Lesbians Join Conservatives in Fighting Transgender Agenda

transgenderLiberty Planet – Conservatives aren’t the only ones who realize the transgender movement poses a grave threat to women’s rights. Many liberal activists are realizing it too, and they are joining forces with conservatives to stop women and children from falling victim to transgender political correctness.

The women are specifically targeting the Equality Act that the House of Representatives is likely to pass in the near future. The act would explicitly include “gender identity” as a protected class in civil rights legislation, forcing all federally-funded organizations to offer transgender individuals special protections. At present, it would go nowhere in the Senate, and President Donald Trump is highly unlikely to sign it into law even if the Senate did somehow pass it. However, many are warning that the Equality Act could one day become law if Democrats were to either take the White House or secure a very strong majority in the Senate. Continue reading “Lesbians Join Conservatives in Fighting Transgender Agenda”