Trump Is Toto

TrumpClarice Feldman – If you remember The Wizard of Oz you will recall that Toto, Dorothy’s dog, pulled back the curtain, revealing that the wizard was just a little guy working a panel of sound and light gimmicks to fool people into thinking he was more omnipotent than he really was. In the same way, the President’s killing of Qassem Soleimani and the aftermath reveals the four-decades-long treatment of Iranian terrorism and Israel by the foreign-policy establishment — our presidents from Jimmy Carter up to now and Congress — was based on myths.

The brilliant Caroline Glick makes the case. Continue reading “Trump Is Toto”

Iranian American Activist Erica Kasraie Lashes Out at Fake News Media over Soleimani [Video]

Erica KasraieJim Hoft – Erica Kasraie was born in Iran but is now an American citizen and a human rights activist.

Following the death of Qassem Soleimani Erica posted a heartfelt video on Facebook and Youtube to the American people.

Erica begged Americans not to believe the lies on mainstream media about Soleimani and Iran. She mentions the 1,600 young protesters killed by the regime in November for peacefully protesting. She describes how at 7-years-old she was forced to chant “Death to America” in her classroom. Continue reading “Iranian American Activist Erica Kasraie Lashes Out at Fake News Media over Soleimani [Video]”

#TrumpDimension: War Averted [Video]

IranAlexandra Bruce – I don’t claim to know anything but I do think it might be useful to suspend our belief in 40-year-old Mainstream Media fairy tales as a daily cognitive workout.

YouAreFreeTV is here with her analysis of the events in the Middle East on Tuesday evening, which she calls, “An act of massive peace.”

She suggests that the take-out of Soleimani was “Not as an act of war…It was literally to take out the head of the person that was running the Deep State military operations across the Middle East… Continue reading “#TrumpDimension: War Averted [Video]”

Trump’s Iran Policy Isn’t the Problem; Barack Obama’s Was

TrumpBen Shapiro – This week, President Donald Trump launched a global round of teeth gnashing when he ordered the killing of the greatest terrorist leader in the modern Middle East, Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani.

Soleimani was unquestionably responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans in Iraq and thousands of others throughout the Middle East — mostly Muslim. His global terror network ran from South America to Europe to Africa to Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Iraq. Soleimani was an unparalleled organizer and a pitiless murderer. His death was richly earned. Continue reading “Trump’s Iran Policy Isn’t the Problem; Barack Obama’s Was”

Iran activist: Don’t believe U.S. media coverage of Soleimani ‘mourners’

IranWND Staff – An exiled Iranian activist and journalist is warning Americans watching media coverage of the reaction of the Iranian people to the death of Gen. Qassem Soleimani: “Don’t take what you’re seeing at face value.”

“Without doubt, Soleimani had support among hard-liners and regime loyalists,” wrote Masih Alinejad in a op-ed for the Washington Post.

But she pointed to reports of the government forcing people to turn out to mourn Soleimani. And last November, “thousands of Iranians took to the streets across the country to protest against the regime, in the biggest challenge to the clerical rule in 40 years.” Continue reading “Iran activist: Don’t believe U.S. media coverage of Soleimani ‘mourners’”