Why Are We Here?

earthTeri WadeThis existence here on Earth we chose for ourselves is incredibly harsh but we chose this existence when we were in our higher, expanded consciousness and I hear so many say “I never agreed to live in this limited state of consciousness” Ohhh but you did! A much more expanded level of YOU chose your life. Now the hard part is understanding why you chose it.

So basically you already made the choice to live in this existence, this 3-D Earth existence, a low vibratory state of awareness now you have to understand why you made this choice. So that’s why it’s so important to expand your consciousness, your awareness in the physical body because then it helps you understand why you made this choice. Continue reading “Why Are We Here?”

The Great Awakening – Duplicity, Chaos and Polarity

James Gilliland – We have spoken often of the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. We have spoken about the vibrational lifting, our solar system moving into a highly energized place in space never before experienced in recorded history.

These waves of energy are increasing exponentially yet what is the end result? The end result is ascension, the end of draconian law the reign of the archons replaced by Unity Consciousness and Universal Law. Knowing the end and knowing Creator/God/Great Spirit will always have its way brings solace to those on the path, those who can see underneath the chaos and why some chaos is necessary.

It is part of the process. The wounds, traumas, wrong conclusions from past experiences both individual and collective are surfacing to be healed. Those who resist the awakening and healing are having the hardest time getting through these times.

Continue reading “The Great Awakening – Duplicity, Chaos and Polarity”

Interdimensional Communication

GaiaDr. Suzanne Lie – We Arcturians are happy to report that there are are more and more humans who are activating their own manner of “inter-dimensional communication.” Inter-dimensional Communication simple means that you are having a communication with a higher frequency of your own Multidimensional SELF, and/or communications with higher dimensional beings.

These higher dimensional beings, who are beings that are NOT wearing an earth vessel, are resonating to the frequencies of the higher 4th, 5th and beyond frequencies of reality. However, they do “over light” the 3rd/4th-dimensional humans who have chosen to take an earth vessel to better assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. Continue reading “Interdimensional Communication”

How The 5G Control Grid Can Lead Us To Freedom

Claire Edwards – The worldwide roll-out of the 5th generation of wireless technology or 5G is being met with increasingly vociferous opposition from growing numbers of physicians, scientists and campaigners. But could 5G paradoxically represent a magnificent opportunity for us to change course, away from our current self-destructive trajectory?

The weapon and surveillance and mind-control grid that is 5G was so named by the telcos in the hope that people would believe it to be just an upgrade from 4G and it could thereby be rolled out without anyone realizing that their minds and bodies were being hijacked in pursuit of massive profits for a psychopathic ruling elite. Continue reading “How The 5G Control Grid Can Lead Us To Freedom”

Life on Planet Earth is about to become more harmonious

humanityJohn Smallman – As all are very well aware enormous changes are occurring all across the world in politics, in business, and in religious, social, and charitable organizations, as aspects of their affairs, about which they have for so long been very secretive, are now being widely disclosed by myriad whistle blowers for all to see.  And while these disclosures are long overdue, many people have been amazed to hear how much has been going on that is almost beyond the bounds of belief.

People in positions of trust and authority, placed in those positions because of their apparent honesty and integrity,and who have been seduced by the sense of power that their positions have bestowed upon them, and who have then totally misled those to whom they are supposed to be answerable, are finally being compelled to answer important questions about processes that they were charged with overseeing, and which have not been carried forward with the honesty and integrity for which they were instigated. Continue reading “Life on Planet Earth is about to become more harmonious”