The Mirror Society

Pennel Bird – What if our most lamentable actions, and our most glaring hypocrisies, were reflected back to us in a way impossible to un-see?  Would we grow by that?  Would we learn the error of our ways?  Or is it possible to be so convinced of one’s own virtue that his most loathsome trespasses become evidence of surpassing goodness in his mind — and in his tribe?

This is the plight of the modern American progressive in maximum “RESIST” mode.  (Mirror, mirror, on the wall — who’s the most intolerant of all?) Continue reading “The Mirror Society”

Majority of Republicans are Wise to Liberal Media “Fact-Checkers”

fact-checkersThe Mad Patriots – The rise of Donald Trump gave rise to another media phenomenon: The ubiquitous media “fact-checker,” employed to come out of the woodwork anytime Trump or another Republican says something that cuts against the liberal narrative. While these fact-checkers occasionally find it within themselves to “check” something particularly egregious said by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Bernie Sanders, they devote the majority of their time to supposedly debunking conservatives.

This, says the Pew Research Center, has not gone unnoticed by most Republican voters. According to a new poll, the vast majority of registered Republicans do not have any trust in the independence of these fact-checkers. Continue reading “Majority of Republicans are Wise to Liberal Media “Fact-Checkers””

Learning to See Truth in Today’s Complex World

Mashubi Rochell –  A new time is upon us as the many challenges of today’s world escalate and cry out for healing. What is needed now is concerted action on the part of each individual, to join together with others to create positive change in the world. This is not always as easy as it sounds, for the problems we face individually and collectively are multi-layered, and the process of attempting to create positive change activates many forces that oppose change.

Another challenge faced by anyone who wished to help create positive change in the world, is that of developing discernment and the ability to see underneath the surface of things to understand what is really going on. This ability to discern truth will become even more important in the years ahead.

In today’s world, there is much at stake and all of us have a part to play in helping to create the kind of world that we wish to leave to our children and grandchildren. How then do we navigate the enormous complexities of today’s world, and make the kinds of decisions and choices that will have a positive outcome?

The following are some ways that you can begin to hone your innate sense of truth and to develop discernment in relation to the information you receive. Continue reading “Learning to See Truth in Today’s Complex World”

Washington Post Anti-Trump Jihad

trumpStephen Lendman – By now, Americans should be numb from outrageously one-sided anti-Trumpism compared to suppressing Hillary’s deplorable public record.

With two months before November’s election, things may get even uglier, media scoundrels perhaps intending an even greater push to get her anointed America’s next president.

The possibility should terrify everyone. Paul Craig Roberts calls her “certifiably insane.” For sure, she’s megalomaniacally driven, Roberts saying “she will take America to war with Russia – which means also China – and Iran.”

I share his justifiable fear, the risk of humanity-destroying war, Hillary comfortable about using nuclear weapons, our main survival threat.

A previous article discussed WaPo editors calling her “exceptional,” – a shameless perversion of truth. A follow-up editorial headlined “Donald Trump’s bet: We are all chumps,” asking:

“Will American voters allow themselves to be insulted, taken for granted and made fools of? Donald Trump seems to be betting…yes.”

WaPo editors lied, saying he “put forward virtually no serious policy proposals.” He discussed his proposed economic and foreign policy agenda in separate addresses, others on healthcare and immigration, providing detailed information.

In contrast, Hillary’s addresses consistently feature profoundly dishonest rhetoric, double-talk recitations without substance, suggesting her pure evil dark side – ignored by supportive media scoundrels.

WaPo editors asked “(h)as (Trump) really made as much money as he boasts? Has he paid taxes? Has he sheltered money in the Cayman Islands, done deals with Russian oligarchs? Who knows?”

Continue reading “Washington Post Anti-Trump Jihad”

Vaccines, ISIS, Benghazi, Federal Reserve, major media

Jon Rappoport – Ever wonder why and how major media can cover up enormous scandals about vaccines, Benghazi, the creation and funding of ISIS, the complicity of the federal government in drug trafficking, the failure of the $2 trillion war on poverty, the private Federal Reserve banking cartel?

media33 years ago, 50 companies owned 90% of US media.

Now, 6 companies own 90% of US media.

They are: Comcast; The Walt Disney Company; 21st Century Fox; Time Warner; Viacom; CBS.

Here are their 2014 revenues. Comcast, $69 billion. Disney, $48.8 billion. 21st Century Fox, $40.5 billion. Time Warner, $22.8 billion. CBS, $13.8 billion. Viacom, $13.7 billion.

Note: Viacom and CBS are part-owned by National Amusements, under Sumner Redstone. 21st Century Fox is owned by the Murdoch Family Trust.

Here is a partial list of media outlets owned by the big six companies: Universal Pictures, NBC Universal, USA Network, Bravo, CNBC, The Weather Channel, MSNBC, Syfy, ABC Television, ESPN, A&E, Lifetime, Lucasfilm, Pixar, Walt Disney Pictures, Fox Broadcasting Company, Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Sports, National Geographic, Wall St. Journal, NY Post, HarperCollins, CNN, CW, HBO, TBS, TNT, DC Comics, MTV, BET, Comedy Central, Paramount Pictures, CBS Television Network.

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