How Laughter Liberates You

laughterPaul Lenda – Laugh! Free yourself from the constrictions and restrictions your body and mind may feel. True freedom is when you are able to laugh at yourself in any situation. ..or at life itself!

Look at the Dalai Lama. He seems to laugh quite a bit. Look at the late Ram Dass. He was able to look at things in a playful way and laugh about them. Laughter is great medicine for the mind, body, and soul. People who are are unafraid of what others may think of them laugh freely. The freedom you enjoy when you take a more light-hearted approach to life touches upon the Cosmic Joke.

When you liberate yourself from self-imposed shackles, you will find that laughter is a natural byproduct. It comes up spontaneously. Why? You realize the joke is that what you have been searching for everywhere outside of you was within you the entire time. People have spent lifetimes meditating in caves to come to that realization. You simply have to laugh! Continue reading “How Laughter Liberates You”

Happiness Affects Your Cellular Structure

happinessMarianna Pochelli, N.D. – Science is increasingly suggesting a link between happiness and health.

There is an irrefutable argument in favor of happiness: Happiness and good health go hand-in-hand. In fact scientific studies have been finding that happiness can make our hearts healthier, our immune systems stronger, and our lives longer through enhancements of our cellular structure.

Dr Derek Cox, Director of Public Health at Dumfries and Galloway NHS, suspects that for decades health professionals have been missing a big trick in improving the health of the nation. Continue reading “Happiness Affects Your Cellular Structure”

Laughter in an Insane World

laughWes Annac – Let’s be honest: We live in a crazy world with a lot of (mostly) well-meaning but crazy people. Unless you frequently meditate or go live in the mountains somewhere, it’s difficult to escape the insanity of our modern world.

Whether we care to admit it or not, most of us contribute to the craziness with our political beliefs (and the resulting lengthy Facebook posts), our religious or spiritual beliefs (and again, the resulting lengthy Facebook posts), and the way we generally treat people.

I’ve witnessed too many people on social media claim to be “enlightened” before getting into the kinds of arguments you’d expect from a twelve-year old. I’ve seen people attempt to be a voice of reason on the internet only to be drowned out by a sea of passionate anger from those who’ve long abandoned reason.

Most people would rather fight over their differences than work together to improve a world they claim to care about. If you try to approach them with reason, they’ll drown you out like a toddler throwing a tantrum. Sadly, their tantrum will garner much more attention than your plea for sensibility. Continue reading “Laughter in an Insane World”

Ascension and the Great Transformation

transformationDaniel Mitel – “Ascension” became one of the most used words in the spiritual world especially prior 2012. Obviously, the event from December 21, 2012, linked with Mayan prophecies attracted the attention of the whole world, spiritual or not. Thousands of spiritual practitioners from all over the world were getting very excited by the window of change opened by the alignment of Mother Earth with the Father Sun and the Galactic Sun. People from all over the world literally prepared for a planetary ascension. However, it is not clear if the people who expected it really understood the Ascension process itself.

On December 21, 2012, thousands of people visited Yucatan, the place where the Maya prophecies came to the world and Mayapan – the last great Maya capital. People from all over the world were visiting Maya pyramids and literally believed that the world will end and we are going to move, to transcend and ascend to another dimension. Useless to say the disappointment that followed the next day when all the believers saw that we were still here, we were still on the third dimensional Mother Earth.

Energy Change in Mother Earth

First, we need to clarify something very important. The Mayans and all the other indigenous nations were talking about a change in the energy of Mother Earth. A change in the energy of Mother Earth would trigger automatically a change in our bodies. This change is literally happening right now. We are a “generation of transition.” Continue reading “Ascension and the Great Transformation”

How To Transform Your Tears Into Laughter

“There is no creativity if there is no chaos.” ~Osho

laughterJafree Ozwald – Every experience in life has a purpose, a reason and season to it. There is a time for sadness, and a time for joy. When you truly can let your tears flow, and allow the deepest sadness within you to rise to the surface, it becomes a powerful source of healing that brings profound realizations to your life. By allowing your deepest possible sadness to be felt and experienced, that energy opens a humility inside you and a vulnerability that touches the core of your being. It pulls you down to bottom of your emotional ocean where you find the easiest sweetest surrender to the very source of who you are.

A life without tears is always a very dry, stuffy and controlled existence. If your emotional rivers are not allowed to flow, a dam builds inside you which will block out the joy and ecstasy your life contains as well. Feeling your sadness is essential for anyone who wants to become a fully alive real mature human being and it is the first step to finding emotional freedom. Releasing even a few tears are a way to soften, relax and instantly release the stress, fear and anxiety of dealing with your world. Crying is how we cleanse ourselves from built up tensions and past emotional turmoil. It helps you to stop holding on to life too tightly. As the deepest Ocean of emotion flows through your heart, it purifies, detoxifies and liberates you from old wounded thought patterns that are needing to be healed, forgiven, or loved.

When your deepest sadness is welcomed and fully felt, it can empty out your entire basement of horrors. All the incomplete feelings you’ve had in your life of being abandoned, betrayed, lonely, lost, or isolated can come flooding through. This is why some people stay far away from feeling their feelings, if they open them up a crack, they might get lost in them. The truth is that emotions come and go like the weather. When you feel your deepest pain, you start healing these old painful wounds and start trusting they can be healed. By opening up to your emotional basement you bring the light of awareness into the darkness. Continue reading “How To Transform Your Tears Into Laughter”