The Hidden Controllers Of The Matrix

MatrixMichelle Walling, CHLC – The main reason people are having a hard time waking up is because the controllers of our holographic reality are hidden. The illusion of being separate and being a human is so strong because of the programming is embedded inside of us. The true controllers of this programming and of thus the controllers of the matrix are not human.

Forgetting who you are was supposed to be a grand experiment. The original matrix was created as a way to experience what it was like to be in the densest vibration of physicality as an individualized aspect of Source. The remembrance of who you are would always be there for you to access.

The human body is a vehicle for consciousness that allows you to take a ride in a computer driven hologram. The software for what you experience resides in our DNA, which is in our cells. Cells are made of energy, vibration, sound, geometry, and water. The controllers of the matrix can control through the hologram by changing the DNA matrix template for the human body.

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The Theater of Your Mind

“Welcome to the theater of your mind! As you enter, the restrooms will be on your right and the snack bar on your left. When you’re ready, enter the auditorium and find your seat.”

mindMary O’Malley – As you hear these words in your mind, you feel excitement about coming to this theater, excitement about getting to know more about your conditioned mind. Your conditioned mind is the storyteller in your head that talks all day long, always trying, doing, fixing, judging, feeling unsettled, happy, sad, anxious and even at times getting caught in despair.

There is already a play going on when you enter the auditorium. As you walk down the aisle looking for your seat, you find yourself drawn to what is happening on the stage, and rather than sitting down, you walk straight up the side stairs and find yourself involved with the play.

Sometimes being involved in the play of your mind is easy and even pleasant. More often there are little challenges and little upsets that turn into big traumas and big dramas. Sometimes you like what is going on and sometimes you don’t. But mostly you feel a sense of unease, struggling to make the play to be the way you want it to be. Continue reading “The Theater of Your Mind”

We Have One Primary Illusion That All The Other Illusions Depend Upon

“We have one primary illusion that all the other illusions depend upon. It is the sense of a separate, independent, self-existing entity we call me. As soon as this one is seen to be illusion and never having actually existed, the rest fall like a house of cards.”

illusion Juliet J Carter  – Nihilism as a philosophy is nothing new. It’s a form of ‘spiritual’ mind control, a smug cultural identification pattern that insures that the true history of Humanity is never investigated nor discovered.

The full spectrum divine immortal Human blueprint, prior to genetic manipulation, that would allow us to access any time or energy level in the universe, is dismissed as ‘there is neither self nor other’. So why bother. Its all a dream. It has an ingenious built in catch 22…if you speak against it your protestations are meaningless as you are an illusion. You don’t exist. Continue reading “We Have One Primary Illusion That All The Other Illusions Depend Upon”

Take A Good Look At What You Feel Like You Need To Defend

illusion Michelle Walling, CHLC – If you find yourself in defense mode about anything that is coming up in your life, step back and take a good look at why you feel this way. Defense with a negative feeling behind it has its roots in fear and illusion. Ask yourself what are you afraid of? Being fooled? Feeling? Looking ignorant? Being wrong?

If you allow this feeling to surface and then follow the thread of this feeling back to the reason why you feel this way, you can then let that layer peel back for good with the vulnerability it provides. Identifying where you are still carrying these lower vibrational feelings is a part of the “work” we are all doing right now, and until you finally uncover why you are having this feeling, it will continue to repeat itself in your life. Continue reading “Take A Good Look At What You Feel Like You Need To Defend”

Not in control

worldThe Angels – Being human is a beautiful experience when you realize you can take charge of your inner world.

Being human can be a very difficult experience when you feel disconnected from the Divine, and seek to control your outer world. In this scenario, happiness is a temporary experience, dependent upon the cooperation of more than seven billion other souls with whom you share your current reality, and the natural forces as well.

In fact, stress is a by-product of the illusion that you can control your outer world in order to “find” happiness, peace, joy, love, security, abundance, etc.

You have very limited and short-lasting influence when you strive to control your outer world. However, as you begin to focus on controlling your inner world, then your peace, joy, abundance, and security will be long lasting. Your outer world will begin to conform to your inner. Continue reading “Not in control”