True Healing: Beyond “Managing”, “Treating” and “Curing” a Disease

Healing vs curing: there is a difference. Healing takes into account the energetic and holographic nature of our body and reality.

Makia Freeman – True healing and true health are deep concepts which by their very definition imply oneness and unity (the word heal is etymologically derived from various words such as the Old English hælan meaning “to make whole”).

True healing includes the many levels within you beyond just the physical – the integration of the emotional, sexual, mental, spiritual and other selves or layers. True healing is far beyond just “managing”, “treating” and “curing” disease, which Big Pharma and its lapdog the FDA like to focus so exclusively upon.

Western medicine has its place in society as an excellent tool for specialized surgical or other emergency interventions – however it came into being from the Rockefeller-Big Pharma cartel, whose business model thrives on repeat customers who can’t get off the hamster wheel of drug after drug after drug. Continue reading “True Healing: Beyond “Managing”, “Treating” and “Curing” a Disease”

How To Find Healing That Lasts

healingMary O’Malley – How would your life change if you trusted that your challenges are a part of your journey home – back to yourself and back to life – instead of feeling that your challenges are here because you have done something wrong or you are being punished or God fell asleep on the job? What would happen if your illness, your difficult relationship, your demanding boss, your compulsions, and maybe even your troublesome pet were showing up in your life to help you heal?

The healing you long for comes when you discover how to play the warmer, warmer/colder, colder game. Remember that game from your childhood? You hide something and when your friends are searching for it, you say “warmer, warmer” when they come close to where it is hidden, and when they go away from it, you say “colder, colder.” Continue reading “How To Find Healing That Lasts”

Powerful Mantras For Healing

EnergyTanaaz – Everything in this Universe carries a vibration, including the words that you speak.

For centuries, people have used words for healing. Words can be used to share a story, they can be used to pray and they can be used to express a deeper truth.

Another way words can be used for healing is through mantras. Mantras are short, positively inspired phrases that carry a powerful healing vibration and can help to free your body, mind, and soul of any stresses.

The word mantra loosely translates to “instrument of the mind”. This is because mantras have the power to transform your thinking, and rewire thought patterns and belief systems that have been engrained deep within your subconscious.

In traditional practices, it was believed that you had to chant the mantra 125,000 times in order for it to really sink in to the deepest level of your soul. While this may sound daunting, even reciting a mantra a few times over the course of a week or month can have life changing effects. Continue reading “Powerful Mantras For Healing”

Stages Of Spiritual Awakening We All Go Through

healingSimon Segal – Spiritual awakening comes in its own perfect timing and with the purpose to help us advance to the next level of consciousness that will allow us to face new challenges and grow even bigger.

The truth is, everyone wakes up at their own given time, in the right moment, and under the right circumstances. This means that you can’t force someone out of the ‘sleep’ of this dimension unless they are ready to move on to the next level of understanding.

In fact, we never sleep – we are just facing the appropriate reality which vibrates with our consciousness in such a way that we will come across the challenges we need to face. Spiritual awakening just opens up a door to new possibilities and a complete change of the perception we have been used to so far.

So, what are the stages of awakening that we all go through once it starts its course? Continue reading “Stages Of Spiritual Awakening We All Go Through”

Common Ways Of Transmuting Emotional Energies


Michelle Walling, CHLC – Relation-ships are a gift whether you are on the giving end or the receiving end. Being able to share consciousness with another human being is a balancing act. There are 5 common ways of transmuting emotional energies that may cause conflicts within a relationship.

What do you do if you are suddenly the recipient of unwarranted anger or negative emotions? Our innate programming usually leads us to defend ourselves which is a natural deflection and return of these negative energies. One of the ego’s roles is that of protection and this action creates a behavioral pattern that can be broken with awareness and intention.

Continue reading “Common Ways Of Transmuting Emotional Energies”