Loneliness — The Science Behind It & Its Effects On Physical Health

lonelinessFilip Gjorgoski – Loneliness can be harsh. Not having people in your life that you can talk to, can make you feel empty and disconnected from the world.

Loneliness can be brought on by big life events or just simply growing up.

The development of modern society and technology isn’t making it any easier either. People are using social media more often, working longer hours, living alone, travel away for jobs and keep pushing each other further and further away. Continue reading “Loneliness — The Science Behind It & Its Effects On Physical Health”

Lonely in Lockdown? Mindfulness Can Help

lonelinessNikki Harper – In this strange covid-19 world, tens of millions of people around the world are currently in lockdown of some kind, allowed to leave the house only for essential shopping or exercise. Many are lucky enough to be living with their families, loved ones or friends, but for those who live alone, or whose relationship with their household is strained, loneliness is a very real result of social isolation.

Factor in that most people also feel anxious about the current situation and its uncertainties, worried about their health and their family’s health, and stressed about the financial impacts of covid-19 – and you have a truly toxic psychological cocktail for those who also find themselves feeling lonely and vulnerable [1]. Continue reading “Lonely in Lockdown? Mindfulness Can Help”