The Truth About Facebook [Video]

facebookAlexandra Bruce – The Truth Factory suspects that something deeper is afoot with the recent de-platforming and demonetization of numerous accounts belonging to Conservative pundits on Facebook. She takes a look at the history of Facebook to find out what is going on.

She reminds us of a DARPA project called LifeLog, which tracked users’ browsing, chat and banking histories – plus the books and magazines users had read, plus television watched – plus geolocation!

Does this sound like anything you’ve ever used? Like Facebook? She notes that DARPA’s LifeLog project was canceled on February 4, 2004 – on the very same date that Facebook was founded. Continue reading “The Truth About Facebook [Video]”

Mark Zuckerberg and the New Progressive Plutocrats

zuckerberg Allum BokhariSilicon Valley inspires utopian thinking. After revolutionising everything from the media to communications to taxi services, progressive elites in the Bay Area are now eyeing up government and politics, wondering how they can “disrupt” both. Will American politics survive their delusions of grandeur?

The latest billionaire buffoon is Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. Having noticed that Jack Dorsey is out-doing him in the realm of leftist political whackery, the social media kingpin has begun to wear his progressivism on his sleeves. Facebook’s users — far more numerous than Twitter’s — are sure to suffer.

Recently, we reported that Zuckerberg reprimanded a number of Facebook employees who crossed out “Black Lives Matter” slogans and replaced them with “All Lives Matter” on the company walls. You’d think that a liberal like Zuckerberg would appreciate a message of discrimination being replaced with a message of inclusiveness, but I suppose that sort of thinking went out of fashion with Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Mark Zuckerberg just bought 26 days of world peace

Mark Zuckerberg

Simon Black – First things first: Congratulations to Mark Zuckerberg.

And no, not for the obvious. The Zuckerbergs are brand new parents. And while that’s exciting, it’s far from unique. New babies are born every second.

But what’s far from commonplace is that Mark Zuckerberg just screwed the US government out of billions of dollars of tax revenue.

Well played, Mark. Well played.

In an open letter to his newborn daughter, Mark and his wife explained how many problems are out there. War. Disease. Bigotry. Etc.

Like any parent, they want their child to grow up in a better world.

And they outlined their vision to make this happen, including taking risks and making long-term investments, building technology, and backing strong, independent leaders and visionaries.

This sounds conspicuously like the mission statement for any number of high-end Silicon Valley venture capital firms.

In a way, this is what the Zuckerbergs have created.

At the end of the letter, they pledge to contribute 99% of their Facebook shares, currently worth about $45 billion, to “advance this mission”.

The New York Times jumped on this immediately: “Mark Zuckerberg vows to donate 99% of his Facebook shares for charity.”

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Paul Buchheit ~ How the Ultra-Rich Betray America

Common Dreams | May 21 2012

OPINION ~ The betrayals come in many forms. Here are a few of the more outrageous, and destructive, examples:

Evasion: Corporations suddenly stopped meeting their tax responsibilities

While corporate profits have doubled to $1.9 trillion in less than ten years, the corporate income tax rate, which for thirty years hovered around the 20-25% level, suddenly dropped to 10% after the recession. It has remained there for three years.

We are seeing a manifestation of the Shock Doctrine. Corporations are using the national emergency of the financial collapse to make a statement about taxes, and a traumatized nation is too preoccupied to do anything about it.

Delusion: Technology companies won’t admit that much of their ‘innovation’ is due to public assistance

According to the report Funding a Revolution, government provided almost half of basic research funds into the 1980s. Federal funding still accounted for half of research in the communications industry as late as 1990. Even today, the federal government supports about 60 percent of the research performed at universities.

Apple’s first computer was introduced in the late 1970s. Apple still does most of its product and research development in the United States, with US-educated engineers and computer scientists.

Google’s business is based on the Internet, which started as ARPANET, the Defense Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency computer network from the 1960s. The National Science Foundation funded the Digital Library Initiative research at Stanford University that was adopted as the Google model.

Apple got its tax bill down to 9.8% last year. About 2/3 of its profits remain overseas for tax avoidance purposes. Google, like Apple, avoids taxes by moving most of its foreign profits through Ireland and the Netherlands to Bermuda. Both Apple and Google, along with Microsoft and Cisco, are lobbying for a repatriation tax holiday to allow billions of overseas dollars to come home at a greatly reduced tax rate.

An Apple executive said: “We don’t have an obligation to solve America’s problems.” That may be true, but they do have an obligation to pay the taxes that help America solve its problems.

Desertion: The people who benefit most from government are renouncing their citizenships to avoid taxes

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