Under intense pressure

6 October – Sun square Node of Fate
7 October – Sun square Saturn | Sun sextile Great Attractor | Mercury opposite Uranus
8 October – Venus enters Scorpio
9 October – Mars opposite Chiron
11 October – Mercury enters Shadow
12 October – Venus opposite Uranus
13 October – Full Moon 20° Aries | Mars conjunct Super Galactic Centre

full moonLorna Bevan – Keep in mind that October is a month when Change with a capital C will be obvious. In the 3D world, Trump’s impeachment gathers momentum plus the Federal Bank has had to step in to save a dollar cash crisis; Brexit is coming to a culmination and severing links to the EU; the Hong Kong/China uprising; the Saudi oilfields blown apart; the North Korean missile launches……

In 5D, it’s the switch point from the long Jupiter/Neptune cycle of disinformation, fake news and chaotic confusion to the intensifying Saturn /Pluto cycle of harsh reality, structural collapse and polarized knee-jerk reactions and power plays. Two very different energy currents are colliding, plunging us into ever deeper waters. Continue reading “Under intense pressure”

High Stakes: Astrology Forecast 16th -23rd June 2019

full moonLorna Bevan – A heads up! This is a period of increasing tension, volatility and intensity activated by multiple important planetary alignments. First on Monday 17th there is a doozy of a Full Moon right on the Galactic Center whose seismic window is active until the end of the week. Secondly Mercury and Mars both exactly oppose Pluto on the 19th.

Thirdly, on the 20th Mercury enters his retrograde shadow just before the Solstice when the Sun enters Cancer, activating the world axis, as Neptune slows to station retrograde. And all of it in the July eclipse wormhole! You could describe it as a perfect storm. Continue reading “High Stakes: Astrology Forecast 16th -23rd June 2019”

Galactic Center Gateway

solsticeMeg Benedicte – Arriving on Monday, June 17th, is the Full moon at 25° Sagittarius, located at the event horizon of a supermassive black hole at the galactic center.  The Sagittarian Full Moon initiates a powerful week of transformational events that catapult us to the next level of our expansion. Full moons act as catalysts that purge and clear outdated energy from our lives. The galactic center is a spiraling vortex of creative energy – the Great Central Sun of the divine monad.

During Solstice week while the gateway portal is open, you have direct access to God Source – to superconsciousness. Your pineal antenna is becoming attuned to the original home star of god source, where all life is birthed. As you evolve, your Transpersonal Channel opens to spiritual guidance and knowing. Your entire existence is morphing into the blueprint of crystallization. Embrace the photonic light from the Great Central Sun. Continue reading “Galactic Center Gateway”

Stargate Open To Zero Point Field – 12:12 Global Intentions

zeroMeg Benedicte – This Monday, December 12th marks the annual Ascension opening of the cosmic stargate at the Galactic Center, located at 26 degrees Sagittarius. Every year the solar system receives an infusion of divine Light Consciousness streaming from the galactic Zero Point Field while the stargate is open until the Solstice event on December 21st .

Recognized as a powerful potential energy source, the galactic Zero Point field operates as a Universal Mind that influences how matter is formed. It is called the God Matrix, the source of genesis in our universe. Within the unifying force of the phi spiral, human DNA is coded to ‘remember’ all at Zero Point. As the conscious mind evolves towards reaching enlightenment, the Zero Point field plays a vital role influencing the future outcome of the material world.

During the Ascension process we are transcending Duality of opposites and creating a coherent state of connection and integration of our particle self and anti-particle self. The unifying principle of Zero Point assists with neutralizing all polarized forces into a harmonious state of Oneness. For the next 2 weeks take advantage of the galactic alignment with Zero Point to enhance internal unification of all aspects of your divine being. This creates a window in time for accelerated Ascension upgrades!

When we tap into the creative force of Source pulsing at Zero Point, we reach across time/space/dimensions to access the God Seed atom of pure life force. The vibrant God Matrix of Christed Light operates like a dynamic primordial soup of popping virtual particles, waiting for conscious connection. With our focused participation, we are able to directly influence the formation of the new paradigm.

Continue reading “Stargate Open To Zero Point Field – 12:12 Global Intentions”

Oracle Report ~ Thursday, June 23, 2016

Galactic Waves

Full Moon in Aquarius: clarity, realizations

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Bagalamukhi, Goddess Who Destroys Illusions

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Ian, God of the East

Skill: go slowly; double check or make certain before making choices

True Alignments:  success, innovation, open minded, evolving understanding, growth, true leadership, ability to adjust, inclusion, truth revealed, adventure

Catalysts for Change: shocks, difficulty adapting to changes, lured off or tricked, restrictive perspective, self sabotage, suppressing, insincere, secret motivations

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month:  “a woman activist in an emotional speech dramatizing her cause”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery”

Today is the last day of the “Solstice Full Moon” phase, which has been quite a powerhouse, not only because it was the Solstice at the time of the Full Moon, but also because the Full Moon occurred as a conjunction with the Galactic Center.

Higher levels of consciousness continue to stream important information to us on the last day of the “open channel” of the Full Moon phase.

With this framework in mind, here are the energetics in effect today to further the Solstice Galactic Center Full Moon phase’s mission: Continue reading “Oracle Report ~ Thursday, June 23, 2016”