Hang on! It’s going to get crazy

lawJames Gilliland  – Ever wonder if you are the only sane person left? Wonder that you just may be from another planet?

How did some of the politicians get elected and how can they make it any more evident they do not govern themselves and are not qualified to govern others?  How do we elect people who are incapable of rational thought, some of whom cannot even form an understandable sentence based on facts? How many are serving the people versus serving their own or corporate agendas?

Have you looked into their eyes? There is something seriously wrong with these people. Some look like they should have a knife in a shower scene or be running through a forest with a chain saw and mask. Some reek of overindulgence, corruption, obvious special interest puppets. They could star as Jabba the Hut.

This includes the lame stream media most of whom do not investigate or use base logic. They just parrot what they are told – agents of a corrupt deep state.

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Universal Law The Last Word

GillilandJames Gilliland – So many people are asking what is going on, will there ever be justice. The answer is yes. There is a saying Nature is slow to react but thorough.

People are awakening, the fake news and mind control programs are failing. The division games with cultures and religions are no longer viable. The crooked politicians, wayward agencies power abuses, deep state as well as the puppet masters, the global elite are imploding.

It is a byproduct of compression by the higher dimensional beings, their consciousness and Universal Law. Think of the Earth herself expanding ascending, then add the higher consciousness and energies pressing in. Add what the scientists are finally revealing about the solar system going through a highly energized place in the universe, the cosmic, ultraviolet, infrared rays, the Schumann resonance are off the scales.

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Possible Set Up For False Flag? [Video]

James Gilliland – I usually do not get caught up in these dramas but this one I have a real bad feeling about.

The NWO, Politicians involved in Satanic Rituals, pedophile activity etc are scared. They know their time is up and the chickens are coming home to roost. The DNC will resort to anything to stay in power one act which might me a major false flag to invoke a state of emergency.

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Transcend The Victim Wheel [Audio]

Roxy Lopez  August 1 2013

This show was hacked taken down 5 times and reloaded. A must listen if you want to know what is going on. There is an effort to censor those who are incorruptible sometimes with deadly force as in psychotronics and radionics while at the same time gathering those who are corrupt or corruptible to be the new spokesmen/women for an agenda to steer all information towards a globalist agenda.

Listen to the show along with Alfred Webers latest interview with Roxy to understand the nature of this agenda.

Be well James