Finance Tips For Young Adults

moneyPersonal finance isn’t always the most sought after topic when you’re young, but getting a hold of your money situation when you’re young will set you up for a lucrative life.

If you can manage to figure out how to properly juggle and invest your money early, you can spend more time enjoying the spoils of your labor later on in life.

Take this time for research and education.  Check out a few finance tips for young adults, and get started on building your family fortune today.  Continue reading “Finance Tips For Young Adults”

Ways To Keep Your Money Safe Online

moneyBetween online banking, remote bill pay, and all your different mobile wallets, your money is intricately mingled in cyberspace.  Digital theft takes place everyday, but a lot of the risk can be avoided by simply understanding what it takes to keep your money secure.

Most financial companies are consistently working to improve the level of cybersecurity they provide for customers, but ultimately the job comes down to you.  You’re only as safe as the precautions you take online.  Read through this brief look at five ways to keep your money safe in the digital realm.

Do all of your banking from home Continue reading “Ways To Keep Your Money Safe Online”

Did You Manifest That Money, Or Is It Your Privilege?

moneyLissa Rankin, MD – By special request from a number of readers, let’s unpack some New Age teachings regarding money. One frustrated reader who asked me to write about this said, “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from a coach or healer that if I just commit or pray or surrender or vision, ‘the money will show up.’ It feels so abusive to me – and it encourages financial irresponsibility, especially for those who are not wealthy and truly cannot afford it.

Oh, except we’re not supposed to say that, are we? We’re supposed to come up with a verbal workaround because heaven forbid we should say something negative and thereby create it! Then if the money doesn’t show up, you’re shamed for not being invested/ committed/ surrendered enough, for not having done your work, for not being “whatever” enough.

And then they promote the idea that money is ‘just energy,’ that it’s not ‘real’ It really devastates people who are on lower incomes who really need the help and then go into debt in order to get physical/ emotional/ spiritual/ financial healing (that may or may not actually help solve the problem).” Continue reading “Did You Manifest That Money, Or Is It Your Privilege?”

Money Focus: 5 Things You Should Know

incomeWhy are money matters so difficult? Some would say it’s because people have so little of it due to their primary salary being their only source of income. A focus on creating additional sources of income would allow you to get those extra dollars working to build wealth.

1. How to Earn a Few Dollars More

It’s time to get your hustle on. You need to seriously think about creating passive income-producing opportunities. Don’t think because something is super easy for you to do that others can do the same. Every woman and man are unique individuals who were born with certain natural gifts. Continue reading “Money Focus: 5 Things You Should Know”

Money wasn’t always our enemy. It became so over time

moneyPaul Rosenberg – Money wasn’t always our enemy, of course; I’m old enough that I knew people who were alive before it was weaponized. But modern money – dollars, euros and so on – are so destructive that they’re threatening not just individuals, but Western civilization itself.

If that sounds a bit over the top, please read on. Before we’re done I think I’ll convince you otherwise.

I call fiat currency a weapon of mass destruction because it has caused far more widespread damage than chemical weapons ever have, and has assuredly destroyed more human potential than nuclear weapons. The nuke destroys horrifyingly but rarely; fiat money destroys minute by minute, day by day, over multiple decades and in shocking proportions. Continue reading “Money wasn’t always our enemy. It became so over time”