LGBTQ: Forcing Us to Embrace Evil, Destructive Lies

LLGBTQ loyd Marcus – Someone asked, “What is behind the LGBTQ agenda?”  The goal of LGBTQ enforcers is to forcibly normalize their lifestyle in the minds of the 97% of the population that is not LGBTQ.  This is why we are bombarded with the LGBTQ lifestyle inserted into everything.  Why are major corporations making the promotion of LGBTQ, which are less than 3% of the population, their top priority?

A Disney theme park TV ad featured two homosexual couples with children without showing a single heterosexual couple.  Why is Disney so intent on appeasing this minute 3%?

Converse launched a new line of shoes celebrating the LGBTQ lifestyle.  The star of Converse’s depraved marketing campaign is an 11-year-old drag queen.  Converse says its campaign shows the power of expressing one’s true self.  That is a lie.  Converse is encouraging children to live a lie, rather than embrace who they truly are.  Converse is engaged in child abuse.  Pure and simple.  Lord help us. Continue reading “LGBTQ: Forcing Us to Embrace Evil, Destructive Lies”

Tips for maintaining strong family bonds while living abroad

familySharon Kalipai – Maintaining strong bonds and staying connected with friends and family after you move to a foreign country is never easy. The longer you’re away, the more strenuous it is to stay meaningfully connected to people you’ve left behind.

How can you keep in touch with your aging parents? How can you foster deep relationships between your children and their grandparents or cousins living back home? How to let your extended family know that you still care?

These are just a few of the many questions that pop up in the mind of anyone who is relocating from a place they spent their entire childhood in. Besides, the thought of not being able to see your close ones regularly can be really scary.

Here are 6 tips that ensure distance doesn’t put a strain on your relationships, and you continue to see, talk and stay connected to your loved ones whilst overseas. Continue reading “Tips for maintaining strong family bonds while living abroad”

This Is How A Healthy Mental State Contributes To Outstanding Physical Health

healthMany cultures and early medicine in the past clearly defined mind and body as two separate entities. While this categorized approach isn’t as widespread nowadays, we tend to separate the two on a subconscious level, often times not fully aware of just how interconnected our mind and body truly are.

Recent studies have shown that people with poor mental health, depression, and other psychological factors such as mental illness and psychological disorders are 32% more likely to have died from cancer, and it has been speculated that the increased stress from mental health issues may be linked to an increased risk for hypertension and coronary heart disease.

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Why Small Habits Will Dictate Your Lifestyle

When we think about lifestyles, we are usually drawn to sweeping generalizations that are used to define parts of the population: lazy or busy; employed or unemployed; super dude or techno geek. Truthfully, however, pigeon-holing lifestyles in this way is an unhelpful way of hiding from us the small lifestyle choices we each make that dictate our overall way of life, whether it be our goals and aspirations or our day to day activity. Here are some examples of small habits that can come to control and dictate parts of your whole life, defining you to some extent.


The amount of sleep the average citizen should get each night has been circulating on the news recently. The fact is that many of us do not get enough time under the sheets. Conventional wisdom separates people into ‘early birds’ and ‘night owls.’ However, the truth is that there is a multitude of sleeping patterns out there that all have unique effects on how you proceed with your day once you’ve emerged from under the covers, including even how you act around a partner or lover. Continue reading “Why Small Habits Will Dictate Your Lifestyle”

Messages for June 5 – 11, 2017 [Video]

Doreen Virtue – It’s super windy here today, so we filmed indoors to have better sound quality.

In Part 1, we work in a meditation with Archangel Michael to lift fear and clear lower energies, and clearly tuning into our divine guidance. It’s a time of exploring your options to move forward as God is guiding you with your home, career, spiritual path, and lifestyle.

In Part 2, we work on healing our hearts from post-traumatic experiences, so that we can be peaceful and open to love.

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