Is It Time To Surrender To Your Situation?

surrenderAndrea SchulmanWhen the sh*t really hits the fan, and it feels like you’re fighting a losing battle, I’ve found that the best thing you can do is just surrender to your situation.

So often, we believe we have to “fight” against what is. We need to prove our point, we need to push past the pain, we need to make things work even though they aren’t working.

Unfortunately, though, fighting against a problem like this only keeps the battle going, thanks to the Law of Attraction. You only get more of whatever you choose to fight against. Continue reading “Is It Time To Surrender To Your Situation?”

What’s in the way is the way!

lifeMary O’MalleyWhat’s in the way is the way! When I first heard these powerful words, their truth touched me to my core. Everything I had been exploring blossomed when I brought this truth into my life. I loved it so much that it became the title of my latest book and I sometimes joke with people that they don’t really need to read it. They just need to tuck this exquisite statement into their heart and let it be their daily guide.

So, say these powerful words several times. If you are in a public place, say them quietly inside of you. Let them begin to work their magic. The more time you spend with this wise statement, you will begin to recognize that it is asking you to have moments where you stop fighting, grasping and resisting life and instead show up for it. For whatever life is offering in this moment is exactly what needs to be here. Continue reading “What’s in the way is the way!”

Letting Go, Letting Go, Letting Go

lifeMary O’Malley – Take a moment to notice, are you holding your breath? Is there tightness in your shoulders or tension in your stomach? In this wild roller coaster ride called life, we all hold on a lot.

We have all been conditioned to do life, which causes a lot of trying, judging, comparing and wishing things were better or different than what they are. And this tightens your mind, your body and your heart.

There is another way to live life. It is the art of letting go. I invite you right now, as you breathe in, to tighten every single muscle you can find and then, very slowly, on your out breath, let all that tightness relax. If it calls to you, do this a few more times and you may begin to notice a spaciousness that comes when you soften what is chronically holding inside of you.

You might also have discovered a resistance inside of you to even stop and allow one long slow out breath! No need to judge this. We are all scared of letting go because the last time we were that open to life – when we were very, very little, – we got scared out of ourselves and we have all been holding on since. Continue reading “Letting Go, Letting Go, Letting Go”

Powerful Ways of Letting Go of Anger and Heartbreak

letting goAletheia Luna – The feeling in your chest just won’t go away, and it’s starting to slowly eat you up each day.

Longing, desire, repulsion, bitterness, heartbreak, sadness, volcanic rage — so many emotions mixed together. So much pain. So much pure and unexpressed suffering.

When will these feelings dissolve? When will you finally feel calm, grounded, and happy again? It all seems like too much for one person to carry. You just want to enjoy life again without the tormenting weight of anguish and bitterness in your chest. You just want to feel whole again.

If you’re currently facing betrayal, abandonment or unfathomable loss, I want you to know that you’re not alone. I know what it’s like to carry so much pain inside of you that you go physically and mentally numb. I know how it feels to carry a shattered heart and a deep void of emptiness within. I know what its like to be on the bleeding edge of despair and utter desolation. And I have seen this struggle countless time in other people too.

Continue reading “Powerful Ways of Letting Go of Anger and Heartbreak”

Signs It’s Time to Move On and Burn All Bridges

timeAletheia Luna – There often comes a point where we outgrow the people in our lives, develop different interests, and even in the best circumstances, lose people due to the natural cycle of life and death.

But when is the right time to move on from a relationship that feels doomed? Should we wait it out … should we try to pick up the broken pieces, and if so, for how long? At what point is it acceptable to walk away and never look back?

Burning bridges is a tough and serious decision to make. When we “burn bridges” we are essentially cutting off all contact with a person and making it impossible to return. If you’re struggling with this decision, there are a few things you might like to know first.

When Burning Bridges is the Wrong Choice

Cutting people off is not always the right decision. As much as we would like to quickly dispose of a person who is causing us trouble, sometimes the problem originates more within us than them. Continue reading “Signs It’s Time to Move On and Burn All Bridges”