Gemstones And Spirituality- How The Two Are Interconnected?

gemstonesAditi Aggarwal – The pristine beauty and charm of gemstones make them the most desirable object on the earth.  It is not really hard to understand why the gemstones are so admirable and highly valued. Actually, they are the crystals made of rare minerals having spiritual powers. Every crystal has some spiritual values involved in it. The intensity of mineral concentration and its power is the virtue possessed by every gemstone. Crystals having a large proportion of healing powers are rated much higher than those which have lesser power.

Gemstones are connected to the earth and it is assumed that they are made from the same material as our soul. The value of a gemstone is evaluated on the basis of its influence that lifts the spirit. Since ancient times, gemstones are the primary source of spirituality to heal the body and mind. Also, these precious stones are worn by the people to get benefits of various planets which are short in birth chart and affecting their lifestyle. Continue reading “Gemstones And Spirituality- How The Two Are Interconnected?”

Living in Other People’s Energies

energySandy Brightman – Are your emotions and attitudes your own? What about your energy levels, mental focus or illnesses? Are you being bombarded by other people’s energies, even from the past?

We are all being influenced energetically on a daily basis from outside, unseen forces. These forces can be from natural earth energies, such as water lines, fault lines, geomagnetic lines or ley lines (collectively called ‘geopathic stress’), energy from other people, man-made frequencies such as EMFs, microwaves or radio waves and stored frequencies in the land, house or objects.

These subtle energies can be positive or negative; they can be new or very, very old. Age does not weaken them, however geopathic stress can be balanced, EMFs can be shielded and stored energies can be removed altogether. Continue reading “Living in Other People’s Energies”