Our Hollow Earth, Inner Earth Culture, A View From Above

earthMichelle Walling – A number of compelling arguments have been put forth to support the Hollow Earth Theory [link]. This includes science, mythology, history and photographic evidence. Mythology speaks of lost civilizations, the Middle Earth, Shamballa and the Land of Agharta, with entrances across the globe and at both poles. The “Lost Horizon” Shangri-La was based on the stories of Shamballa.

Scientific observation of the structure of the universe from the extraordinarily large to the extraordinarily small reveals a truth regarding the structure of all of Creation. As the Earth is a product of that same Creation, it follows that it should contain that same structure.

Observe the apple, the neutron star and the atom. The most important force is not gravity but electromagnetism and the geometries of rotating plasma vortices. There are hundreds of thousands of seismographic records available that represent soundings (via earthquakes) done from all over the earth. There have always been seismographic findings which lacked an adequately simple and elegant explanation if we are to assume the Earth is solid, but fit perfectly with the hollow earth model.

For example: peak earthquake intensity is found at the surface and at 800 miles down. It decreases and increases in intensity between these two points in a “U-shaped” configuration. No quakes are found below 800 miles. Earthquakes are statistically more intense near a surface. This is therefore consistent with two surfaces. Also, the “shadow zone” findings don’t have a good answer in the solid earth model, but fit perfectly with the hollow earth model. The “shadow zone” is an area on the surface located between 103º and 144º to an epicenter. There shouldn’t be any seismic waves detected at these positions, but there are.

Pictures taken from space almost always show cloud cover obscuring the polar positions. If these entrances are actually there, they would likely be exchanging air of different temperatures resulting in a condensation of water vapor and the development of cloud cover. However, sometimes the cloud cover is not obscuring the entrances. People working inside NASA have stated that they had been instructed to airbrush out those entrances on photographs. However, photographs are available that show anomalous findings in the polar regions consistent with such an entrance.

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