America Before The Lost Civilization & Global Cataclysm [Video]

HancockAlexandra BruceGraham Hancock joins Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt at a live event in Cambridge, Massachusetts to discuss his latest book, America Before and the arc of his career, exploring the mysteries of extreme antiquity.

Hancock was working as a journalist for The Economist at their office in Nairobi, Kenya when an assignment took him to Axum, Ethiopia. It was there he was told that the original Ark of the Covenant was stored under heavy guard by a local Christian chapel. The investigation of this intriguing claim set him on the adventure he’s been on ever since.

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Graham Hancock Finally Solves Riddle Of Lost Civilizations [Video]

Alexandra BruceGraham Hancock says that enough studies have been done at this point for him to conclude that a series of cometary impacts that occurred between 11,600-12,800 years ago were the cause of a mass extinction event. In the work of Hancock and others, including Dr. Victor Clube, retired Dean of the Astrophysics Department at Oxford and former astronomer at the Royal Observatory, as well as Dr. Richard Firestone of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, in California.

These and others believe that the collapse of several Bronze Age civilizations in the Fertile Crescent was caused by meteoric impacts from the breakup of a larger body that is today known as Comet Encke and its accompanying Taurid complex, a stream of matter that is the largest in the inner Solar System.

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Why ‘The War On Consciousness’ Was Banned [Video]

Alexandra BruceGraham Hancock explains that his and Rupert Sheldrake’s TEDTalks were infamously banned not because they were “unscientific” but because they challenged a “Dogma of a particular faction of science,” the materialist reductionists, who control the official scientific narrative of the UK and of TED; ; people, like Sir Richard Dawkins, who believe that consciousness is a random series of chemical reactions in the brain, etc.

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My Discoveries Are Lethal to Academia [Video]

Alexandra Bruce – This is a powerful talk by Graham Hancock, in which he sums up his lifework and establishes his case for a global civilization which preceded the end of the last Ice Age.

The evidence for this survives in the legends that come down to us from ancient civilizations all over the world, describing global floods. Modern geologists agree that these did occur at the end of the last Ice Age. Evidence for a global civilization also survives in old maps, which were brought back to Europe during the 12th century, based on much older maps likely stored at the ancient Library of Alexandria.

There’s a lot more, all of it very interesting, delivered with charm and humor and a must-see for Hancock fans and fans of the mysteries of our ancient history.

SF Source Forbidden Knowledge TV Dec. 2016

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