July 2019 Energy Report

energyJennifer Hoffman – After  6 months of solid work and effort, I am looking forward to a second half of reward and blessings. But I know enough about energy work to know that rewards are not always fun and exciting and often involve a lot of additional effort, and they sometimes arrive disguised as challenges. However, in a month with 2 eclipses, a Mercury retrograde, and rare aspects that involve all of the planets and in the midst of a huge collective awakening, this should be a very exciting month indeed.

The theme for July is Karma Revisited and Up the Down Escalator. It’s going to be a month with a lot of potential for transformation and new directions but first we have to cover old ground to decide whether we are going to make new choices or repeat old patterns.

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Mercury Retrograde Of Summer 2019: Checking In With Our Heart

Mercury retrogradeCarmen Di Luccio – Mercury began the latest edition of its retrograde process on July 7th/8th, starting in Leo with the majority of it occurring in Cancer. It will last until July 31st in the Americas and August 1st elsewhere. In the weeks (and especially days) leading up to it we start to notice its influence as Mercury slows down and comes to a stop before moving the other way. This is known as the ‘pre-shadow’ period which began on June 20th.

This retrograde occurs during eclipse season, following a Solar Eclipse also in Cancer and during a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. All of this happening in the same month indicates a period of readjustments and shifts in specific areas of our lives connected to these signs as well as how it all corresponds to our individual birth charts. You can read my latest eclipse article here and join my mailing list to ensure that you receive my next eclipse article and other future content. Continue reading “Mercury Retrograde Of Summer 2019: Checking In With Our Heart”

Re-Attuned + Re-Aligned: Astrology Forecast March 10th – 17th, 2019

mercuryLorna Bevan – As the world soul – the Anima Mundi- increasingly reveals itself through the cracking and dismantling of all our familiar support structures -global politics, economy, climate change- this current Mercury retrograde is simultaneously opening us up to the world beyond the world, to vast new possibilities, to our own inner resources.

At last Wednesday’s New Moon on limitless Neptune, Mercury turned retrograde on the Master degree of the zodiac- 30 degrees Pisces-the most karmic point, the alpha and omega, the Ouroborous of the dragon devouring his own tail. This is the most deeply watery and emotional retrograde since 2014 and the next two in 2019 will also be in Water signs. Symbolically and alchemically, water delivers emotional release, cleansing and then a renewal of life force.

Think back to the old 3D fatalistic labeling of Mercury retrograde as meaning simply delays, glitches and frustration. Then re-frame your old labels and blanket judgments. As the new 5D deep space planets have been discovered out in the Kuiper Belt and beyond, so our consciousness of the original Copernican planets has evolved. Continue reading “Re-Attuned + Re-Aligned: Astrology Forecast March 10th – 17th, 2019”

Mercury Retrograde March 2018: Reflection in Action

mercuryLeslie Benson– Mercury Retrograde is one of the more widely discussed astrological phenomenon, and tends to get a lot of negative press, as it has become notorious for missed connections, miscommunications, malfunctioning electronics, travel snafus, fender benders, and the like.

What often doesn’t get mentioned, however, is that this period of time can be rich with potential especially when we further attune our awareness with the factors of this era that are supportive and nourishing.

When Mercury retrogrades, it tends to be a time when there is more inward turning energy, and when, in the realm of thoughts and communication, we slow down. It is a beautiful opportunity for self-reflection, journaling, meditating, and bringing more awareness to all that we do.

A good way to approach the retrograde is to remember it’s a good time for anything ‘re,’ as in: reflect, refine, relax, re-prioritize, re-negotiate, re-organize, re-communicate, etc. Mercury Retrograde tends not to be the best time to start a brand new project, sign a new contract, or to make big impulse purchases. Continue reading “Mercury Retrograde March 2018: Reflection in Action”

Mercury Retrograde December 2017: Harvesting the Lessons of Spirit

Mercury RetrogradeLeslie Benson – Mercury Retrograde is an astrological phenomenon that has become notorious for missed connections, miscommunications, malfunctioning electronics, travel snafus, fender benders, etc.

Among these seeming drawbacks and headache-inducing circumstances, however, Mercury Retrograde periods are also a time when greater awareness and mindfulness are employed, with rich potentials for inner reflection, slowing down, and resting. Continue reading “Mercury Retrograde December 2017: Harvesting the Lessons of Spirit”