How A Blocked Root Chakra Impacts You

Sylvia Landa – Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. Chakras are spinning circular energy centers in the body. There are seven main chakras which are aligned vertically along the spinal cord.

The first chakra is the root chakra, also known as the base chakra and muladhara. Muladhara is a Sanskrit word meaning foundation. The root chakra is located at the base of the spine just above the perineum. The color associated with the root chakra is red.

Earth tones like black and brown are also associated with the root chakra. The root chakra rules our foundation in life. The Earth, our family, our “roots”. This energy center rules survival and our primal animalistic fight or flight instincts. The physical body, our shelter, tribe, basic needs and material wealth are also ruled by the root chakra. Continue reading “How A Blocked Root Chakra Impacts You”

August 2019 Energy Report

healingJennifer Hoffman – We’re moving towards the busy part of the year and I’m not talking about the upcoming holidays, I am referring to the forward movement of the ascension projection as we recover from a challenging Mercury retrograde and move into the setup for the historic Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2020.

August has a strong creative energy and its theme is harmonic balance through energy potential, using the energy inflows and outflows in a concerted, intentional, and deliberate way to create congruence. We’re in new energy, ascension, and transformation territory now, the limitations of the past are slipping away to be replaced with unlimited creative potential. How will we use it and what is possible? Let’s explore what this new month has to offer. Continue reading “August 2019 Energy Report”

Message for August 2019

healingLee-Anne Peters – I trust you’re having a wonderful day and if you’re not, I trust you feel a little comfort and support from this message to you.

July has been an interesting month of reassessment, reprioritizing and getting our act into gear. Some of us saw serious things manifest, and things we’d been concerned about as we started the month may be mostly sorted out now. We enjoyed time off, breakthrough, disappointment, healing and dreams coming true. As we move into the new month many of us are just feeling grateful to have survived.

I’ve laid out some cards for August now – let’s see. Remember this is a guide only.

Here we go… during the first week in August we will likely feel inspired to move in a new direction – take a redirection. This may not be a complete upturn, but more of a refined and efficient path we choose. There is action and movement present this week as we are inspired to close old doors and allow new doors to open now. Continue reading “Message for August 2019”

Bruises or bliss – the power of focus

focusAnn Albers – Three weeks ago I was happily playing in the creek. My broken toe had healed. I had just taken a cool plunge in a 60 degree emerald pool with the bright blue sky above and red rocks towering all around. I was in total bliss, until I watched, somewhat nonplussed, as my five year old self took over my body and mind.

A rock I call “my rock” was vacant! It sits in the center of the creek, carved out with a perfect hollow for my body and plenty of room for my backpack and other stuff. Little waterfalls trickle off to either side creating a sweet and soothing melody. It is idyllic – truly a little piece of heaven! Normally laying on “my rock” would have been just an added bonus on an already beautiful morning. Continue reading “Bruises or bliss – the power of focus”

Cells, Souls, & the good of the Whole

cellsThe Angels – You have more cells in your body than there are people upon your earth.They form a vast and complex civilization. They know that their existence depends upon one another and they work for the good of the whole.

It would be absurd for the heart to say to the toenail, “I am more important than you! Without me the body would die.” If you ask anyone who has lost a toenail, being in heaven due to a failed heart is certainly easier than coping with the pain of losing the nail on earth!

Likewise it would not make any sense at all for the bone to say to the skin, “I am more important! If I break, my person is disabled for several weeks. If you break you heal more easily.” The bone knows that the skin gives it a protective barrier, is more sensitive, and therefore has to heal more quickly.

Continue reading “Cells, Souls, & the good of the Whole”