John Mark Dougan Speaks From Exile In Moscow [Video & Transcript]

Alexandra Bruce – If John Mark Dougan is to be believed, his story may represent the first break in the Seth Rich case in several months. He joins Crowdsource the Truth’s Jason Goodman, whose revoked livestreaming privileges on YouTube have been restored after 3 months for this first broadcast back on his original channel.

John Mark Dougan is a former West Palm Beach County cop who also ran several dissident and whistleblowerwebsites, mostly relating to corruption in law enforcement, including and DC Leaks.

It was in his capacity as an alternative media publisher that Dougan says he was contacted by Seth Rich in February of 2016. When Seth sent the files to Dougan via email, he had 45 FBI agents at his house the next morning, who seized his computers.

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Server Belonging to Wasserman Shultz IT Worker Imran Awan Stolen from Congress

awanJim Hoft – Imran Awan worked for Debbie Wasserman Schultz for thirteen years since she came into office in 2004 as a Florida representative.  Imran and his two Pakistani brothers managed the IT affairs for several Democratic government officials.  They were relieved of their duties in February 2017 on suspicion that they accessed specific computer networks without permission, also known as hacking.

Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan were barred from computer networks at the House of Representatives in February 2017.

Imran Awan was married to two women at once, including his first cousin, as is his country’s custom. Imran had his court case rescheduled recently until next month.

Imran Awan and his wife Alvi reportedly struck a plea deal this week.

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Prosecutors File Papers Postponing Imran Awan Court Date For Fourth Time

awanJoshua Caplan – On Friday, prosecutors filed papers postponing former Democrat IT aide Imran Awan’s court case, reports Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller.

“Prosecutors filed papers today postponing the  court date for a fourth time, to May 4, while the parties “assess their options” about Wasserman Schultz’s laptop, which he had after being banned from the House network. The media thinks this case is about mortgage fraud,” tweeted Rosiak.

“New court date is on a Friday. As usual — that or right before a holiday. Good way to suppress media coverage,” Rosiak added.

Attorneys for both Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and former Democrat IT aide Imran Awan are fighting to keep a government laptop linked to the lawmaker from being used as evidence. The Daily Caller’s Luke Rosiak believes the laptop’s mystery hard drive is set to take center stage in the Awan case.

Daily Caller reports:

“The government has been in discussions with counsel for the defendants regarding complex discovery issues and other legal issues in this case, in particular issues surrounding claims of attorney-client privilege being raised by defendant Imran Awan,” court papers filed Tuesday say. […]

Chris Gowen, Awan’s attorney, said at the last hearing: “We do expect there being an attorney-client privilege issue in this case… What occurred is a backpack from my client was found, he was trying to get a better signal, there was a note that said attorney client privilege and a hard drive. We feel very strongly about this.” […]

Wasserman Schultz fought to prevent law enforcement from looking at the laptop, threatening a police chief with “consequences” and implying it was “a member’s” laptop. She hired an outside lawyer, Bill Pittard, who specializes in the “speech and debate” clause of the Constitution that is designed to protect lawmakers from persecution for political stances, but lawmakers have used to try to stymie criminal probes in the past.

Recently, The Daily Caller’s Luke Rosiak floated the idea that Imran Awan may have planted Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s laptop for Capitol Police to find.

Per Rosiak:

A laptop that Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has frantically fought to keep prosecutors from examining may have been planted for police to find by her since-indicted staffer, Imran Awan, along with a letter to the U.S. Attorney.

U.S. Capitol Police found the laptop after midnight April 6, 2017, in a tiny room that formerly served as a phone booth in the Rayburn House Office Building, according to a Capitol Police report reviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group. […]

The laptop had the username “RepDWS,” even though the Florida Democrat and former Democratic National Committee chairman previously said it was Awan’s computer and that she had never even seen it.

Pakistani IT staffer Imran Awan is accused of stealing hardware from ranking Democrats and sending sensitive intel to foreign groups like the Muslim Brotherhood. Awan was reportedly “sending money and gifts to government officials in Pakistan and received protection from the Pakistani police, multiple relatives claim.”

Debbie Wasserman Schultz kept Imran Awan on the pay roll up to the day he got arrested for bank fraud after trying to flee the country.

SF Source The Gateway Pundit Mar 2018

President Trump Shines New Light On ‘Mysterious Federal Case Against Imran Awan’

awanJoshua Caplan – Despite President Trump’s effort to shine new light on the Awan case during an interview with the New York Times, the media refused to give it the widespread attention it deserves.

Fox News reports:

President Trump is drawing attention to the mysterious federal court case against Imran Awan, the former IT aide to a number of congressional Democrats, including former Democratic National Committee chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Continue reading “President Trump Shines New Light On ‘Mysterious Federal Case Against Imran Awan’”

The Democrats’ IT Scandal Just Got Even More Bizarre

Joshua Caplan – A new report by Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller reveals Imran Awan, a former DNC IT aide, feels very strongly,’ that his ‘attorney client privilege,’ be respected in connection to a laptop with the username ‘RepDWS.’

The Daily Caller reports:

awanLawyers for Imran Awan, an ex-aide who ran information technology (IT) for Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, “feel very strongly” that a laptop with the username “RepDWS” should not be valid as evidence because he put a note that said “attorney client privilege” near it before leaving it in a phone booth on Capitol Hill, they said in federal court Friday.

Prosecutors revealed that when they arrested Imran at the airport in July as he tried to board a flight to Pakistan, he was carrying a resume with an alias in the Jackson Heights, Queens neighborhood of New York City. Imran may have planned to “relocate” there, seemingly under a different identity, Prosecutors suggested. They said he had wiped his cell phone hours before the arrest, suggesting that he was taking “active measures” to hide evidence. Continue reading “The Democrats’ IT Scandal Just Got Even More Bizarre”