Here is How You Can Reprogram Your Life

waterPaul Lenda – We are made of water. Well, mostly. Depending on how old you are and whether you’re male or female, you will be anywhere around 55% to 80% water. Even your bones are about a third water! Water is a phenomenal and little-understood state of matter that has incredible properties. One of its most extraordinary abilities is how it can be programmed. That’s right. You can literally program information onto water, using the power of your intentions.

Water memory is something that is increasingly understood by even materialist reductionists, although it was known about, and applied, for ages. More recently, Masaru Emoto had demonstrated that the very structure of water itself can be changed by what emotions and thoughts we are experiencing or projecting. Emoto came to the conclusion that water molecules are like memory cells and record everything that ever happened to them. Continue reading “Here is How You Can Reprogram Your Life”

The Miracle Is In the Middle

miracleJennifer Hoffman – Since I began writing about miracles in 2005 I have noticed that there is a lot of misunderstanding of exactly where the miracle occurs. Is it the beginning, when we have the first inklings of a desire for change?

Is it in the middle where we have decided to take the leap and set our intention? Or is it at the end when what we want manifests  gloriously for us? It’s none of those because the miracle is in the middle, right after ‘challenge fagitue’ and right before intention.

Miracles represent a shift in energy, from one state of being to another. If you have read my book 30 Days to Everyday Miracles, then you know how my amazing miracle came into being. When did I create the miracle? Continue reading “The Miracle Is In the Middle”

Vortices, Portals and Energy Shifts

energy portalJennifer Hoffman – Notice how many people are waking up right now? Call it being red-pilled or just waking up to the harsh reality that they don’t like their job, their life, and realizing that their lives are not moving with the harmony and flow that they want to have.  This mass awakening is causing a huge rise in the portal and vortex activity in the earth’s energy field and grid

Every time we set an intention we open an energy portal and new energy flows in. That creates a vortex (think of a tornado) and energy starts to move. Old energy starts to flow out, creating space for new energy to flow in. Now the process is not always a smooth flow, as you probably know, but that is the overall way it happens. Continue reading “Vortices, Portals and Energy Shifts”

Use Intention To Manifest Your World

intentionRichard Enos – The idea that we actually manifest the physical world into being in every moment based on our thoughts used to be the stuff of fairy tales for most people. There was a sense that old sayings like ‘As ye think, so shall ye be,’ and ‘Everything is possible for him who believes,’ were considered to have some mysterious wisdom, but few really took them to be direct conditions of reality itself.

A little over a decade ago, however, many started to take the subject more seriously. The popularity of a movie and book entitled ‘The Secret,’ which brags 28+ million copies in print translated into 52 languages, was an important contributor to the popularization of the idea that we can manifest the things we want in our lives through the power of intention. Continue reading “Use Intention To Manifest Your World”

New Moon of Connection & Evolutionary Unfolding

new moonLeslie Benson – The New Moon in Libra, coming to exact on Saturday, Sept 28th at 11:26 am Pacific time, arrives on the autumn breeze with potentials for connection, healing, and unexpected awakenings and revelations.

This New Moon, at 5 + degrees of the Cardinal Air sign of Libra, is precisely inconjunct to Uranus, the Awakener, the energy that astrologer Jeff Green called “freedom from the known.”

The New Moon phase in general marks the beginning of a new 30-day Lunar Synodic Cycle, which provides opportunity to pause, open our awareness, and see what wishes to emerge in our path over the next thirty days.

This coming month’s alignments promise surprise, unexpected enlightenment, good fortune, and also strict adherence to reality rules that might have the effect of showing us our limitations. With Saturn the lessons are also long lasting.

Continue reading “New Moon of Connection & Evolutionary Unfolding”