having a Full Moon in Aries which will be exact on October 13th at 9:08pm Universal Time. It will appear the fullest that night for the majority of the world, and on the night of the 12th for those in Hawaii.

This is the peak of the Lunar cycle which began two weeks prior with a New Moon in Libra. The energies of it build up as the Moon increases its light and are strongest in the days before and after. However, it will still be a part of the backdrop over the following two weeks.

Full Moon’s are a period in which we feel a push-pull between two opposing signs, in this case being the Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra. It can reflect either a conflict or integration of both signs. Continue reading “Full Moon In Aries: Change & Renewal”

Choices Have Consequences

13 October – Full Moon 20° Aries
14 October – Sun square Pluto
15 October – Mercury trine Neptune
17 October – Sun opposite Eris
18 October – Venus trine Node of Fate
20 October – Sun conjunct Haumea

full moonLorna Bevan – On Sunday 13th the week starts with one of the most powerful Full Moons of 2019 whose seismic ripples will last through to at least Wednesday 16th.

20°Aries Full Moon October 13 2019
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The Chandra Symbol for the Aries Full Moon: An Empty Courtyard.

“Nothing is left. Reality is scattered. Self-obliterated. The familiar rendered irrelevant. Apocalyptic changes, personal and collective, take over. No being, only action.

You become a projectile of intent, literally identifying with what you can do now. A barren wasteland of an inner world. A thrust outside. Stark and surreal.
Continue reading “Choices Have Consequences”

Renewing the Future

Full moon in 21st degree of Aries 13th October 2019 21:09 UT

changeSarah Varcas – Close to Eris and squared by Pluto, this is an intense moon which highlights the power struggles that can readily occur in the course of everyday life. With Mars now journeying through Libra and Mercury preparing to turn retrograde in Scorpio at the month end, relationships may be up in the air, challenging us to greater clarity of communication and more penetrating honesty.

Difficult issues and disagreements previously side-stepped will become impossible to avoid as pressure is piled on to deal with the elephant in the room. Whilst this may augur a stressful time, difficult conversations had now will pay dividends in the long run when greater understanding flourishes from what may at first be a deep divide. Continue reading “Renewing the Future”

Under intense pressure

6 October – Sun square Node of Fate
7 October – Sun square Saturn | Sun sextile Great Attractor | Mercury opposite Uranus
8 October – Venus enters Scorpio
9 October – Mars opposite Chiron
11 October – Mercury enters Shadow
12 October – Venus opposite Uranus
13 October – Full Moon 20° Aries | Mars conjunct Super Galactic Centre

full moonLorna Bevan – Keep in mind that October is a month when Change with a capital C will be obvious. In the 3D world, Trump’s impeachment gathers momentum plus the Federal Bank has had to step in to save a dollar cash crisis; Brexit is coming to a culmination and severing links to the EU; the Hong Kong/China uprising; the Saudi oilfields blown apart; the North Korean missile launches……

In 5D, it’s the switch point from the long Jupiter/Neptune cycle of disinformation, fake news and chaotic confusion to the intensifying Saturn /Pluto cycle of harsh reality, structural collapse and polarized knee-jerk reactions and power plays. Two very different energy currents are colliding, plunging us into ever deeper waters. Continue reading “Under intense pressure”