Biden Brings Feudalism to America, and You’re the Serf

Veronika Kyrylenko – We knew that the Biden presidency would be a disaster for America, but how bad can it really be?  During his so-called campaign, he never even hid his agenda, and now, with unprecedented overuse of executive power, he pushes it down America’s throat.

In my recent article “Feudalism returns to America?,” I outlined some general economic and socio-political trends that dominate in America and that indicate an establishment of neo-feudalism.  Joe Biden’s policies accelerate them, bringing up a world of almighty lords regulating “commoners'” lives by decree, with new clergy explaining from our small screens how much lords care about their loyal subjects…er, constituency. Continue reading “Biden Brings Feudalism to America, and You’re the Serf”

Illegitimate Government, Impeachment Backfire, Economy Tanking [Video]

TrumpGreg Hunter – Both establishment Democrats and RINO Republicans are wanting Trump voters, and this includes many Democrats, to publicly say that Joe Biden won the 2020 Election legitimately, even though the evidence and numbers say otherwise. Why? Is it because the Fraud is so big it will never go away. Is it because the Deep State wants the Biden Administration to be seen as legitimate, even though many think the government is, in fact, illegitimate.

Is it because the fraud is so big that Trump will have to be returned to office one way or another? Who knows, but many strange things are going on in our nation’s capitol that we have never seen before. We live in interesting times. That is the only thing you can say for sure. Continue reading “Illegitimate Government, Impeachment Backfire, Economy Tanking [Video]”

Biden’s LGBT Agenda: Pedophilia Coming Down the Pike?

identityAmy Contrada – The Biden regime’s January 20 executive order demanding “equal treatment under the law, no matter [one’s] gender identity or sexual orientation” is just the first salvo in the next wave pushing “LGBT rights.”  The order will soon be backed by federal law, via the pending LGBT “Equality Act.”

While many are now warning that the order will destroy girls’ and women’s sports, its impact is much broader.

The enforcers will be given free rein to transform society in unimaginable ways, given the undefined terms in the order and pending law: gender identitysexual orientationLGBT.  Why has there been no pushback on embedding these sexual-radical concepts in our legal system? Continue reading “Biden’s LGBT Agenda: Pedophilia Coming Down the Pike?”

How the Destruction of Grammar and Logic Got Biden Elected

rhetoricRobert Oscar Lopez – Many people snickered at the claim made in Texas v. Pennsylvania that there is only a one in a quadrillion chance that Joe Biden won all the swing states as currently claimed.  The true meaning beneath the statistic is simple: the vote counts certified in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia are fake, so let’s cut through all the noise and decide what to do next.  “One in a quadrillion” is a rarified way of saying it just didn’t happen.

Texas’s case was shot down because in the United States both grammar and logic have been overtaken by rhetoric.

The old trio: Grammar, logic, and rhetoric

Rhetoric is not the same thing as logic or grammar.  Philosopher Richard Weaver championed rhetoric as a tool to share truth rather than skirt it.  But ever since the ancient birth of “sophistry,” there have been rhetoricians who see logic and grammar as disposable tools to support a primary rhetorical agenda.  (Some call this, basically, propaganda.)

When people ask you, “how can 95% of doctors be wrong?” or “how can all the courts be wrong?,” you should keep in mind that the overemphasis on rhetoric has been universal in colleges since the 1980s, even in Christian and conservative colleges.

Continue reading “How the Destruction of Grammar and Logic Got Biden Elected”

Lin Wood believes the military is in control [Video]

evidenceAlexandra Bruce – Superlawyer, Lin Wood joins Stew Peters to explain what is going on with Biden and Trump from a legal point of view.

Based on the evidence he’s seen, Wood believes Trump has the votes, both electoral and popular and that he has the law on his side. He believes that legally, Joe Biden is not the President, because his “win” was fraudulent. Wood says the military has the evidence to prove this.

Further, Wood alludes to United States vs Throckmorton (1878), which states that, “Fraud vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents, and even judgments.” Continue reading “Lin Wood believes the military is in control [Video]”