Guide to Heart Chakra Healing

heart chakraAletheia Luna – The heart chakra for thousands of years has been known as the center of love, unity, and balance.

When was the last time you felt open, receptive, forgiving, accepting, generous, and connected to both yourself and other people? This was most likely when your heart chakra was healthy and balanced.

However, if you chronically experience a sense of social isolation, loneliness, resentment, bitterness or fear, you likely have a blocked heart chakra.

There are many causes of a blocked, suppressed or stagnant heart chakra. Some of the most common life experiences that impair the heart chakra include experiencing physical or emotional abuse as a child, being raised by an emotionally cold or narcissistic parent, being denied affection and love growing up, adopting unhealthy societal beliefs surrounding love, and developing self-destructive habits that block the giving and receiving of love.

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Creating Inner Peace

white lightOwen K Waters – In the old tradition, the serious spiritual aspirant would ideally head for a cave and shut themselves inside until they reached some degree of enlightenment. Peace was a by-product of such isolation, partly because the aspirant was no longer in contact with the turmoil being constantly generated by a suffering humanity.

Today, that concept is being overturned for one more heart-centered. In The Shift to higher awareness, the idea of peace has expanded to include its full yin and yang aspects. The passive yin part is the mellow bliss of inner peace, while the active yang part actually spreads peace to those members of humanity who most desperately need its soothing balm. Continue reading “Creating Inner Peace”

Heart Chakra Expansion

heart chakraDjwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. Last week we worked with the Third Eye spinning exercise which is still good to work with. And it’s literally just imagining a vortex in front of the Third Eye that is spinning in one direction then it will spontaneously shift to the other direction and just to kind of keep relaxing the Third Eye in that fashion.

And then this week I want to add in also just a lovely Heart Center. So we want to imagine pretty much the entire chest, kind of in a big pink rose and that the rose is just gently spinning. So again that kind of a vortex motion in the heart Chakra at the same time as you have one in the Third Eye, if you can get them to balance. If not, just focus on the Heart Chakra only and really work with a sense of expansion, like the Chakra itself is just getting larger and larger and larger. That would be our goal for this week.

Alright Dear Ones. As always, thank you and my love to you.

SF Source March 2017

Heart Chakra Activation (Jan 6 2012)

Bill Ballard | January 6 2012

Bill Ballard’s Expression of personal experience (ego) jointly with messages from Higher Self

The Heart Chakra activation is by far the greatest of all the Earth initiations. This is the spiritual transition from the 3-4D world into the 5th Dimension. It is the beginning step into ascended mastery, which, when taken and anchored, makes the individual a beginner ascended master. It marks the transition from the exterior world of ego ~ fear ~ (head) into the interior world of love ~ trust ~ (heart), which is a never-ending and eternal journey into who you truly are.

I have channeled other messages from my Higher Self (which in truth I now embody). But to explain the journey of my transition and transfiguration I must return to a personal experience I had. I am in “both worlds” as I tell this experience, as it does require me to return to a time when I was in my state of change.

As I look back to what happened to me I now realize that from each stage of my development I see things from my past in different ways, understanding more of the experience as I grow. This allows me to describe what it was in many different ways, and in ways I did not see even a year ago. Also, there are many persons activating their heart chakras now, and each has a different story. I am quite sure the old statement is true, that there are as many different ways to activate – climbing that stairway to heaven – as there are pilgrims that are, have ever been or will ever be on the path. But for certain, everyone on the way back home will go through their individual process.

Activating one’s heart chakra is the beginning of a sensation of perpetual bliss. It is the activation of that little flame of spirit in one’s heart, which we each have, into a small nuclear power plant, radiating light, or energy to the world, universe and everything else in existence. You become an energy bearer when you have reached this stage of ascension. You affect not only your life but the vibration of all existence. You step into the role of a conscious creator, never to return to the 3D. You realize the game and your connection to Source as being within yourself. From that point, you find all existence is within one’s self. The exterior world may be a trigger but the answers you discover lie within.

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