Durham Probes Pentagon Computer Contractors In Anti-Trump Conspiracy

SussmannPaul Sperry – Cybersecurity experts who held lucrative Pentagon and homeland security contracts and high-level security clearances are under investigation for potentially abusing their government privileges to aid a 2016 Clinton campaign plot to falsely link Donald Trump to Russia and trigger an FBI investigation of him and his campaign, according to several sources familiar with the work of Special Counsel John Durham.

Durham is investigating whether they were involved in a scheme to misuse sensitive, nonpublic Internet data, which they had access to through their government contracts, to dredge up derogatory information on Trump on behalf of the Clinton campaign in 2016 and again in 2017, sources say — political dirt that sent FBI investigators on a wild goose chase. Prosecutors are also investigating whether some of the data presented to the FBI was faked or forged. Continue reading “Durham Probes Pentagon Computer Contractors In Anti-Trump Conspiracy”

Papadopoulos: Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming [Video]

PapadopoulosAlexandra Bruce – Former Trump Campaign advisor and author of “Deep State Target”, George Papadopoulos, joins ‘The Stew Peters Show’ in an exclusive bombshell interview that exposes the criminal actions of the Deep State, the Durham probe, James Comey, the Clintons, Obama and the GLOBAL efforts to undermine the United States of America.

Papadopoulos explains how John Durham’s investigation goes back to 2015 and the effort by the Deep State to guarantee a third term for Obama with a pre-meditated assault against a rival campaign and to upend the peoples’ will and the vote of 75 million Americans.

He says, “It simply wasn’t the FBI and it was not only the CIA but global actors and that’s where the meat of the action of Durham is all about. That’s why this is taking so long… Continue reading “Papadopoulos: Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming [Video]”

“Operation Legend”, China and The John Durham Investigation…

Sundance – Smart and fierce DOJ spokesperson Kerri Kupek discusses DOJ Operation Legend, an organized and focused effort by the federal government to reduce crime and violence stemming from Antifa and other violent extremists.

Additionally, Ms. Kupek discusses the DOJ taking a stronger approach toward the corrupt influence of China within various U.S. systems (economic, political and social).  Lastly @4:30 Kerri outlines the status of John Durham’s ongoing investigation: “the restoration of that one-tiered system of justice.”  Continue reading ““Operation Legend”, China and The John Durham Investigation…”