Potential Health Benefits of Legal Highs You Cannot Ignore

Don’t know what Legal High is? Well, imagine a pot-like substance with the exclusion of all the various harmful compounds, and the inclusion of all positive aspects that a typical cannabis plant possesses. In simple terms, legal highs contain (or at least they are supposed to) none of the negative by-products of recreational drug use and, instead harnesses its health beneficial potential.

Legal high is one of the many alternate names of a moss-like-plant that was discovered by a group of scientists in Switzerland. This peculiar plant contained compounds that shared a striking resemblance with one of the core compounds found in marijuana – tetrahydrocannabinol, aka THC. However, the limited concentration of other harmful agents makes this plant safer for consumption, and more importantly, for harnessing the various potential health benefits. Continue reading “Potential Health Benefits of Legal Highs You Cannot Ignore”