President Trump Leaving A Legacy

Supreme CourtJohn Michael Chambers – At any given moment in time if there were one monumental event occurring it would consume our hearts, minds and the news cycle.  However, as we enter the last stretch of the election season there are numerous monumental events at play that will determine how we live as Americans not just in the short term, but for the next generation.

The Supreme Court

We thought the Cavanaugh inquisition was a circus.  We haven’t seen anything yet.  Amy Coney Barrett will be the pinnacle of craziness.  I believe she will be the next justice in the Supreme Court but not without a fight.  She is a God-fearing constitutionalist who cares about ALL human life—humans that are born and unborn.  This is exactly what we need and will give freedom-loving Americans the security of knowing someone one the court loves God, loves, life, loves freedom, and loves America.

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