Zero Point To Wake Up From The Dream

consciousnessRamona Lappin – Super high dimensional frequencies, plasmas and cosmic rays are re-encrypting and healing our bodies and realities to higher vibrational alignment, and keep flowing in. we are requiring extra rest and support for the body vessel right now, as we’re also still integrating a lot from the energies received during the period of the Lion’s Gate.

We’ve quantum leaped huuuuge and collapsed a massive amount of artificial timelines, especially apocalyptic ones, and massive amounts of lower density, energies, entities, frequencies and consciousness. all to allow for our divine blueprints, DNA and diamond solar plasma light bodies and planetary upgrades and realignments to take place. Continue reading “Zero Point To Wake Up From The Dream”

Stairway to Heaven

consciousnessOwen K Waters – There is a stairway to heaven. It leads through the heavenly realms of the afterlife and continues even further, all the way to the ultimate state of consciousness from which the universe sprang into existence.

Infinite Being, the ultimate source of all things, created a universe of infinite diversity, of infinite parts of the whole. As humanity, we are the adventurers who projected ourselves into physical experience in order to bring deeper focus into our experience. Our purpose in the physical realm of consciousness is to gain a sharply-defined sense of identity and to grow from there. Continue reading “Stairway to Heaven”

Follow the Impulses of your Soul

awarenessKate Spreckley – Becoming familiar with our inner reality creates a safe space for us to explore and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. With this understanding we are better equipped and ready to show up in our lives from a place confidence, creativity, and passion. With the continued clash of the old and the new awareness of ourselves and our inner motivations is what will support us overcoming the obstacles we face.

Many are feeling frustrated by continual challenges and yet if we use these challenges as catalysts for change, we can find innovative and new solutions to old problems.

Continue reading “Follow the Impulses of your Soul”

The Twists and Turns Of Growth and Change

weight lossCheryl Richardson – I stepped off the scale and stared at the lever pointing to the numbers reflecting my new weight. How long have I dreamt about this moment, I thought to myself? Months? Years? What made me stop wasting time on diets that ignored the truth of what was needed to finally feel at peace in my own skin?

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’ve done to move into a body that feels like home and the truth is the journey has been complex and multi-dimensional. There are no magic answers or quick fixes, as most of us eventually come to realize. Instead, it’s a slow, thoughtful process of learning to love yourself through the twists and turns of growth and change. Continue reading “The Twists and Turns Of Growth and Change”

Signs You’re Becoming The Person You Are Supposed To Be

personEvelyn Jozsa – One of our greatest missions in life is to become the person we are supposed to be and to connect to our higher selves. This journey begins with a conscious awakening and leads us to an improved personality. Often times this journey is confusing and there is no clear evidence of evolution. Sometimes there is just the feeling that there is something more, something unreachable, outside our shattered world.

Before I realized who I am supposed to be I felt like I am stuck in an endless loop of uncertainty. I thought that everything happens against me, and not for me. It took me a while to become aware of the fact that some of the things I have experienced were getting me closer to the person I am supposed to be. Continue reading “Signs You’re Becoming The Person You Are Supposed To Be”