Jacob Rothschild: ‘New World Order’ Will Collapse Under Trump


Sean Adl-Tabatabai – Lord Jacob Rothschild has voiced concern about the inevitable collapse of the ‘New World Order’ under President Trump’s leadership.

The billionaire globalist says that the US-China trade war and eurozone crisis puts the old order at risk.

“In 9/11 and in the 2008 financial crisis, the powers of the world worked together with a common approach. Co-operation today is proving much more difficult. This puts at risk the post-war economic and security order,” Lord Rothschild warned in his investment trust’s half-year results commentary. Continue reading “Jacob Rothschild: ‘New World Order’ Will Collapse Under Trump”

Annabelle Neilson dies aged 49-years-old – police say death is ‘not suspicious’

Jay Greenberg – The ex-wife of elite banker Nataniel Rothschild has been found dead at her home in Chelsea, London.

Jacob Rothschild, Annabelle Neilson, Nathaniel Rothschild

49-year-old Annabelle Neilson’s body was discovered hanging from a doorknob in the bathroom of her $4.1 million mansion on Thursday, but news of her sudden and tragic death has only just been made public.

Police have yet to confirm the cause of her death, and haven’t ruled out drug or alcohol use, but say they are “not treating it as suspicious.”

Neilson was previously married to Nathaniel Rothschild – son of Lord Jacob Rothschild and heir to his family’s fortune – for three years after a six-year relationship.

After divorcing Rothschild she was reportedly forced to sign a confidentiality agreement and rescind the dynastic name.

Since splitting with the banking heir, she was in an extremely close relationship with fashion designer Alexander McQueen who also died in eerily similar circumstances to Neilson. Continue reading “Annabelle Neilson dies aged 49-years-old – police say death is ‘not suspicious’”