Leftmedia Trump Derangement

Fake NewsThomas Gallatin – A clear majority of Americans approve of President Donald Trump’s handling of the China Virus pandemic — 60% according to Gallup polling. That’s even better than his 49% overall approval rating, which matches the highest of his presidency. But one would think just the opposite is true given the mainstream media’s incessant negative coverage of the president’s handling of this national crisis.

One example that typifies the MSM anti-Trump coverage was the reporting on an Arizona couple who ingested fish-tank cleaner thinking it would prevent them from getting COVID-19. Sadly, that stupid decision led to the death of the husband and put his wife in the hospital. Yet the Leftmedia saw fit to blame Trump for “misleading” people into doing demented things, all because he mentioned a malaria drug that some medical professionals believe could be helpful in combating the virus. The only explanation for this level of journalistic malpractice is Trump Derangement Syndrome. Continue reading “Leftmedia Trump Derangement”

Trump Hammers Media Over Constant ‘Hatred Of Me’

Rusty Weiss – President Trump lashed out at media coverage of his handling of the coronavirus saying the only thing he sees being produced is “hatred of me.”

The comments come as Trump grows increasingly frustrated that, despite his best efforts to update the public and implement policies which will benefit the American people, the mainstream media continually portray him as a bumbling racist.

He spared virtually no network, even lashing out at Fox News for trying to placate the left. Continue reading “Trump Hammers Media Over Constant ‘Hatred Of Me’”

When Trump Fights the Left, He Punches Up

trumpFletch Daniels – President Trump sent out a tweetstorm on Sunday morning on a wide range of topics that included media corruption, the economy, failing union leadership, the Democrats’ employment of the tired racism charge, and Hurricane Dorian, among other subjects.

He called out a few people and organizations by name, to include America’s worst economist, Paul Krugman, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, the “Amazon Washington Post,” and the Squad.

A common critique on message boards is that Trump is punching down at his opponents.  While there is room to question the wisdom of some of his tweets, President Trump is not punching down.  He is actually punching up. Continue reading “When Trump Fights the Left, He Punches Up”