Leaks, Fake News, and Hidden Agendas

Jon Rappoport – Thousands of articles have been -written about the so-called Russian hack of the US election. The term “Russian hack” suggests the Russkies actually found a way to subvert the results of voting machines.

But of course, no convincing evidence has been presented to support such a charge. In fact, when you drill down a few inches below the surface, you find this charge instead: Russia hacked into email accounts and scooped up Hillary, DNC, and Podesta emails, and passed them to WikiLeaks, who then published them.

But no chain of evidence supporting THAT claim has been presented to the public, either. Even assuming the assertion is true, an important factor is intentionally being ignored: THE CONTENT OF THOSE LEAKED EMAILS.

In other words, if making all this content publicly available cost Hillary the election, and if no one is seriously questioning the authenticity of the emails, then the truth undermined Hillary. However, no major media outlet is reporting the story from that angle. Continue reading “Leaks, Fake News, and Hidden Agendas”

The Mirror Society

Pennel Bird – What if our most lamentable actions, and our most glaring hypocrisies, were reflected back to us in a way impossible to un-see?  Would we grow by that?  Would we learn the error of our ways?  Or is it possible to be so convinced of one’s own virtue that his most loathsome trespasses become evidence of surpassing goodness in his mind — and in his tribe?

This is the plight of the modern American progressive in maximum “RESIST” mode.  (Mirror, mirror, on the wall — who’s the most intolerant of all?) Continue reading “The Mirror Society”

Daily Mail Loses Nearly 50% Of Daily Search Traffic After Latest Google Algorithm Change

googleChris Menahan – Google is now screwing over even normie-tier right-wing news sites in their quest to purge all content from the internet which counters leftist narratives in advance of the 2020 election.

From Fast Company:

A few days ago, Google warned publishers that change was on the horizon. The search giant was tweaking its algorithm, and it wanted to let publishers know that they may notice a shift. The company said the change (dubbed the June 2019 core update) wasn’t huge–but any algorithm change will likely affect the websites that rely on accruing search results.
Continue reading “Daily Mail Loses Nearly 50% Of Daily Search Traffic After Latest Google Algorithm Change”

The Real Red November Conspiracy

mediaTed Malloch – It should be transparently clear now just how this machine, the Deep State, operated in a calculated orchestration to subvert the presidency of Donald Trump.

And the lengths and depths the media stooped to intentionally distort this story for ratings—whether through viewership, clicks, likes or shares—which translated into more ad revenue.

And yet as we’ve seen through this complicated, tangled story—a story that is truly stranger than fiction, because much of it is—the media is just one of the many cogs in this machine that is capable of taking a seedling of information, and through a game of telephone, sow that seed into a great, big Redwood of a story: we could call, Red November. Continue reading “The Real Red November Conspiracy”

Trump’s Wall Or The Media’s Wall Of Lies

mediaDaniel Greenfield – The government may shut down, but the media never shuts up. Instead, it shuts away the truth.

It’s been two weeks since the Democrats shut down the government to stop border security. After their open borders created a humanitarian crisis on the border, they shut down the government and created another one in America. And then they spent two weeks blaming President Trump for their own crisis.

After two weeks of media lies resonating through the vast billion dollar echo chamber of dirty print newspapers, buzzing radio chatter, cable news panels kicking their legs on high chairs under high tables at CNN or MSNBC, all of it uploaded onto the web, President Trump took his message to the people. Continue reading “Trump’s Wall Or The Media’s Wall Of Lies”