The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth

27 October – New Moon
4° Scorpio28 October – Sun opposite Uranus
30 October – Mercury conjunct Venus
31 October – Mercury RX
1 November – Venus into Sagittarius | Ixion conjunct Galactic Centre
2 November – Mercury conjunct Pallas

mercuryLorna Bevan – Back in April this year I wrote: ”In this next Wave sweeping the Event Horizon – the 2020-2030 Great Transformation – we are entering a time when transparency, authenticity and openness are going to be critical. This is not wishful New Age thinking but the only safe way to thrive.

If you want to live peacefully, abundantly and congruently in the years to come, you must walk your talk. Why? Because your walk will be visible. If there is any degree of hypocrisy in your life, you are in danger of exposure. But think of it as having a wound cleaned or a bone reset when people expect you to operate in a way that is consistent with the values you express. So, wherever there is a dissonance between your value system and your actions, close the gap.“ Continue reading “The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth”

Inconvenient Truths: Astrology Forecast May 26th – June 2nd 2019

mercuryLorna Bevan – The recent super intensity will lessen briefly this week but the revelations will keep on coming. With both Mercury and Mars now out of bounds and out of control, the out-workings of cause and effect – no matter how far back their roots – will become obvious, visible and undeniable. This applies equally to the collective and to your own life.

As Mercury squares both illusionist Neptune and Jupiter, some of the drama will seem like a soap opera. Mars in Cancer is at odds with Chiron so when the chickens do come home to roost it will be painful to watch or experience. Expect push-back, fake news, outright denials and attempted cover ups.

If something from your past comes back to bite you, first look closer to understand the message before taking the lesson on board. Keep in mind the NLP Principle: “There is no failure. Only feedback.” This is definitely not a week to believe everything you hear, nor is it a good time to make any important decisions. Continue reading “Inconvenient Truths: Astrology Forecast May 26th – June 2nd 2019”

This EPA Rule Change Could Kill Thousands of People

mercuryOlivia Alperstein – Mercury regulations save 11,000 lives each year. Now, the EPA wants to weaken them.

While Americans were quietly preparing to ring in the New Year, the EPA gave families a deadly present to start the year off wrong.

On December 28, the Environmental Protection Agency announced a proposal that would effectively weaken the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS), which protect American families from mercury and other harmful air pollutants emitted by power plants.

The EPA “proposes to determine that it is not ‘appropriate and necessary’ to regulate” these emissions, the EPA wrote in a statement. This means that the regulations will lose the necessary legal mechanism that actually enables them to actually be enforced. Continue reading “This EPA Rule Change Could Kill Thousands of People”

New Moon Update 12-7-18

New Moon is Friday, December 7 at 12:20 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

new moonLena Stevens – This New Moon is a time to watch judgment and irritability as it could come up around old patterns and wounds. Where are you still holding someone in debt to you for past wrongs? Where do you still feel in debt to some old pattern of regret or shame you have been trying to change?

As these influences may be up, you have a great opportunity with this new moon to do some real healing, forgiveness and letting go. The chaos at this time is related to all the obsessive thoughts in your mind and it would be a good practice to do whatever you can to clear the mind and focus on a reset that forgives the past and settles into a more peaceful field of creativity that brings some clarity to new intentions.


Astrological notes:

Sagittarius New Moon Cycle

Sun and Moon in Sagittarius ~ 15º

Friday, Dec. 7, 12:20 AM Mountain Standard Time

(Friday, Dec 7, 7:20 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

Continue reading “New Moon Update 12-7-18”