Forget About Gratitude, Try Appreciation Instead

appreciationJennifer Hoffman – I have never liked the idea of being grateful for my terrible life experiences. It has always felt inauthentic to express how grateful I am for the things I wish had never happened to me.

How can I be grateful for the pain, misery, challenges, and life disruptions when I really wanted the opposite? Gratitude works in 3D because it repeats karmic and pain cycles but we need a new process to move into 5D expansion and creation. So it’s time to replace gratitude with its higher energy expression, appreciation. (an audio podcast of this article is available at the end of the article). Continue reading “Forget About Gratitude, Try Appreciation Instead”

Gratitude Makes It Easier To Move On

gratitudePolly Green – Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity…it makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. ~Melody Beattie

Yesterday, while praying in the Ganges River, my purse got stolen.

Standing in The Holy River Ganges, praying up to my neck in her healing waters, the outside world felt as if it had stopped.

The feeling of happiness to be back in Rishikesh was so strong it bordered on invincible. Instant immersion into the healing waters of Maa Ganga was the only thing on my mind. Continue reading “Gratitude Makes It Easier To Move On”

Signs You’re An Earth Angel

earth angelMelanie Beckler – What is an Earth Angel? What to do and how to know if you are one…

The simple truth is that at the core level, we are all spiritual beings of light. There are however certain souls with certain characteristics making up what the Archangels call ‘Earth Angels’.

So Wait… What are Earth Angels?

Really, all souls originate from the same Divine Source, but there are many different paths and paradigms souls can take which shape their characteristics, missions, and even personalities.

Earth Angels are people whose soul origins are from beyond Earth, and who have spent a great deal of time in the higher spiritual dimensions of love and light. Continue reading “Signs You’re An Earth Angel”

Practices For Nurturing Happiness

happinessThich Nhat Hanh – We all want to be happy and there are many books and teachers in the world that try to help people be happier. Yet we all continue to suffer. Therefore, we may think that we’re “doing it wrong.” Somehow we are “failing at happiness.” That isn’t true.

Being able to enjoy happiness doesn’t require that we have zero suffering. In fact, the art of happiness is also the art of suffering well. When we learn to acknowledge, embrace, and understand our suffering, we suffer much less. Not only that, but we’re also able to go further and transform our suffering into understanding, compassion, and joy for ourselves and for others.

One of the most difficult things for us to accept is that there is no realm where there’s only happiness and there’s no suffering. This doesn’t mean that we should despair. Suffering can be transformed. As soon as we open our mouth to say “suffering,” we know that the opposite of suffering is already there as well. Where there is suffering, there is happiness. Continue reading “Practices For Nurturing Happiness”

Qualities of Truly Happy People

happy peoplePaul Lenda – Everyone wants to be happy. One of the three inalienable rights stated in the US constitution is the pursuit of happiness. We all want to be happy, yet more people than ever are sad. What is going on? Wasn’t capitalism supposed to help us pursue happiness?

People pursue pleasure and things which titillate their senses, yet research has found that pursuing pleasure doesn’t lead to any long-lasting fulfillment or happiness. If you are already fulfilled by being involved in something meaningful and engaging in your life, this can be a nice extra touch of sweetness to your life. However, if it is the primary path you take to find happiness, you will soon notice it is more of a bottomless void that will require you to keep feeding it hedonistic pleasures. Continue reading “Qualities of Truly Happy People”