999 Dark Portal Daily Protection

CERNMorag – The whole world and his cosmic canine have come to watch the greatest show on earth, of light and dark playing out in Gaia’s ascension field. Starseed, light workers, light missionaries, healers, shaman, time travelers, cosmonauts walking the material plane, we are being hit with a force field of intense dark frequencies.

Heavy vibrations carrying emotive wavelengths engineered to corrode integrity, dissolve self esteem, corrupt core strength, cut cords between chakras, fill our energy fields with negativity and generally fu*k us right up. We stand our ground, drenched in the light of crystalline lightwaves. We are activating as light beings inside a dark matrix. Dark portals are psychic attack on a grand, global, mass scale. Yep. I’m not kidding.

The 999 CERN activated corridor of darkness (the cabal really are this stupid) is doing three things to us. You ready folks, its hardcore. *triggers ahead* Continue reading “999 Dark Portal Daily Protection”

What You Think is Controlled by What You Watch, and What You Watch is Controlled by the Elite

newsMichael Snyder – Why do you believe what you believe? Some people have a really solid answer to that question, but much of the population never thinks much about deeper questions such as this.

In fact, for most Americans it is simply easier to let others do their thinking for them.

Today, most of us spend multiple hours each day absorbing information through a screen, and most of the content that is fed to us through our televisions, phones, tablets and computers is controlled by the elite. And if you allow anyone to feed information into your mind for several hours every day, it is going to have a dramatic impact on how you view the world. Continue reading “What You Think is Controlled by What You Watch, and What You Watch is Controlled by the Elite”

The Energy Field Is Unbelievably Intense

Morag – The Fear has gone. Not the everyday, living in the matrix, surrounded by sleepers terrified of their own shadows, can’t blame them for that, Fear. We are all negotiating accelerated upgrades through the 333 portal of light.

Apart from this layer of awakening, the deeper, heavier, never ending baseline beat of utter and total petrified Fear has gone. The core no longer vibrates to its terror tremors. The heart no longer carries unwelcome pain and trauma generated by the Fear. Third eye can’t see it, feel it or sense it. Root feels lighter, airier, quieter. Sacral cleanse. Throat still catches fear algorithms in the atmosphere but no clammy, claustrophobic, gut wrenching Fear, it’s gone.

The machine isn’t broken, babies are still being fed to it, but the backlog, the recycling, the fuel has been cleared. For that’s what they were, fodder for the machine, caught, maligned, generators of evil.

Continue reading “The Energy Field Is Unbelievably Intense”

How to Exit the 3D Reincarnation System

reincarnationMichael Becker – We’ve all heard the term “reincarnation.” We’ve also heard tales about “the reincarnation trap” that have been proposed and told for centuries.

Is reincarnation even real, and if so, what is the true purpose of it? Is our conceptualization of reincarnation skewed as a result of limiting cultural conditioning? Is this entire Earth experience really just some kind of cruel, deceitful set up orchestrated by nefarious, malevolent beings hijacking our reality? Or is it something else entirely?

My views about reincarnation – what it is, what it isn’t, and why it’s a part of this reality construct – has changed significantly over the course of my awakening journey. Like everything else in our reality, your perception of reincarnation will depend on how you choose to view it – from a place of love or a place of fear. Continue reading “How to Exit the 3D Reincarnation System”

Leaving the Matrix

matrixTeri Wade – As the old Matrix slowly unravels before our eyes, the human species has arrived at a pivotal point. It has become quite clear the separation between the evil agenda and the light agenda. From the very beginning since our controllers set up shop on Earth it’s been a Bread and Circus.

This saying comes from the time the mighty Roman Empire took power. Meaning, the Roman government kept the populace happy and oblivious by distributing free food and staging huge spectacles. Sound familiar? But, the choice is truly ours and always has been. Do you want to live in the Hell of the Matrix or in a Heaven of Eden?

We all have free will but if we are using all our energy to support the Matrix your free will is null and void. Brilliant trick of deception. The Matrix depends on the contribution of every human beings negative energy to recreate itself every single day. Continue reading “Leaving the Matrix”