Treasure your life

lifeThe Angels – Your life upon the earth, whether it is only a few years or a hundred, is so very short in the span of eternity. It is a precious gift and an experience that each and every one of you desired before you were born. You wanted to shift your awareness from the world of spirit into the physical because you saw it as an opportunity to learn, to grow, to love, and to expand in your awareness of the love that lives within all things.

There is and never has been anything small or insignificant about you. In every moment you choose to love yourself, another, or even the ground beneath your feet, the entire fabric of creation knows more love. In every moment you overcome a challenge, the entirety of the human race will have easier opportunities to overcome similar challenges. In every desperate moment, when you think one loving thought, the entire collective human consciousness is infused with greater love. Continue reading “Treasure your life”

12 points to keep safe & read whenever you’re in a bad mood

lifeJoe Martino – For those times when you are feeling down and out because someone bailed on you and you think it’s because they don’t value spending time with you. Or, maybe you got fired from a job or were broken up with and you are doubting your own ability and self as a person. Maybe you got into a fight with your parents or significant other and you’re mad as hell or think life is unfair. Whatever the case, a deep breath and these words can help for a moment to calm yourself and offer a different perspective.

Sure they may not solve all of your problems, but no set of words can on their own. Maybe more conversations and reflection will be needed, but these can be that starting point to that journey. So yes, read this post now but save it for another time when you might need it even more than you do now. Perspective is important and when you are able to see the big picture as to why things are happening to you, the door opens for learning, growth and ultimately change.

Remember . . .

You will always mean the world to someone. Continue reading “12 points to keep safe & read whenever you’re in a bad mood”

The fate of men in the Kali Yuga

lifeA spider towers above the man bound in the sticky silver strands of a silent web. He struggles to escape, while empty, indifferent, uncaring eyes fix upon him coldly watching his terror. His writhing and twisting bind him, ever more tightly deeper into the spun web of a slow death. 

V. Susan Ferguson – The fate of men in the Kali Yuga has been no better than that of the women. In spite of the appearance of greater freedom, men in their own way have been just as oppressed and limited. Tyrants are never happy and all men have suffered greatly as a consequence of the suppression of women. None can be whole when cut off from memory of Spirit — of Source.

For the past 6,000 years men have been forced to choose between becoming tyrants or the slaves of tyrants. With endless wars raging around the planet, men have been subjected to the horrors of military life. They have been trained to reject emotional information, to endure pain in silence, and never cry. A man separated from his mother at an early age has little opportunity to cultivate tender feelings and makes a better warrior. Just as a woman separated from her father is more easily dominated, manipulated, and always seeking the lost father, she makes a better whore. Continue reading “The fate of men in the Kali Yuga”


“Who we are being is the life we are living.”

Lethal Earth

lifeIam Saums – We live in a gigantic bubble. The earth’s atmosphere is its boundary. Our world is rife with toxicity. Be it chemtrails laced with heavy metal concoctions, electromagnetic antennas posing as cell phone towers, chemically-riddled food and soda or fluoridated water, we are constantly being dosed. We live in hostile environments both contaminated and fatal. It is not just the impacts to our body. Social pollution distorts and manipulates our mind, heart and our relationship with our soul. Humanity’s way of life has become lethal to itself and nature.

Biological Fallout

We are anesthetized, desensitized and mesmerized through our participation in a noxious society. Reality is engineered to stimulate a consistent diet of physical, mental and emotional “dis” ease. It disrupts and distorts our innate ability to establish and maintain a relation with our intuition, separating ourselves from our soul. Simply living a relatively healthy life is a constant battle. We are besieged with an onslaught of anxiety, confusion, delusion and fear. Our social dynamic is one of criticism, judgement and self-righteousness. Human nature has been altered into a desire to receive instead of a need to give. Continue reading “Universality”

Moving Into 2018

lifeMary O’Malley – As you move into 2018, it is good to lift yourself up out of your everyday life and see it from a more spacious perspective.  I have a couple of armchairs up on the moon and I invite you to come sit there for the next few minutes. As you settle into your comfortable chair, there before you is your home—a beautiful blue-green jewel of a planet that is dancing through oceans of space.  Now zoom your attention in for a closer look so you can see the depth of her exquisite creativity—mountain meadows full of wild flowers, majestic icebergs, eagles soaring, raging storms, cascading waterfalls that can take your breath away, jungles full of colorful parrots, and all kinds of baby creatures playing.

If you look closely, you will see that most human beings are walking around with clouds of thoughts surrounding their heads.  Rather than being here for the amazing creativity and beauty of Life, they are totally absorbed in their thoughts.  They think about life rather than being present for life.  If you could hear their thoughts, you would see that they are usually struggling with what is happening in their lives.  Mostly it is little struggles like frustration at the length of a stoplight, but this causes a subtle sense of unease.  And at times in their lives these struggles can become gigantic, throwing them into pits of self-loathing and despair. Continue reading “Moving Into 2018”

The Jewel of Joy

joyDreama Vance – When the information was given to me about how to discover our individual spiritual missions, I felt as if I had been given the Philosopher’s Stone.

How many have worried in angst over their purpose? How many courses can you take to discover your purpose in life? How about discovering your Soul purpose? That discovery sounds even more important and critical.

It is pretty easy to figure out the big purpose in life. After all, saints, sages, and spiritual masters have been teaching the information for eons. We are here for our own spiritual evolution and to assist others on the planet. We are here to awaken from the deep sleep of forgetfulness. This awakening is really a remembering of who we are. We are to develop our skills at remaining conscious and focused on the Source within us. We are to learn and move into higher states of consciousness. This is part of all humanity’s evolution. Continue reading “The Jewel of Joy”