Bending the Reality Spoon

JesusLori Ann Lothian – I was nine years old when my first miracle happened. It was June, and a school field trip to the zoo was about to be cancelled in light of a monsoon-like morning.  The torrential rain was forecast to continue well into the next day. I’d been looking forward to this outing for weeks and, like any good Aries, wasn’t going to take this lousy weather lying down. Home for lunch, I headed to the living room, pressed my hands together, knelt down and whispered. “Dear God, please stop the rain.” Continue reading “Bending the Reality Spoon”

We Live In A Computer-Simulated Matrix — Here’s The Proof

gameSteven Jordan – Suppose you spent your whole life as a character in the computer game The Sims. You would have no idea that the world around you wasn’t real and was really just a computer game.

But suppose one day one of your fellow Sims, a scientist, while trying to discover the physics of your world, stumbled upon elements of the source code of the very game you were in.

Here you are living a normal life, and then you find much to your astonishment that you are in fact living in a video game inside a computer. Continue reading “We Live In A Computer-Simulated Matrix — Here’s The Proof”

Words – Untangling Their Power Over Your Life In The Matrix

egoArno Pienaar – Untangling embedded words mentally means targeting all the words you have nominated as yourself and releasing the subsequent meanings which they manufacture.

The aspirant wishing to meet ends with this matrix which is losing control over the course of our lives, must format much of the vocabulary which has been nominated unconsciously, as the construct she/ he has chosen to co-exist with.

Words spoken enough times or thought of enough times form — what is known as — affirmations, which condemn you to the meaning that the words imply and embody. Continue reading “Words – Untangling Their Power Over Your Life In The Matrix”

Relationships & Domination (Magic Spells Of The Matrix)

Arno Pienaar – The spell of relationships is a hard pill to shallow, but the truth will set you free regarding the cause to why many past relationships failed in tatters.

Relationships and Domination

relationshipsHumans are social creatures by nature and form bonds with each other as a matter of existence. We all have relationships in our lives, both good and bad.

Relationships are built on communication, and their construction is based on the unconscious agreement of a role to be presented to the other individuals.

The word “individual” broken down etymologically spells in-divided-dual-ism. This phrase basically spells out the deception of communication between any two individuals in a dualistic plane. Continue reading “Relationships & Domination (Magic Spells Of The Matrix)”

Empower Your Soul Connection – The Real Matrix

infinite beingOwen K Waters – The 1999 movie The Matrix presented some thought-provoking concepts to an audience ready for deeper awareness.

In the movie, humans existed in liquid-filled pods while experiencing a simulated version of reality. Their illusion of life was fed to them by a massive computer which was plugged into their brains, replacing the feed of information which would have normally come from their five senses. The computer made them think that they were acting out their lives in an exterior physical world when it was all just happening inside their brains. Continue reading “Empower Your Soul Connection – The Real Matrix”