Martin Armstrong Says The Reset Is Communism [Video]

this reset is communismAlexandra Bruce – Controversial economic forecaster, Martin Armstrong joins Greg Hunter on Armstrong’s computer model was one of the few that predicted Brexit – and two years ago, it also predicted that this year’s US presidential election would be the most corrupt in American history.

He says, “The computer doesn’t ask my opinion or anybody else’s, it just goes on the numbers; from the economic data and it’s never been wrong.” And some of the information he’s receiving suggests that as many as 38 million fraudulent votes were cast for Biden.

He says, “This is – it’s just beyond description. I mean, the level of corruption in this and it’s all to basically take over the Government. And you heard Pelosi coming out, saying that, ‘Oh, we now have a mandate to change the economy’…I personally think that we need a Constitutional Amendment that says that the economic system cannot be changed without a two-thirds majority vote, period. This is ridiculous. Continue reading “Martin Armstrong Says The Reset Is Communism [Video]”

Trump and Pompeo Confirm Our Way Forward [Video]

treasonAlexandra Bruce – If you haven’t gotten it yet, this election and everything that we’ve been seeing for the past 4 years is not really about Trump. It’s about the central banking cabal aka the Globalists and Trump’s disruption of their stranglehold on the US.

On Monday, we saw Boris Johnson congratulate Biden’s presidential win – and in the same breath, he said he looked forward to working together on “Climate Change”.

Climate Change is code for the “Great Reset”, “Green New Deal”, “Agenda 21”, “New World Order”, etc. It is the Globalists’ scheme to impose the China Model of total censorship, social credit, vaccine passports, digital currency and the taxation of all corporations to finance so-called “green” energy initiatives that cannot replace fossil fuels. Continue reading “Trump and Pompeo Confirm Our Way Forward [Video]”