This Is How A Healthy Mental State Contributes To Outstanding Physical Health

healthMany cultures and early medicine in the past clearly defined mind and body as two separate entities. While this categorized approach isn’t as widespread nowadays, we tend to separate the two on a subconscious level, often times not fully aware of just how interconnected our mind and body truly are.

Recent studies have shown that people with poor mental health, depression, and other psychological factors such as mental illness and psychological disorders are 32% more likely to have died from cancer, and it has been speculated that the increased stress from mental health issues may be linked to an increased risk for hypertension and coronary heart disease.

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Food-Medicines That Could Quite Possibly Save Your Life

healthSayer Ji – Some of the most powerful medicines on the planet are masquerading around as foods and spices. While they do not lend themselves to being patented, nor will multi-billion dollar human clinical trials ever be funded to prove them efficacious, they have been used since time immemorial to both nourish our bodies, and to prevent and treat disease.

So valued were these in ancient times that they were worth their weight in gold, and entire civilizations either rose to great power or collapsed as a result of their relationship to them.

What is even more amazing is that many of these “plant allies” are found growing in our backyards, and often sitting there in our refrigerators and spice racks, neglected and under appreciated. In fact, many of us use these daily unaware that this is why we don’t get sick as often as those who do not incorporate them into their diet. Let’s look at a few examples…. Continue reading “Food-Medicines That Could Quite Possibly Save Your Life”

Improving Your Health? Toss Out These Nutrition Myths

dietEveryone wants to live their healthiest life. Proper nutrition is part of the equation for overall wellness, but the amount of available information can be overwhelming. The internet, social media, and magazines are saturated with information on superfoods, cleanses, and what special diet will help you attain that look. Unfortunately, many of these posts and articles are not based in fact.

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In The Information Age, You Get What You Create

healthPhillip J. Watt – We have never had such a grand opportunity to be healthy, happy and free in our so-called civilized history, especially in the western world. Whilst ideological and debt enslavement are very real types of modern slavery, the information that we can access from the hand-sized library that exists in our pockets or bags can help to emancipate us from our suffering, if we so choose.

And given the marvelous innovation of the internet and the information it stores, the extreme levels of sickness, sadness and stress are a very disturbing reflection of our modern age.

Tribal cultures in many cases lived more wholesomely than the majority of people today. Granted, because they didn’t have access to modern surgery and other technologies the original people’s didn’t live as long, but more often than not they were philosophically and practically wise well beyond our current collective consciousness. Continue reading “In The Information Age, You Get What You Create”

How Exactly Does Sedentarism Affect Your Health?

healthLuke Mitchell – Although the fast food industry is constantly growing, there is a rising interest in its alternatives. People nowadays are becoming more and more aware of their own well-being. For this reason, healthy living is on the rise. The concept has to do with many aspects of daily existence, from nutrition to hobbies and beyond.

The Negative Effects

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