Transcending Our Limitations From Within

full moonSimon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone – The energy of the New Year’s Full Moon in Cancer asked us to reflect on the new sense of self identity our ongoing process of reorientation has engendered. As we shed our old skins, it invited contemplation not only of how we identify ourselves but also how we embody the purest representation of our true unique self and shine our authentic light into the outside world.

Now, as the energy of yesterday’s New Moon begins to ebb, the alignments of the new lunar cycle present us with the impetus to truly understand an unavoidable fact of our reality; one which often challenges our sense of self identity — that all forms and structures, by their impermanent nature, will inevitably collapse upon themselves.

Let’s look at the energy patterns of the Full Moon and the energies that will shape our evolution during this current lunar cycle.

Uranus in Aries square Venus, the Sun and the Moon in Capricorn

Continuing the overall story of humanity’s rapid evolution, it comes as no surprise that the shifts we are busy processing right now relate to our concepts of limitation to liberation. Continue reading “Transcending Our Limitations From Within”

January 2018 Energy Report

10Jennifer Hoffman – While I am glad that 2017 is over and very excited about this new year and its 11 vibration, I am equally excited about how many people I saw awakening in the last four months of 2017. In January we have strong support for a big start on the fulfillment of this mastery year, with two full moons, an eclipse, the end of Mercury’s retrograde shadow, and no retrograde planets. The ride is still wild but we know what to do and we’re in charge of the energy flows with our boundaries and intentions.

January starts off with a supermoon full moon and Uranus goes direct. After the 11th, once Mercury fully recovers its shadow retrograde, we have no retrograde planets until early March. So we have all of the energy of our solar system moving forward with us. That’s good news because we have a lot of work to do, starting this month, to work with and expand the energy potential of 2018. Continue reading “January 2018 Energy Report”

Full Moon Update 1-1-18

Lena Stevens – Wishing you all a New Year of good health and vitality, spiritual growth, prosperity on all levels, joy, inspiration, wisdom and great amounts of love!

The Full Moon is Monday January 1 at 7:24 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

full moonIt is considered a Super Moon which enhances its power to influence whatever you are putting your energy into. We suggest spending some good intentional time and using your emotions, intuition and imagination to set your dreams and desires for the coming year if you have not already done so. If you have, then spend a bit of time either expanding your imagination of what is possible or trying those dreams on energetically.

This is also a very good time to set specific intentions of how you wish and need to serve yourself in the coming weeks and months. This is a year of service and service needs to start with you personally. If you can’t serve yourself, you cannot be of support and service to others. This is a nurturing moon that will inspire you to clean your nest, do your laundry, and focus on how to make your home environment more supportive to you this year. Remember it does not all have to get done today, but you can still set concrete intentions of what you wish to see happen in the coming year. Continue reading “Full Moon Update 1-1-18”

December 2017 Energy Report

intuitionJennifer Hoffman – It’s the final month of 2017 and if we look back on the past 11 months we have a lot to celebrate, it has been quite a wild ride with lots of progress. When I hear thousands of people say ‘mass awakening’ to describe what they see happening in the world, I know we have succeeded greatly. Now we can use the energy of December to prepare for 2018, representing another level of master as it’s an 11 year. So it’s not surprising that the energy themes for December is grounding, which is transcension, alignment, and integration, and serenity, which is clarity and the state of being ‘composed’. Continue reading “December 2017 Energy Report”

Full Moon is Sunday, December 3 at 8:46AM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

full moonLena Stevens – This Super Moon is an opportunity for a good reality check and a time to tell the truth about what you know to be true, not what someone else tells you is true, but what you, yourself know. It is a good day to discuss and share dreams of the future, intentions, solutions to problems, and everything you can imagine for yourself. A full moon is always expansive. Use the expansiveness to fuel your imagination and creativity but do not get scattered.

As the theme for December is upgrade, this is also a good time to make an inventory of what you wish to upgrade. The decisions to change something in your life will use this full moon energy to take hold and begin the process. Try not to spend time in frustration or disappointment in self or others as you make your list.

Be neutral. Negative feelings about what needs to change are never useful. Think instead about how fabulous the upgrade will be. Spend some time in nature today and begin putting some practices in place to open your senses. Continue reading “Full Moon is Sunday, December 3 at 8:46AM Mountain Standard Time (MST).”

Oracle Report Wednesday, September 6, 2017 – X2 Solar Flare and X10 Solar Flare

Update:  An X9.3-class solar flare was released at 8:02 am ET/12:02 pm UT at 17 Pisces “an Easter promenade” (the line of rebirth).

Full Moon in Pisces: clarity, revelations

solar flareSun: 15 Virgo – “a fine lace ornamental handkerchief”

True Alignments: sympathetic, secure/security, attentive, feeling loved, taking care, tokens of love

Catalysts for Change:  fabricating/falsifying, overly-needy, attention-seeking behavior, lack of care or protection

Earth: 15 Pisces – “an officer drilling his men in simulated attack”

True Alignments:  preparation, protection, practice makes perfect, leadership, taking a cue or direction

Catalysts for Change:  power/control/authority issues, provoking, pushy, fearful (full of fear)

Laura Walker – The Sun released an X2-class flare today at 5:10 am ET/9:10 am UT.  This is the first X-class flare since May 2015.

We look to the degree of the Moon at the time of the flare to understand the nature of the energetic on humanity.  When the flare was released, the Moon was located at 15 Pisces 03, or the Sabian symbol energetic of 16 Pisces – “in a quiet moment, a creative individual experiences the flow of inspiration.”  Prepare to receive incoming inspiration. Continue reading “Oracle Report Wednesday, September 6, 2017 – X2 Solar Flare and X10 Solar Flare”