Everything Counts

09 February – Full Moon 20° Leo
10 February – Venus conjunct Chiron
12 February – Mars conjunct Galactic Centre
12 February – Venus square Node of Fate
16/17 February – Mercury Retrograde
16/17 February – Mars into Capricorn

mercury retrogradeLorna Bevan – This is a week when everything counts, when everything matters. When the endings and changes going on behind the scenes are immense. It’s dawning on us that the old ways of doing things, of papering over the cracks, of thinking that someone else has the answers and our best interests at heart, of hiding our heads in the sand, are now permanently over.

The entire week plays out in the seismic window of Sunday’s Full Moon in Leo and the Mercury retrograde Trickster storm as Mercury at maximum impact stations to turn backwards on February 16/17th. The Messenger is in Pisces, so just at the time we need truth not disinformation, we walk into a hall of smoke and mirrors. Combined with a Full Moon in Fixed signs, expect disruption in the weather, in geomagnetic activity, in our energy infrastructure. Continue reading “Everything Counts”

Mars in Virgo – Peace

marsDjwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. Well, we’re on a Full Moon in Aquarius. We have Uranus just having gone retrograde in Taurus and Jupiter of course recently direct. So we have a lot of energies mounting here that I think are worth noting.

Perhaps most importantly, Mars entering Virgo on August 17. Now I am seeing that as perhaps bringing some sense of organization, logic, and order into the energy of Mars. Continue reading “Mars in Virgo – Peace”

Inconvenient Truths: Astrology Forecast May 26th – June 2nd 2019

mercuryLorna Bevan – The recent super intensity will lessen briefly this week but the revelations will keep on coming. With both Mercury and Mars now out of bounds and out of control, the out-workings of cause and effect – no matter how far back their roots – will become obvious, visible and undeniable. This applies equally to the collective and to your own life.

As Mercury squares both illusionist Neptune and Jupiter, some of the drama will seem like a soap opera. Mars in Cancer is at odds with Chiron so when the chickens do come home to roost it will be painful to watch or experience. Expect push-back, fake news, outright denials and attempted cover ups.

If something from your past comes back to bite you, first look closer to understand the message before taking the lesson on board. Keep in mind the NLP Principle: “There is no failure. Only feedback.” This is definitely not a week to believe everything you hear, nor is it a good time to make any important decisions. Continue reading “Inconvenient Truths: Astrology Forecast May 26th – June 2nd 2019”

Mars/Uranus square the Lunar Nodes [Video]

alignmentSimon Vorster – Have you noticed yourself choosing to respond differently to situations than you would have in the past?  Have you had to face your past in a way that brings these changes to your attention?

As Uranus completes its 7 year cycle in Aries it joins Mars to help us implement the changes needed to take us into the next cycle. With this powerful combo squaring the nodes we are given a beautiful opportunity to break old patterns and liberate ourselves from dynamics which represent the past so that we are better equipped for a future which reflects our inner truth. Continue reading “Mars/Uranus square the Lunar Nodes [Video]”