Italy’s Salvini Calls For End Of Italy’s Central Bank

SalviniJoseph P Farrell – So many people sent this one, I have to blog about it. But there’s another reason I’ve got to blog about it, and that’s because for some time I’ve been saying “Watch Italy.” And there’s a reason for that.

There is “pushback” against Mr. Globaloney and the technobrusselsprouts in Brusselcratia almost everywhere one looks in Europe: France, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Poland, even in Sweden. So what sets Italy apart? It’s very simple, in my opinion: Italy is the first major economic and technological power in Europe to have that “pushback” actually constituted as a government.

One might argue that Mrs. May’s post-Brexit referendum government constitutes such, but it’s increasingly difficult to figure out what – if anything – Mrs. May actually stands for amid her muttered obfuscations.

Not so Italy’s Matteo Salvini, who according to the following article from Zero Hedge, has allegedly called for an end to Italy’s central bank, and jail time for its banksters (we’ll get back to that crucial “allegedly” in a moment): Continue reading “Italy’s Salvini Calls For End Of Italy’s Central Bank”

French Government Outraged As Italy’s Deputy PM Meets Yellow Vest Leaders

Luigi di Maio

Niamh Harris – France has recalled its ambassador from Rome after Italy’s deputy prime minister Luigi di Maio met with leaders of the French Yellow Vest Movement

The French foreign ministry said that Di Maio’s meeting with leaders of the yellow vest movement was an “unacceptable provocation”  and that it undermined relations between the two European countries.

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Adios Senor! Rajoy Out…

sorosJoseph P Farrell – Well, it has happened. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is the first Spanish premier in history to lose a vote of no confidence. And for a Madrid that seemed to be successfully emulating the Swampy Corruption Policies of Washington, D.C., that’s something.

Indeed, according to this Zero Hedge article shared by Mr. H.B., kickbacks, or pay to play, seemingly are at the heart of Senor Rajoy’s downfall:

Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy Ousted From Power; Sanchez Is New Socialist Prime Minister

As the article notes, however, the new premier is the Socialist Pedro Sanchez, leading a rag-tag coalition that was hastily thrown together for the simple purpose of ousting Senor Rajoy. In short, on the surface, nothing much has changed, because what is socialism but a swampy pay-to-play scheme,  dressed up in the glowing utopian language of Marxism which, somehow, manages always to weave a spell so powerful that it convinces people to ignore the glaring hypocrisies of it all: Continue reading “Adios Senor! Rajoy Out…”

Italy: Of Coalitions And Currencies

italyJoseph P Farrell – This week has been such a good week both for geopolitical articles that people have shared, and for articles on developments in technology and “strange stuff”, that I wanted to start out the week with an explicit thank you to all of you who send articles.

Though I cannot respond to you all individually any more as I used to do due to the increase of volume, I do want to assure you that I do scan through all the articles I receive during the week, selecting and sorting until the difficult day that I have to make “final cuts” to schedule the coming week’s blogs. It’s a bit like a smorgasbord of fine food; you want to try out all of it, overfill your plate, and end up not eating all of it. Well, today’s that “difficult day” of sorting through all those articles, and I have to start with this one.

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News And Views From The Nefarium July 6 2017 [Video]

Joseph P Farrell – … and now it’s Italeave:

Italy Openly Discusses Euro Exit In Parliament: Debt Restructuring Or “Italeave” On The Way?

Tyler Durden – In Europe, where it is essentially taboo to publicly discuss anything deemed politically incorrect, some interesting conversations are taking place in the Italian parliament regarding the future of Italy in the eurozone.

Via email, Eurointelligence asks Is Italy heading for debt restructuring or euro exit?

We are reporting from an important conference in Rome yesterday that has caught the Italian news headlines this morning – on the future of Italian public debt. It was organized by the Five Star Movement, held in the Italian chamber of deputies, and openly discussed issues such default mechanism inside the eurozone, sovereign debt restructuring mechanisms, parallel payment systems, and of course euro exit. Continue reading “News And Views From The Nefarium July 6 2017 [Video]”