Top Scientists’ Lab Shut Down Following Bombshell Vaccine Discovery

Antonietta Gatti & Stefano Montanari

Sean Adl-Tabatabai –  Police have raided the laboratory of two world renowned scientists who recently discovered evidence of nanoparticles polluting nearly every major vaccine.

Dr. Antonietta Gatti and her husband Dr. Stefano Montanari founded an Italian laboratory called Nano-diagnostics for the evaluation of the pathological tissues of patients. reports: Recently, the Italian police raided their home, the police took all  digital assets that were owned by the the two nanopathologists, including laptops, computers, and flash-drives, basically years of work and research.

James Grundvig via the World Mercury Project describes what happened quite well:

“Because Gatti and Montanari had taken their research of nanodust and nanoparticles, from in-vivo (performed in a living organism) and in-vitro (performed in a test tube) to what unseen contamination might reside in vaccines in 2016, they came under the microscope of the United States, European, and Italian authorities. They had touched the third rail of medicine. They had crossed the no-go zone with the purported crime being scientific research and discovery. Continue reading “Top Scientists’ Lab Shut Down Following Bombshell Vaccine Discovery”

The Space Fence and Full Planetary Lockdown [Audio]

Alexandra Bruce – Nanobots are in the air – both literally, it seems – and in the recent posts of Forbidden Knowledge TV.

“They want those nanobots in our bodies”, says author Elana Freeland in an interview by Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt about the massive multi-level surveillance project called ‘The Space Fence.’

According to Freeland, The Space Fence began during the Reagan era and the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), which although shot down by Congress, after popular outcry is widely believed to have continued apace, at the behest of the National Security State, despite being in direct violation of the international Outer Space Treaty, which banned the militarization of space in 1967.

Developments like the occluded US Air Force’s Boeing X-37B, an unmanned “Orbital Test Vehicle” (OTV) have since drawn rampant speculation. In 2010, Tom Burghardt wrote for Space Daily that the X-37B could be used as a spy satellite or to deliver weapons from space, leading the Pentagon to deny that the X-37B’s test missions supported the development of space-based weapons.

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