Full Moon 5-29-18 Update

The Full Moon is Tuesday May 29 at 8:19 AM (USA Mountain time)

full moon
Sunset Over Avon Lake, Ohio – Photo by Heather

Lena Stevens – It is a good time for reflection, commitment, maturity, honesty and a true honoring of self. Coming on the heels of an introspective, creative and inspired time, this full moon invites us to make a commitment to a new alignment of our values and the intentions that have come out of that alignment.

Pace yourself with whatever energy you have and match your enthusiasm with the rhythm of what is showing up in your life. If it is slow and nourishing, then be slow and go with the flow. If it is greatly energized and accelerated, then step up to meet it. Align yourself to what is showing up and think of life as being effortless instead of a struggle.

These times have brought crises, sudden change, tragedy, shock, challenge and many opportunities for doing things differently, some still yet to be revealed. While holding a compassionate container for the difficulties you and others may be going through, it is also important to keep your eye on the bigger picture and to keep the energy moving forward.

Whatever you can do to continue clearing the past and realigning the future is most helpful right now. And remember to trust your intuition. It is the best reality check you have.


Astrological notes

Sagittarius Full Moon

Sun in Gemini ~ Moon in Sagittarius 8º

Tuesday, May 29, 8:19 AM Mountain Daylight Time

(Tuesday, May 29, 2:19 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

Patricia Liles – Let the Sagittarius Full Moon help shift you into a positive frame of mind.  We can use a boost after the mid-May New Moon intensity.  When the outer, transpersonal planets change signs, we feel it!  Thank goodness it doesn’t happen that often as energetically we have to realign to the new frequency of their expression, i.e. Aries to Taurus; fire to earth sign in the case of Uranus’ recent movement. Continue reading “Full Moon 5-29-18 Update”


wesakGillian MacBeth Louthan – As these energies push and pull us in every direction we are recalibrated into a higher alertness. this cosmic re-sculpting can have a great wear and tear on the human body, electrical system, mind and spirit.

Like a million piece puzzle we seek to see a picture of the new us, but alas the puzzle box has no portrait to help us find our lost pieces. We are all looking a little strewn about as the command is ‘change now! Or get caught up in the whirlwind of this cosmic shift.

Humanity is no longer driving the holy car thru the heavenly configurations. We stand on the edge of the future, scraping ourselves from the past like barnacles on a boat in the shipyard. Not seeing in totality that which is birthing itself right in front of our eyes.

This powerful bull-fed month gives us the stamina ti move out of the confusion into a place a momentary peace, and in that moment we can remember and embrace all layers of our light as it is issued thru time, seeing the fullness of ourselves.   Continue reading “Recalibration”

Celebrating Wesak          

[Wesak Full Moon] is the holiest day of the year, the most important Spiritual Festival and the high point of the entire year.  At the time of this powerful Full Moon, both the Buddha and the Christ come forth to initiate those that are ready into the next level of their spiritual evolution, which brings forth an awareness of their part in the Divine Plan to bring about Heaven on Earth and the New Earth. ~ The Councils of Ascended Masters

full moonThe Wesak Festival is a great spiritual event, which has a powerful effect upon everyone. Its influence has always been there, but unknown to the majority of humanity. At the time of Wesak, two great streams of spiritual energy—one focused through the Buddha and the other focused through the Christ–are fused and blended, and released to humanity.

The Wesak Festival offers a great spiritual opportunity for you. Great expansion of your consciousness is possible, which is not possible at other times. The wonder of your own divinity, the beauty of the divine in every one, and your part of the Plan for ascension into the New Earth is revealed more clearly. Continue reading “Celebrating Wesak          “

Full Moon is Sunday, April 29th at 6:58pm Mountain Daylight Time

full moonLena Stevens – This is an intense full moon with energy similar to an eclipse. It is an extremely important time to be mindful of your reactions and to take responsibility for them. If you are triggered in any way, you have an opportunity to look at those deep patterns that may be coming to the surface and work through them with focused and disciplined intention. Get help if you need it.

On the other side of this personal inner crisis energy is the support for expansion and the possibility of moving into something new and different.  This is also a good day for gratitude and honor as you celebrate all of your accomplishments up to this point in your life without being attached to how they have defined you.  Allow this full moon to support you in creating new intentions for redefining who you are.


Astrological notes

Scorpio Full Moon

Sun in Taurus ~ Moon in Scorpio 9º

Sunday, April 29, 6:58 PM Mountain Daylight Time

(Monday, April 30 12:58 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

Patricia Liles – Scorpio’s Full Moon gifts can be plentiful ~ alignment with the feminine mysteries, diving deep, dying to the past, finding renewal, and powerful life force energy releasing when shadowy subconscious material is brought into the light where it can be named.  These are gifts we may be challenged to receive this Full Moon.  Where Scorpio, Pluto and the 8th house live is where your shamanic abilities to engage the invisible world lie. Continue reading “Full Moon is Sunday, April 29th at 6:58pm Mountain Daylight Time”